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ACTION ALERT: Rumsfeld Should Resign

May 7, 2004
True Majority

There is one civilian official who bears responsibility for the oversight and conduct of the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the conduct of troops inside Abu Ghraid prison -- Donald Rumsfeld. A growing number of citizens and politicians is calling for Rumsfeld to resign or be fired.


A Rising Chorus Is Demanding that Rumsfeld Should Resign

First he used his special Pentagon intelligence sources to tell us that Saddam's weapons of mass destruction were an imminent threat and we had to go to war.

Then he told us that his Pentagon planners were sure that the war would be fast and cheap. Now he is telling us that if those under him in the chain of command committed acts of torture, well, it's not his fault.

Any government official who has made such profound mistakes should no longer be the head of the deadliest force humanity ever created, the United States armed forces.

TrueMajority is joining New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, MoveOn.org, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the St. Louis Dispatch in calling for Rumsfeld's removal.

To tell your senators and representative that they should press for Rumsfeld to either resign or be fired , click

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