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Retired Lt. Colonel Accuses Bush of ‘Treason’ / A Call for Impeachment

June 1, 2005
Columbia Missourian / Carol Wolman

On May 16, retired Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman delivered a blistering Memorial Day speech in which he declared the invasion of Iraq "unnecessary, illegal, and unconstitutional." Bowman praised peace protesters and stated that "George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the whole political mafia to be removed from office and indicted with treason.” PLUS: Carol Wolman, PhD asks: "Can We Impeach Him Now?"


Retired Lt. Colonel Accuses Bush of ‘Treason’
Chris Berg / Columbia Missourian

(May 27, 2005) — What was coined as a discussion on real patriotism sounded more like a case for why the Bush administration has failed in foreign policy. “I will not stand by and watch an appointed president send our sons and daughters around the world to kill terrorists for the oil companies,” Robert Bowman said.

The retired lieutenant colonel spoke in front of a group of about 50 people Thursday evening at Stotler Lounge in MU’s Memorial Union. Bowman said that he wore his former dress white uniform as a way to honor his brothers and sisters in arms for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.

In his speech Bowman urged the audience to question the federal government’s justification for going to war in Iraq. “Let those of us not called upon to fight in this war give our troopswhat they deserve, the thanks of a grateful people and the promise that we will never again allow our representatives in Congress to issue a president a blank check to conduct an unnecessary, illegal, and unconstitutional war,” Bowman said.

Bowman spoke out against the Pentagon’s decision to prohibit photographers from taking pictures of dead US soldiers as they are transported. “Those who give their lives deserve to be honored, not swept under the rug,” Bowman said.

Bowman told the audience that the biggest threat to the American way of life comes from within the country. He said instead of the battle lines being overseas, they were right here at home. “The war protesters are the shock troops gathering to preserve our freedoms by exercising those freedoms in spite of obvious objections.”

Bowman concluded his speech by saying that patriotism means supporting the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and other nations all over the world. The military veteran also called for an overhaul in Washington.

“It is time for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the whole political mafia to be removed from office and indicted with treason,” he said.
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Can We Impeach Him Now?
Carol Wolman

He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree. — Luke 1: 52

Bush's contempt for truth, the law, and the Constitution which he pledged to uphold has been apparent since the day he took office. He has committed more impeachable offenses than one can count:- not preventing 9-11, covering it up, lying about Iraq's WMDs, invading Iraq illegally, using illegal weapons like radioactive weaponry and napalm, torturing prisoners, flouting the Geneva Convention, lying to Congress about the cost of Medicare "reform", not investigating the Valerie Plame scandal- the list goes on and on.

When the Abu Ghraib photos surfaced last summer, the shock and outrage in this country were great enough to have launched an impeachment movement. Kerry quickly squelched this impulse, and diverted the energy into his pseudo campaign. This made Kerry's betrayal, his refusal to challenge the rigged voting machines, all the more bitter. He is part of the ruling class, which is aware of the simmering discontent of the populace, and has been cleverly guiding it into acceptable channels.

Now anger at Bush is starting to build again. It is coming from several directions- Amnesty International, in the form of lawsuits, outrage in the Senate over the pressure to confirm the despicable John Bolton, disarray in the House over Tom DeLay's breathtakingly shameless corruption, disaffected civil servants, especially in the intelligence community, and again, from the general public, as the mess in Iraq drags on and on.

Three weeks ago, a "smoking gun" presented itself, in the form of a secret memo released in the British press, which proved that Bush cooked the intelligence books in order to justify a preplanned invasion of Iraq. He knew he was lying about WMDs, lying to the people, to the Congress, to the UN. And if he didn't, he should have. The buck stops on his desk.

The intrepid ranking member of the House Judicial Committee, John Conyers, the same John Conyers who insisted on hearings regarding the accuracy of the Ohio vote last November, shot off a letter to Bush, demanding an explanation for the British memo.

The Conyers letter was cosigned by 88 Representatives. This is the first step in bringing impeachment proceedings against the president. Conyers is collecting signatures from the public, at www.johnconyers.com

I recently attended a talk by George Lakoff on reframing.

I asked him how we can reframe the national dialogue from one of opposing world views, to one of aggrieved citizens demanding impeachment. He replied, "You need a delivery system and a chorus".

Let's do it. Let's be both the delivery system and the chorus demanding impeachment, each of us. Let's overthrow this band of crooks and take our country back.





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