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ACTION ALERT: Stop the $106 Billion War Spending Supplemental

June 13, 2009

The Virtual Phonebank is a new tool that will connect your phone to each key office and even let you leave a message after hours. Ask all the fence-sitting congress members to vote No on the $106 billion war supplemental.


Stop the War Supplemental
David Swanson o/ After Downing Street

Call Congress
(June 13, 2009) — The Virtual Phonebank is a new tool that will connect your phone to each key office and even let you leave a message after hours. Ask all the fence-sitting congress members to vote No on the war supplemental with this virtual phonebank.

Cause Politicians:
Robert Brady
Corinne Brown
Andr-C3-A9 Carson
Donna Christenson
Steve Cohen
Jim Cooper
Elijah Cummings
Danny Davis
Bill Delahunt
Keith Ellison
Chaka Fattah
Barney Frank
Marcia Fudge
Al Green
Phil Hare
Alcee Hastings
Maurice Hinchey
Michael Honda
Jesse Jackson Jr.
Sheila Jackson-2DLee
Zoe Lofgren
Carolyn Maloney
Ed Markey
Doris Matsui
James McDermott
Kendrick Meek
George Miller
Gwen Moore
Jim Moran
Jerrold Nadler
Grace Napolitano
Donald Payne
Jared Polis
Charles Rangel
Laura Richardson
Linda Sanchez
Jan Schakowsky
Bobby Scott
Louise Slaughter
Jackie Speier
John Tanner
Mike Thompson
John Tierney
Ed Towns
Melvin Watt
Peter Welch

June 12 late night update:
Latest Whip Count:
34 Down and 5 More Needed.

1. Tammy Baldwin
2. Michael Capuano
3. Yvette Clarke
4. John Conyers
5. Jerry Costello
6. Peter DeFazio*
7. Lloyd Doggett
8. Donna Edwards
9. Sam Farr
10. Bob Filner
11. Alan Grayson
12. Raul Grijalva
13. Luis Gutierrez
14. Jay Inslee
15. Steve Kagen
16. Marcy Kaptur
17. Dennis Kucinich
18. Barbara Lee
19. John Lewis*
20. Eric Massa
21. James McGovern
22. Michael Michaud
23. Richard Neal*
24. Jim Oberstar
25. Chellie Pingree
26. Jose Serrano
27. Carol Shea-Porter
28. Brad Sherman
29. Pete Stark
30. Nikki Tsongas
31. Nydia Velasquez
32. Maxine Waters
33. Diane Watson
34. Lynn Woolsey

Leaning No
1. Steve Cohen
2. Keith Ellison*
3. Chakah Fattah
4. Mike Honda
5. Doris Matsui*
6. Ed Markey*
7. Jim McDermott*
8. Gwen Moore
9. Jared Polis*
10. Jan Schakowsky*
11. Jackie Speier
12. Mike Thompson*
13. John Tierney
14. Mel Watt*
15. Anthony Weiner

1. Michael Capuano
2. Andre Carson
3. Donna Christenson
4. Jim Cooper
5. Danny Davis
6. Bill Delahunt
7. Al Green
8. Phil Hare
9. Maurice Hinchey
10. Paul Hodes
11. Carolyn Maloney
12. Jim Moran
13. Grace Napolitano
14. Donald Payne
15. Charles Rangel
16. Laura Richardson
17. Linda Sanchez
18. Bobby Scott
19. John Tanner
20. Ed Towns
21. Peter Welch

Supporting War Supplemental
1. Robert Brady
2. Elijah Cummings
3. Barney Frank
4. Marcia Fudge
5. Alcee Hastings
6. Jesse Jackson Jr.
7. Sheila Jackson-Lee
8. Kendrick Meek
9. George Miller
10. Jerold Nadler

White House Accused of Arm Twisting to Support War Spending Increase
Roll Call

(June 12, 2009) — In a Roll Call article, the White House claims it is NOT threatening freshmen Congress members to get them to vote for war funds, and Rep. Lynn Woolsey says she learned that it WAS doing that during a meeting in her office with members who voted No last time.

This means that if she heard it directly from freshmen, it was from one or more of these: Donna Edwards, Alan Grayson, Eric Massa, Chellie Pingree, Jared Polis, and/or Jackie Speier. Woolsey also said that she was NOT lobbying her colleagues to vote No.

If that's true, two questions arise:
(1) what was that meeting in her office about?
(2) What the hell good is committing to cast a single No vote if you fail to lobby your colleagues, which ought to be considered the primary duty of Congress members at least when what they are lobbying for is backed by their colleagues' constituents — instead it's considered rather uncouth except when done by those with the money.

Congressional Heroes and Frauds
David Swanson

(June 11, 2009) — Congress members know they were elected to end the war and that their constituents want them to follow through. Fifty-one Democrats recently voted against a war supplemental funding bill, knowing that the bill would easily pass.

Now (because an IMF bailout scam opposed by all Republicans has been added to the bill) only about 40 Democrats need to vote No to block the war money. However, voting No when it could actually matter is very different from voting No for show only. We are about to see the original 51 split into heroes and frauds.

These are the 51:
Edwards (MD),
Frank (MA),
Lee (CA),
Lewis (GA),
Markey (MA),
Neal (MA),
Pingree (ME),
Polis (CO),
Thompson (CA),

Some have committed to voting No, so we can tentatively move them to the
Heroes category:
Tammy Baldwin,
Michael Capuano,
Yvette Clarke,
John Conyers,
Jerry Costello,
Peter DeFazio (Opposing IMF funding),
Lloyd Doggett,
Donna Edwards,
Sam Farr,
Bob Filner (statement on IMF),
Alan Grayson,
Raul Grijalva,
Luis Gutierrez,
Jay Inslee,
Steve Kagen,
Marcy Kaptur,
Dennis Kucinich,
Barbara Lee,
John Lewis,
Eric Massa,
Jim McGovern (watch video),
Michael Michaud,
Richard Neal,
Jim Oberstar,
Chellie Pingree,
Jose Serrano,
Carol Shea-Porter,
Brad Sherman,
Pete Stark,
Nikki Tsongas,
Nydia Velasquez,
Maxine Waters,
Diane Watson,
Lynn Woolsey.

The rest of the 51 Congress members listed above, if they do not take a stand when it counts, may end up in the category of frauds. Even those who vote No may still end up on the list of frauds if the bill passes and they vote toward the end of the roll call. For example, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur has told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she will vote No at the end of the voting if the bill has enough votes to pass.

We have citizen frauds too: True Majority, Moveon.org, Open Left, TPM, Campaign for America's Future, the Center for American Progress, DailyKos.

Of course the rest of the Congress is in the category of Proud War Mongers.




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