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ACTION ALERT: Honduran Coup

June 29, 2009
Campaign for Labor Rights

President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya confirmed he is in Costa Rica, as he was kidnapped by Honduran military officers, who dragged him from his residence. Zelaya's supporters are asking people to defend democracy by calling the State Department and White House to demand: A cut-off all military aid to Honduras until Pres. Zelaya and Chancellor Rodas are safely returned to office and support any international movements to bring the coup plotters to justice.


WASHINGTON (June 28, 2009) — We just received a call from attendees at the emergency protest at the White House that Secretary of State Clinton has denounced the Honduran coup and expressed support for Pres. Zelaya. Here is a short report, detailing new demands, from Alliance for Global Justice co-coordinator Chuck Kaufman:

"We shouldn't relax though. The coup has not yet been reversed. The US needs to do more than issue a statement. They need to cut off all military aid until Zelaya is safely returned to Honduras. They need to support bringing the coup plotters to justice. They need to replace the US ambassador who obviously knew what was going on. How fast they do that will indicate whether he told them about it in advance or not."

ACTION: We are still asking people to:
Call the State Department and the White House Demand:

1) Cut off all military aid to Honduras until Pres. Zelaya and Chancellor Rodas are safely returned to office; 2) Support any international movements to bring the coup plotters to justice; 3) Replace the US ambassador to Honduras.

State Department: 202-647-4000 or 1-800-877-8339 White House: Comments: 202-456-1111, Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Compiled from a variety of sources:

* Apparently the ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua were beaten by hooded soldiers and briefly detained after they tried to defend Pres. Zelaya. During this time, the US Ambassador was unavailable for comment, whereabouts unknown

* We're not sure what the current fate is Chancellor Patricial Rodas nor do we have details regarding Pres. Manuel Zelaya, who was arrested and flown to Costa Rica.

* The situation that precipitated this situation was the call by Pres. Zelaya for a referendum to change the Honduran constitution. The military and the Supreme Court refused to honor or cooperate with the referendum, which has been called for for months and has wide popular support.

" Electricity has been cut off throughout Honduras and television stations have been shut down. The last we had heard, there has been a stand-off in the streets between popular masses and the Hondurn military


* "If the U.S. is not behind this coup, the coup- mongers won't be able to stay in power even 48 hours."

* "The only reason that I wasn't assassinated was that the soldiers are from the people. It was a moment of great tension."

"The elite in the armed forces have betrayed me. They have invaded my house in the morning with shots, they pushed me with bayonets."

This Alert was prepared by the Campaign for Labor Rights. We can be reached by phone at 202-544-9355 or 520-243-0381. You can email james@afgj.org for more information. Visit our website at:

Latin America Responds to Honduran Military Coup

Prensa Latina


(June 28, 2009 ) — President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya confirmed he is in Costa Rica, as he was kidnapped by Honduran military officers, who dragged him from his residence.

During a telephone contact with TELESUR, Zelaya made clear he continues in his post, he did not request political asylum and intends to attend a meeting of Central American presidents scheduled for Managua, Nicaragua, to condemn the coup in his nation and demand the restoration of constitutional order.

Zelaya called on the Honduran people, their social organizations and unions to unite and fight peacefully for their rights, without violence, through civil disobedience.

The leaders of the armed forces have deceived me, they have offended me, they stormed mi house early morning, breaking the door, he explained. It is a brutal kidnapping what they have done against me, with no justification but our desire to do good to Honduras and install a participative democratic process.

He said that today "we were scheduled to carry out a non binding survey, as any other international pollster usually does."

The objective was to know the people's opinion about the possibility to vote in November in favour or against convening a Constituent Assembly in the future and reform the Constitution.

This cannot justify the interruption of democracy or the coup, considered Zelaya.

We have no way to communicate with the people because radio and tv broadcast were shut down, and they cut the power, he denounced.

The people has the right to uprising if they rights are violated, as established in article three of the Constitution, he noted.

In Zelaya's opinion, the coup has been perpetrated by a voracious elite with power, influence in the State and in the national economy, a small group that is even far from the stand of many Armed Forces soldiers and officers.

The Organization of American States called an urgent meeting of its Permanent Council on Sunday to discuss the coup d'' Etat in Honduras, where a group of military officers kidnapped President Manuel Zelaya. The meeting, convened by OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza, is scheduled for 15:00 local time.

The military officers took Zelaya away for an air base in Tegucigalpa, as denounced by presidential private secretary Enrique Reina. "They took the president away for the air force. We are making the international denounciation," said Reina. He explained that the military officers fired four shots and then left the house in three vehicles bound for the air base.

The private residence of the president was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers, as planes flew over the capital. TV Channel 36, Channel 8, Maya TV and several radio stations have been shut down. Just seconds before TV broadcast was lost, the Channel 8 news presenter requested the people to gather at La Libertad square to defend their president.

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez requested Sunday that US President Barack Obama, to be pronounced against the military coup in Honduras, which he considered is carried out with the participation of the Central Intelligence Agency.

In statements to television channel Telesur, Chavez stated that he rejected the coup "right from its bone marrow" and asked the Honduran military troops not to face the people that went out to the streets to request the return of President Manuel Zelaya. "The United States has a lot to do with this, Obama should be pronounced to reject the coup right from the marrow," the Venezuelan leader stated.

He specified that elements, such as the fact that the Honduran press media are braodcasting cartoons instead of information, corresponds with the format of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for the coup. The format is to misinform the people, if it were not for Telesur that is locating in the heroic level in this battle, the images of the coup would not be transmitting, Chavez said.

The South American leader assured that behind the coup, it is the bourgeoisie and the rich people that transformed Honduras into a banana republic, a political, military and terrorist base of the US and of the US empire. Chavez added that the coup was caused because he wanted to consult the people and asked the military troops to meditate and not to generate a genocide.

He also said that the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), of which nine countries are already members, among them Honduras and Venezuela, are in consultation and elaborating an anticoup strategy.

Bolivian President Evo Morales condemned on Sunday the kidnapped of his Honduran peer Manuel Zelaya by military officers. "What is happening in Honduras due to the actions of military groups only contributes to discredit Armed Forces in countries in Latin America, which participate in their people's decision, said Morales. He added that the coup against the Honduran government is a venture against democracy and popular will.

"I express my admiration and respect for Zelaya, whom I know very well and whom I have shared many experiences with," he stressed, and urged the Honduran people to defend their president and express their rejection of his kidnapping.


TEGUCIGALPA,(June 28, 2009) — Representatives of the Communist and Socialist parties of Chile expressed on Sunday their rejection of destabilization plans to hinder democratic constitutional reforms in Honduras.

Former Health Minister Juan Carlos Concha (under Salvador Allende) and Rony Nunez, of the Socialist Party foreign relations committee, also warned of coup plans in Honduras.

Concha and Nunez arrived in Tegucigalpa yesterday at the invitation of authorities to observe the carrying out of a national survey today on holding a referendum about a constituent assembly together with elections in November.

In remarks to Prensa Latina, Concha denounced that the Honduran and continental oligarchy are mobilizing to prevent the holding of a referendum to generate a new Constitution in line with the interest of majorities.

In this regard, Nunez said that the objective of their presence in Honduras is to back the respect for institutional legality in this nation.

Brazil condemns Honduras coup
Xinhua / China View 2009-06-29 www.chinaview.cn

BRASILIA (June 28, 2009) — The Brazilian government vehemently condemned Sunday's coup in Honduras that removed the president Jose Manuel Zelaya of the Presidential Palace in Tegucigalpa and drove him out of the country.

"Military actions of this type constitute an attack on democracy and do not match the political development in the region. Any question of constitutional order must be settled peacefully through dialogue and within the framework of democratic institutions," said Brazilian Foreign Ministry in a statement.

The Brazilian government affirms its solidarity with the Honduran people and asks that President Zelaya be immediately and unconditionally reinstalled in his functions, according to the statement.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is following the situation through contacts with other heads of state and through information passed by Minister Celso Amorim, said the statement.

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