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Statement of Sierra Club President Jennifer Ferenstein on Iraq War

The Sierra Club opposes the United States' military action against Iraq. We urge all parties to follow a path to peace by ceasing hostilities immediately and allowing UN inspectors to disarm and destroy any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. The best way to support American troops, save the lives of innocent Iraqis, and prevent further environmental devastation, is to halt the fighting and proceed immediately with a peaceful, lawful, UN-sanctioned disarmament.

Disarmament and destruction of any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction through resumed rigorous United Nations inspections will accomplish the international community's goals without risking more lives, endangering the environment or increasing anti-American sentiment among the Iraqi people and others throughout the world.

While honest people can disagree about the primary reasons for this conflict, no one can disagree that Iraq is strategically important to our country and the world because of its oil reserves. No matter how long the conflict lasts, we will find ourselves in a similar situation again unless the US and other nations act decisively to cut our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels.

We can do better, if our leaders will lead. The simplest step would be to require that we reduce our country's dependence on oil by using existing technology to make new cars and SUVs go farther on a gallon of gas. We can also invest in increasing our reliance on wind and solar power, using technologies that generate energy more effectively than ever before. We can implement solutions that will save oil and save lives.



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