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April 4, 2003
March 31, 2003
March 26, 2003


EAW’s Quick Links (4-4-03)

Confirmed: Depleted Uranium Contaminates Ground Water

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina, March 25, 2003 (ENS) - For the first time, a United Nations research team has confirmed that depleted uranium from weapons used in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1994 and 1995 has contaminated local supplies of drinking water, and can still be found in dust particles suspended in the air. Depleted uranium is used in armour penetrating military ordinance because of its high density, and also in the manufacture of defensive armor plate.


Saudi Firm Refuses Deal to Provide US Army with Trucks

RIYADH (April 1, 2003) Associated Press – A Saudi trucking company has refused a SR240.5 million deal to provide the US Army with trucks for use in the war in Iraq. Abdul Aziz Al-Tuwaijri, a contractor who was asked to mediate with the company, said the deal involved providing 1,300 trucks. "I could have made SR1.5 million in commissions, but life is not only about money. This is a dirty war and we will not take part in it," he said.


US Studies Fuel Alternatives to Keep Army on the Move

CHICAGO (March 31, 2003) Financial Times – The US military needs to develop a new generation of vehicles to cut the cost of fuel and reduce the Pentagon’s dependence on foreign sources of oil. A gallon of Shell and ExxonMobil fuel used to power tanks and aircraft, can cost hundreds of dollars per gallon. In Afghanistan, where fuel was flown in by helicopter from ships in the Indian Ocean, the cost was about $600 per gallon was about $600. Fuel for the Iraq invasion costs about $150 per gallon. The US Third Infantry burns an million gallons a day. Because an Abrams tank gets only one mile per gallon, it costs about $60,000 to drive an Abrams tank 400km from southern Iraq to Baghdad. Since 1998, the US Army has been working with General Motors, Ford and Germany's DaimlerChrysler on a new generation of war machines powered by energy engines. Adopting hybrid technologies could shave 20 percent off the costs of fuel for the Pentagon. Also in the works: fuel cells to power on-board computers, global positioning systems and three-dimensional mapping systems. GM expects to sign a contract todeliver two hybrids and other diesel variants within about 18 months. Officials expect that "significant numbers" of hybrid trucks could be in service by 2005.


US’ Secret Plan to Rule Iraq

(April 1, 2003)The US plans to rule Iraq through an imposed regime consisting of 23 ministries, each headed by an American with four Iraqi advisers – appointed by the US. Cities declared "liberated" by General Tommy Franks will be transferred to the temporary government under the control of Jay Garner, a former US general appointed to head a military occupation of Iraq. Members of the interim government already have begun arriving in Kuwait. Decisions on the government's composition appear to be entirely in US hands, particularly those of Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. Gen. Garner is reportedly annoyed that Wolfowitz is forcing him to work with a number of controversial Iraqis including Ahmed Chalabi, the head of the opposition Iraqi National Congress.


US Leaks New Policy: First-Use of Nukes

The Bush Administration has threatened to use nuclear weapons against any country that employs weapons of mass destruction against the US or its allies. The nuclear threat is contained in a newly-declassified six-page document, the National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction. A classified version of the strategy goes even further: it breaks a 50-year ban on pre-emptive nuclear strikes. Iran, Syria, North Korea and Libya were identified as probably targets.


Dear George: Swear off the Nukes

You can send a letter to Bush demanding that he renounce the use of nuclear weapons. Contact the Working for Change website.


Air Raids in Iraq Pose Health Risk

(April 1, 2003) AP– Smoke from burning oil and bombing damage in Iraq pose rising health risks to both soldiers and citizens, while waterways are becoming fouled by untreated sewage, environmental analysts say.


Ancient Iraqi Swamp Culture Drained But Not Dead

(April 1, 2003) AP– A swath of southern Iraq has been called many things: Land of the swamp people. Mother of all untapped oil reserves. Scene of the worst environmental crime in history. Cradle of civilization. Saddam's slaughterhouse. At the moment, it is a 21st century battlefield.


Oregon Law Would Jail Protesters as Terrorists

PORTLAND (April 2, 2003) Reuters — A proposed anti-terrorism bill would jail street-blocking protesters for at least 25 years in a thinly veiled effort to discourage anti-war demonstrations. Senate Bill 742 identifies a terrorist as a person who "plans or participates in an act that is intended, by at least one of its participants, to disrupt" business, transportation, schools, government, or free assembly. "We need some additional tools to control protests," said Lars Larson, a conservative radio talk show host who has stumped for the bill. The bill has met strong opposition but lawmakers still expect a debate on the definition of terrorism and the value of free speech before a vote by the state senate judiciary committee, whose Chairman, Republican Senator John Minnis, wrote the proposed legislation.


At War with the Environment?

A San Francisco Chronicle editorial criticizes the Pentagon’s plans to overturn environmental laws that restrict its activities on 25 million acres of bases, ports and airfields.


US Chemical Warfare Victims: More than 1 Million

(March 29, 2003) – Nearly 30 years after the Vietnam war, a chemical weapon used by US troops is still exacting a hideous toll on each new generation.

The US sprayed the most toxic molecule known to science during its prolonged military campaign in Vietnam. While the contamination persists the US has offered no compensation nor has it acted to combat the medical and environmental catastrophe that is overwhelming the country.




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