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April 4, 2003
March 31, 2003
March 26, 2003


EAW's Quick Links 3-26-03

Iraqi Civilians Desperate to Survive
In a desperate hunt for water and food in south, Iraqis drink dirty water from
wells and comb hospitals searching for medicine. Civilians pose as
soldiers and try to surrender, in hopes of being fed by US or British forces.

Giving the Devil His DU
The UN Environment Programme has issued a report documenting the ongoing pollution problems posed by depleted uranium (DU) ammunition used by NATO forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the mid-1990s. UNEP found DU contamination in groundwater and drinking water and in the air, suggesting that wind or human activity can disturb DU dust long after weapons are fired. DU, a heavy metal used primarily for penetrating tanks and other armored targets, is suspected of causing cancer and other health problems. A least 300 metric tons of it were fired during the 1991 Gulf War, and it has already been used in the current campaign in Iraq. BBC News, Alex Kirby, 26 Mar 2003

See the UNEP report: http://www.gristmagazine.com/forward.pl?forward_id=941

International Law: Coalition Attack on TV station may be unlawful
Human Rights Watch (26 March 2003) — Iraqi TV may not be targeted solely because it is being used for propaganda purposes, Human Rights Watch said today. The U.S. military command in Qatar announced that on March 26, coalition forces attacked Iraq’s main TV station in Baghdad.

Amnesty International Fears both Sides Committing War Crimes
(26 March 2003) — "At times of war many civilian activities can be seen as supporting, in a general way, the war effort. But to accept that all such activities can be targeted is to accept the logic of 'total war'. Preventing the devastation of such 'total wars' has been one of the key underpinnings for the development of the rules of war in recent decades," Claudio Cordone of Amnesty International warned today.

A Tomahawk Is Not Always on Target
A report in The Guardian (London) debunks the concept of the tomahawk missile as a proven means to a high-tech, low-body bag war. http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,3604,918712,00.html

POWs Mistreated in Iraq and the US Cries Foul. What about Guantanamo?
March 25, 2003 — “Suddenly, the US has discovered the virtues of international law (Article 13 of the third convention, concerning the treatment of prisoners). It may be waging an illegal war against a sovereign state; it may be seeking to destroy every treaty which impedes its attempts to run the world, but when five of its captured soldiers were paraded in front of the Iraqi television cameras on Sunday, Donald Rumsfeld, the US defense secretary, immediately complained that "it is against the Geneva convention to show photographs of prisoners of war in a manner that is humiliating for them".

Depleted Uranium Contaminates Bosnia-Herzegovina
ENS (March 25, 2003) — DU being dispersed in the atmosphere and ground water during the "liberation" of Iraq will presumably occur in much greater quantities than in Bosnia, especially if the conflict drags out much longer. For the first time, a United Nations research team has confirmed that depleted uranium from weapons used in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1994 and 1995 has contaminated local supplies of drinking water, and can still be found in dust particles suspended in the air. Depleted uranium is used in armor-penetrating military ordinance because of its high density, and also in the manufacture of defensive armor plate.

Online Film on British Bases Used for Iraq Attack
Folks in England have created a short film called “NO BASES FOR WAR” about US satellite installations in northern England called Menwith Hill and Fylingdales. These installations are now being upgraded for Star Wars and are helping to direct the current US war with Iraq.
The short film can be viewed on-line by clicking on the link below and hitting "View." You need RealMedia to view it. An mpg version is coming for folks with Windows Media Player.

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