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April 4, 2003
March 31, 2003
March 26, 2003


EAW's Quick Links

The Latest Terror Plot Is Just Another Fake News Story from the FBI
(William Boardman / Reader Supported News)

A detailed look into the FBI's report on an alleged July 4 "terror plot" reveals the suspect, Demetrius Pitts, has been serially lynched -- by the FBI, again by the Justice Department, and finally by the news media which parroted the FBI's "fake news" that Pitts was behind a "terror attack." Turns out the "plot" was proposed and promoted by the FBI to entrap Pitts and feed the "terror" narrative. Once again, police-state tactics have railroaded an innocent man and the police state's flimsy story is unchallenged.

EAW Quick Links -- August 18, 2003

ACTION ALERT: Oppose Pipes Appointment to Peace Insititute

President Bush plans to bypass Congress to place Daniel Pipes on the Board of Directors of the US Institute of Peace. (http:// www.usip.org). Critics note that Pipes has argued that peace is achieved by one side defeating the other with military force. Pipes has said: "What we need to do is inspire fear, not affection." Pipes has supported the profiling of Muslims and Arabs and has claimed that 10 to 15 percent of all Muslims are "potential killers." Pipes’ Campus Watch website provided "dossiers" on professors and universities thought to be too too sympathetic to Islam and Muslims. Pipes' nomination has been stalled for months by critics in the US Senate. The Washington Post, the Dallas Morning News, and the Chicago Tribune all editorialized against the nomination.
Act Now: Please call the White House comments line (202) 456-1111 and register your concern with your senators by calling the US Capitol Hill switchboard (202) 224-3121.
For more information, contact the Friends Committee on National Legislation. 1 (800) 630-1330. http://www.fcnl.org/whatis.htm.

Revealed: Last-minute Changes to Iraq Dossier

LONDON (August 17, 2003) The Independent -- The Government's dossier on Iraq's weapons capability was hardened up in the days before its publication in a number of key respects that did not tally with the views of some of its most senior experts. Documents released by the inquiry into the death of the weapons expert David Kelly reveals that not only were key claims about the nature and extent of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction strengthened in the two weeks before the dossier's publication in September 2002 but that a crucial change was made to the title. As late as September 19, the document was entitled "Iraq's programme for weapons of mass destruction". But the finished Government version published on September 24 removed from the title the words "programme for".

Porn, Drugs, Weapons Hit Baghdad Streets
(Associated Press)

BAGHDAD (August 17, 2003) AP - Across from a monument to freedom built in 1958 after the overthrow of the monarchy, Iraqi traders have set up gambling tables and are openly selling pornography, fake ID cards and looted goods — including laboratory microscopes, industrial fuse boxes and pills stolen from psychiatric hospitals. "Now we have freedom and democracy," said a 34-year-old trader selling pornographic DVDs with titles such as "The Dirty Family" and "The Young Wife." Four months after US seized the city, "freedom and democracy" has become as license to do pretty much what you can get away with. Displaying a handful of pornographic postcards, the trader boasted: "We could not sell them when Saddam was here."

Adding Indifference to Injury
(Iraq Body Count)

(August 7, 2003) -- At least 20,000 civilians were injured in the Iraq war: Why are the occupiers ignoring their suffering and their needs? The Iraq Body Count database and archives of war reports provide evidence that at least 20,000 civilians were injuried in addition to the maximum reported 7,798 deaths. Some 8,000 of these injuries were in the Baghdad area alone. A full, countrywide assessment will likely add to the total number of injuries and deaths

US Limits Payments to Kin of Slain Iraqi Civilians
(Los Angeles Times)

BAGHDAD (August 4, 2003) Los Angeles Times — The families of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed or injured by US forces will not receive compensation unless they prove clear-cut negligence or wrongdoing by soldiers. The policy rules out payments for tragic mistakes, such as the fatal shootings of civilians at military checkpoints, if soldiers believed it was reasonable to fire. And incidents after May 1, when President Bush declared the end of major fighting in Iraq. Cases involving soldiers who accidentally fire their weapons or traffic accidents involving supply convoys could warrant payments to the victims if negligence is proved. US military officials said they had settled 1,168 compensation claims totaling $262,263. Most were for property damage, and no payment was more than $15,000. Officials could provide no information about compensation for deaths.

Can Iraq’s Marsh Arabs Reclaim Paradise?
(The Scotsman)

(August 16, 2003) -- In the southern Iraqi town of Qurnah, history’s most notorious tree stands stunted and withered in a bed of concrete. On its now barkless limbs, it is said, once hung the Apple of Wisdom that fatally tempted Eve, back when this part of ancient Mesopotamia was better known as the Garden of Eden. A decade ago Saddam Hussein began draining the marshes that surrounded Qurnah. Within a few years, the largest wetlands in west Asia evaporated into desert, along with it the 5,000-year-old hunting, boating, fishing lifestyle of 400,000 Marsh Arabs. The talk among the Marsh Arabs now is of reflooding the arid plains and recreating their floating farms of rice, wheat, watermelon and water buffalo. But while their plans have the backing of the occupying powers, it is already becoming clear that replacing an entire ecosystem could take decades. In the meantime, the question has arisen of whether the younger generation, who know only city life, will even want to leave.

‘Voice of Free Iraq’ Walks Out on US
(The Guardian (London))

(August 6, 2003) The Guardian -- The broadcaster who became known as "the voice of free Iraq" has walked out of his job, saying the US is losing the propaganda war. Ahmed al-Rikabi, the American-appointed director of TV and radio, complaimed that US failure to invest in the new Iraqi broadcasting service means foreign channels are gaining popularity at the expense of the US. The station was provided with only three studio cameras and five portable cameras, Mr Rikabi said. For the five portable cameras, they were allowed only 10 rechargeable batteries lasting 15 minutes each.

International Labor Condemns Arrest of Iraqi Labor Leaders
(US Labor Against War)

(August 12, 2003) -- On Saturday, August 2, US occupation forces arrested Qasim Hadi and 54 other Iraqi members of the Union of the Unemployed in Iraq who were engaged in a five-day sit-in to protest the treatment of unemployed Iraqi workers by occupation forces and US corporations. The detained workers reportedly were released only after the intervention of representatives of the United Nations. These were not armed combatants or terrorists. They were unemployed workers peacefully protesting, exercising their democratic right to seek redress for their grievances. The arrests were condemned by US Labor Against War (USLAW), the International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples, and the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions. USLAW stated: "The US cannot claim to be acting in the interests of the Iraqi people with the objective of establishing a democratic government in Iraq while violating internationally recognized labor and human rights." US Labor Against War, PO Box 153, 1718 M Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036.

'Human Shields' Face Jail, Fines
(New York Post)

(August 12, 2003) -- A retired teacher who acted as a "human shield" in the Iraq war said she was told by the US government she could face upwards of $1 million in fines or 12 years in prison for violating sanctions. Faith Fippinger, 62, of Sarasota, Fla., said she spent three months as a human shield at an oil refinery. When she returned home in May, the Treasury Department informed her by letter that she had violated US sanctions by crossing the Iraqi border before the war and that she could end up having to pay $1 million in fines, she said. If she fails to pay, she could face prison instead, Fippinger said she was told.

Stephen Funk: US Marine and Conscientious Objector

NEW ORLEANS -- A Marine reservist facing a possible court-martial for skipping prewar training in the fight against Iraq will be able to introduce evidence that he is a conscientious objector if he is tried. Pentagon officials stated that, unlike other Marines who had opted for "CO" status without being threatened with court-martial, Funk was singled out because he refused to report for duty during a time of conflict. (Funk’s lawyers may point out that George W. Bush was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam and was never subjected to a court-martial.)

A Global University for Peace

Transcend Peace University (TPU) invites you to join practitioners and students from around the world to joine the next ON-LINE semester from September 8 - December 19, 2003. TPU is the worlds first global, on-line Peace University designed for practitioners, policy makers and students working in the fields of peace, conflict transformation, development and global issues. Since 1996, TPU has offered more than 300 classes to more than 6,000+ participants around the world, using the "Conflict Transformation By Peaceful Means," manual published by the United Nations. TPU grants certificates for single courses, diplomas for clusters of courses and eventually BA, MA and PhD degrees. Participants may combine online and onsite courses. Cost per Course: 500 Euros. Course descriptions and instructors' CVs are available at: http://www.transcend.org/tpu

EAW Quick Links -- July 28, 2003

ACTION ALERT: Energy Bill Action Alert

Sen. Domenici's "Energy Policy Act of 2003" (S.14), is currently being considered in the Senate and may come to a final vote before Congress recesses in early August. This regressive Senate bill repeals vital electricity consumer protections, allowing for the expansion of deregulation and more Enron-style schemes. S.14 also encourages nuclear irresponsibility by offering public funds to develop new reactors, promoting nuclear waste reprocessing, and extending liability protection to nuclear plant operators. View the full bill on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Web site: http://energy.senate.gov/legislation/energybill2003/energybill2003.html This regressive legislation does not do enough to decrease oil consumption in this country and promote renewable energies. This legislation must be stopped! You can help by contacting your Senators! CALL the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and ask to be transferred to the offices of your Senators. SEND A FREE FAX and LEARN MORE about the bill and how to act from Public Citizen's website at: http://www.stopenergybill.org

Saddam Should Be Tried, Not Killed Says New British Envoy

LONDON (July 27, 2003) IslamOnline.net & News Agencies -- Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein should be brought to trial for his crimes, not killed like his sons Uday and Qusay, the veteran diplomat appointed as Britain's new envoy to Iraq said today. The call from Jeremy Greenstock, who quits his role as Britain's U.N ambassador this week to take up the Baghdad posting in September 2003, was backed by a member of the US-backed new Iraqi Governing Council, Ahmed Chalabi. Chalabi, head of the Iraqi National Congress, stated: "I think it is much better for the Iraqi people and for the world for Saddam to be caught alive and put on trial.... He has to account for the mass graves of hundreds of thousands of people and for the wars he waged against Iran, Kuwait and the people of Kurdistan."

Hundreds Continue Nuns' Anti-War Protest

(July 26, 2003) AP -- On July 25, three American nuns, Jackie Hudson, 68, Ardeth Platte, 66, and Carol Gilbert, 55, were handed prison sentences ranging from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years for “obstructing the national defense and damaging government property.” The three sisters crime involved cutting a fence and walking onto a Minuteman III silo site where they swinging hammers and used their blood to paint a cross on the structure. The harsh sentences were intended to deter other nonviolent protesters from staging similar actions.Within hours of the sentencing announcement, hundreds of demonstrators had fanned out at missile silos across Colorado and Nebraska to carry on the work of pacifist nuns. In Colorado, religious and political activists targeted the M-11 Minuteman III site, northeast of Denver -- one of 49 silo sites in the state. They prayed, sang, danced and hung an eviction notice on the site’s 6-foot-tall security fence.

Five Foreign Activists Injured In Anti-Israeli Fence Protest

JENIN, West Bank, (July 28, 2003) IslamOnline.net & News Agencies-- Five foreign peace activists were wounded when Israeli forces used live ammunition to disperse protestors against Israel's security fence in northern West Bank. The army opened fire when a crowd of some 500 Palestinians led by a group of 100 activists from the International solidarity Movement (ISM) tore down a gate in the fence near the village of Aneen. The gate was built to allow farmers whose villages has been severed from their land to work on their crops, but it has always remained locked.

Liberian Capital Again Under Attack

MSF teams are treating severely wounded civilians in two makeshift hospitals in the Liberian capital, Monrovia. The third round of fighting in less than two months shattered a fragile cease-fire between government militias and Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebel forces. A mortar hit the home of an MSF Liberian staff member shortly after he returned from work. He died before arriving at the MSF emergency room in Mamba Point.

Liberia: "It's Not Easy"

In Monrovia, MSF doctor Andrew Schechtman describes the life and death struggles faced by those caught in the crossfire in the war-torn Liberian capital in an excerpt from his diary on the BBC.

Afghans Urge US to Act on Taliban Resurgence

KANDAHAR (July 27, 2003) Reuters -- The government of a volatile southern Afghan province urged US forces on Sunday to deal with resurgent Taliban guerrillas and said hundreds of them were roaming around freely. A Taliban official said its elusive leader Mullah Omar had approved a new deputy for the south on Saturday to assist a notorious commander suffering from wounds, and ordered him to intensify attacks on U.S. and government forces. In a further sign of stepped up Taliban activity, residents of a southern town close to the Pakistani border woke on Sunday to posters threatening death to 25 "informers" accused of collaborating with U.S. and Afghan government forces.

US Forces Accused of Using Torture in Iraq

BAGHDAD (July 23, 2003) Reuters -- Iraqis detained by US troops accused their captors of torture and degrading treatment, rights group Amnesty International (AI) has reported. AI is calling on the occupying forces to bring human rights violators to justice. Detainees told AI investigators that US troops had shot some captives. Other complaints included prolonged sleep deprivation and detainees being forced to stay in painful positions or wear hoods over their heads for long periods. "These conditions taken together would amount to torture as defined by UN standards," Amnesty's deputy executive director in the United States, Curt Goering, told a news conference.

Billionaire Challenges US Case for Iraq War

NEW YORK (July 25, 2003) Reuters -- Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has run full-page ads in major US newspapers challenging the honesty of the Bush administration's case for waging war in Iraq. The ads in The New York Times, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and the Houston Chronicle, are titled, "When the nation goes to war, the people deserve the truth." A dozen statements made by President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld were reprinted and described as either exaggerated or false.

Soldier’s Wives Threatened over Critical E-Mail

(July 27, 2003) Washington Post -- Susan Peacock thought that the 400th Military Police Battalion Family Readiness Group was there to provide solace and support for spouses of soldiers shipped to Iraq but when she read her e-mail July 15, she was appalled at what she saw. Group leaders were playing what one later called "hardball" with the Columbia mother of two and other 400th family members. The message said that "certain people are getting their soldiers in trouble" and that the unit's e-mail list had been sent to the Pentagon "for possible security violations and will be closely monitored."

Markey Says Use Funds for Nuclear Rockets to Clean Superfund Sites

On July 25, 2003, Rep. Edward Markey offered an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2004 VA-HUD Appropriations bill (H.R.2861) that would increase funding for Superfund clean-up activities by $114.7 million. The funds would come from a comparable reduction in funding to NASA’s Project Prometheus nuclear rocket program. The President’s 2004 budget requested a $150 million increase for Superfund activities. but H.R.2861 fails to fully fund the program. The $279 million Project Prometheus represents a dangerous step in the expansion of nuclear technology into space. The planned escalation of nuclear launches in the coming years also increases the chances of a deadly accident. For more information, contact:

US Justice Department Overrules the Bill of Rights

The Justice Department has declared it has the right to jail US citizens without charges and deny anyone it deems an "enemy combatant" the right to legal representation. The government made this argument in a court brief filed June 19 in the case of Yasser Esam Hamdi, who was born in Louisiana.

White House Striking Back?

WASHINGTON (July 21, 2003) NBC -- In an NBC News exclusive, retired career diplomat Joe Wilson says his family is the subject of a White House smear campaign. Wilson tells NBC News the White House deliberately leaked his wife’s identity as a covert CIA operative, damaging her future career and compromising past missions after he criticized the administration on “Meet the Press” and in the New York Times. Wilson called it “a shot across the bow to those who might step forward, those unnamed analysts who said they were pressured by the White House for example would think twice about having their own families names being dragged through this particular mud.”

EAW Quick Links -- July 22, 2003

US Accused of Torture in Iraq
(CBS reported story and then scrubbed it)

"Amnesty International is looking into a number of cases of suspected torture in Iraq by American authorities. One of case involves Khraisan al-Aballi. Al-Aballi's house was raided by American soldiers, who came in shooting and arrested Khraisan and his 80-year-old father. They shot and wounded his brother Dureid. Dureid was carrying a weapon. His brother says Dureid thought the Americans were looters. The three men were taken away. Khraisan and his father went to the U.S. detention center at Baghdad's airport. They still don't know where his wounded brother is. Khraisan says his interrogators stripped him naked and kept him awake for more than a week, either standing or on his knees, bound hand and foot, with a bag over his head. Khraisan says he told his captors, 'I don't know what you want. I don't know what you want, I have nothing.' 'I asked him to kill me,' says Khraisan. After eight days, they let him and his father go."

USA: Dollars Out for Mid-East TV

(July 17, 2003) BBC News -- The US House of Representatives has approved funds for the creation of a Middle East radio and television network aimed at promoting US views. House International Relations Committee Chairman Henry Hyde said the network would „combat the misinformation and propaganda that contribute to the rising anti-American sentiment in the region." Funding would come from$1.3 billion budgeted for international broadcasting. The BBC reports that the network is seen as Washington's response to the popular Qatar-based Arabic television news station al-Jazeera. Congressional officials said the new network would be on the air 24 hours a day, delivering a mix of news and entertainment.

Iran Rejects Bush Charges, Vows Commitment To NPT

PRETORIA (July 22, 2003) IslamOnline.net & News Agencies ˆ Iran rejected U.S. President George W. Bush‚s accusations of harboring and supporting terrorism on Monday, July 21, saying it had no intention of pulling out of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. "Iran has not only not been harboring terrorists, but it has been fighting against them," said Kharazi, in South Africa for a meeting of a South African-Iranian bilateral commission. "I think it is the United States that is harboring terrorists because right now every corner of Iraq is controlled by Americans," he told an Agence France-Presse (AFP). Kharazi accused the United States of supporting armed Iranian rebels operating from Iraq, allowing them to "stay and function in Iraq" even though the group was "a registered terrorist organization".

Veterans Outraged by $2 Billion Cut in Health Care

"Officials of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. today expressed dismay at yesterday's approval of the VA-HUD Independent Agencies Subcommittee appropriations bill claiming the measure will seriously jeopardize veterans' health care. The VA-HUD Subcommittee bill, which funds the Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies, provides only a $1.4 billion increase over last year's funding level for veterans' health care. VFW officials point out that inflation alone will absorb that meager amount. According to the VFW, the House and Senate passed budget resolution-the official congressional spending road map--provides a $3.4 billion increase as necessary for timely veterans health care. For the Congress not to appropriate this amount is a clear betrayal of the assurances made to America's veterans by the House Republican leadership. "

Rumsfeld Sets “Acceptable” Number of Civilian Deaths

The New York Times reports, "Among the disclosures provided in the internal briefings and in a later interview the General Moseley: New information has shown that there was not a bunker in the Dora Farms area near Baghdad, where American intelligence initially believed Mr. Hussein was meeting with his aides. The site was attacked by F-117 stealth fighters and cruise missiles as the Bush administration sought to kill Mr. Hussein at the very onset of the war. Still, Iraqi leaders were believed to be in the Dora Farm area, General Moseley said. Air war commanders were required to obtain the approval of Defense Secretary Donald L. Rumsfeld if any planned airstrike was thought likely to result in deaths of more than 30 civilians. More than 50 such strikes were proposed, and ALL of them were approved." Now read Bush's 9-12-02 speech to the UN: "More than anything else, this separates us from the enemy we fight. We value every life; our enemies value none - not even the innocent."

Washington Plans for New, Improved Aggressions

(July 18, 2003) A Los Angeles Times article headlined, "Preparing for War, Stumbling to Peace, US is paying the price for missteps made on Iraq" ends with the following interesting tidbit. Pentagon officials "are studying the lessons of Iraq closely - to ensure that the next US takeover of a foreign country goes more smoothly. 'We're going to get better over time,' promised Lawrence Di Rita, a special assistant to Rumsfeld. 'We've always thought of post-hostilities as a phase' distinct from combat, he said. 'The future of war is that these things are going to be much more of a continuum.... This is the future for the world we're in at the moment,' he said. 'We'll get better as we do it more often.' "
http://mailhost.groundspring.org/cgi-bin/t.pl?id=24721:599308 18,1,7035725.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Americans No Longer Trust Bush

The Polling Report raised the question: "Do you think George W. Bush is a leader you can trust?" Only 47% saw GWB as a leader they can trust, while 51% said they have doubts and reservations. That's down from 56% who saw him as trustworthy in late March. From +15% to -4% is a massive negative swing of 19%. At this rate, by election day in November 2004, no one will believe a word Bush says.

In Zigby Poll 'Someone Else' Beats Bush 47%-46%

A July 16-17 Zogby poll of 1,004 likely US voters found that "someone new" beat George W. Bush by 47% to 46% ponts. Zogby writes, "what is most ominous is this alone has slipped 9 points in the past month. If he cannot count on a large majority of Americans to like him personally, this could spell doom for his re-Selection hopes.‰ Zogby also notes that GWB „has little support for his overall performance and how he is rated on the issues."

California Energy Scam Traced to the White House

Katherine Yurica (The Yurica Report) writes, "Three sentences inserted into the National Energy Policy report reveal: (1) the White House knew the California crisis was man-made; (2) knew the power companies were manipulating the market in California; (3) and knew these facts at the time the people of California were being fleeced by the scam; (4) yet the Bush White House did nothing to stop the fraud. A special prosecutor should be appointed by Congress to investigate this whole matter as well as what Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney knew and when they knew it."

Cheney's Hidden Energy Task Force Documents Included Map of Iraqi Oilfields

Judicial Watch reports: "Documents turned over by the Commerce Department, under court order as a result of Judicial Watch's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning the activities of the Cheney Energy Task Force, contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and 'Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.' The documents, which are dated March 2001, are available on the Internet at: www.JudicialWatch.org. The Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates (UAE) documents likewise feature a map of each country's oilfields, pipelines, refineries and tanker terminals. There are supporting charts with details of the major oil and gas development projects in each country that provide information on the projects, costs, capacity, oil company and status or completion date.‰ Judicial Watch has been seeking these documents under FOIA since April 19, 2001

The Crime and the Cover-Up

In an article for Truthout, Will Pitt writes: "This is a crime without peer in the annals of American history. The cover-up currently underway must not be allowed to succeed. When the American government gets hijacked by extremists like the men staffing the Office of Special Plans, when intelligence data stating flatly that Iraq presents no threat to America is disregarded or exaggerated because the truth does not fit ideological desires, when Congress is lied to, when the American people are lied to, when innocent civilians at the sharp end of these lies are left to rot in the dust and the bomb craters on purpose, when American soldiers are shot down in the street because of these lies, no kind of cover-up can be allowed to succeed. The time has indeed come for a reckoning. Let it begin, and let it begin soon."

ACTION ALERT: Support the Freedom to Read

Under the USA PATRIOT Act, FBI gained the power to search your library and book-buying records without probable cause. It also prevents librarians and booksellers from telling you that this search has occurred. A University of Illinois survey shows libraries were targeted at least 175 times in the year after 9/11 -- yet the FBI refuses to explain how or why. A bipartisan group of Representatives has introduced an amendment to an appropriations bill that would restore many key checks and balances. This amendment will be voted on in the coming days and deserves our strong support. Click here for more information and to send a free fax to your Representative:

ACTION ALERT: Stop the Government Super-Snoop Plan

In a surprise development, the Senate has adopted legislation that would completely block funding for the Pentagon's infamous Terrorism Information Awareness program (formerly known as Total Information Awareness). To become law and end the program that would indiscriminately track the daily activities of Americans, the ban must survive a joint House-Senate conference committee. Groups as disparate as the American Conservative Union and the ACLU have protested this super-snoop system yet the Bush administration is threatening a veto of the defense bill if TIA is defunded. Click here to send a free fax to your Members of Congress:

Bush's Illegal War on Iraq Began in Mid-2002 WITHOUT A DECLARATION BY CONGRESS

Do you think Bush's illegal war on Iraq began with the bombing of Baghdad on 3-19-03? Wrong! Under Operation Southern Focus, "American air war commanders carried out a comprehensive plan to disrupt Iraq's military command and control system before the Iraq war," according to the NY Times. The bombing targeted fiber-optic cables, key command centers, radars and other important military assets - 606 bombs were dropped on 391 carefully selected targets. Read this carefully: In mid-2002, Bush launched an unprovoked war WITHOUT A DECLARATION BY CONGRESS. If that's not an impeachable offense, what is??? Impeach Bush Now!!!

It's Official: Bush Had NO New Evidence of Iraq WMD

In a little-noticed article, the NY Times reported: "American intelligence officials and senior members of the administration have acknowledged that there was LITTLE NEW EVIDENCE [emphasis added] flowing into American intelligence agencies in the five years since United Nations inspectors left Iraq, creating an intelligence vacuum." Still, Bush declared Hussein was "moving ever closer to developing a nuclear weapon." Wolfowitz declared: "It is a case grounded in current intelligence." And Tenet declared Intelligence "comes to us from credible and reliable sources." Each of these statements proved to be a lie.

Bush Lied Twice About '45 Minutes' Claim That Led to Suicide

David Kelly's suicide resulted from a BBC story by Andrew Gilligan that claimed Bush's flak Alastair Campbell "sexed up" intelligence reports by claiming Iraq could deploy chemical or biological weapons in 45 minutes. According to PentaPost, "The claim, which has since been discredited, was made twice by Bush, first in a September Rose Garden appearance after meeting with lawmakers and again in a Saturday radio address the same week. Bush attributed the claim to the British government, but in a 'Global Message' issued Sept. 26 and still on the White House Web site, the White House claimed, without attribution, that Iraq „could launch a biological or chemical attack 45 minutes after the order is given.'"

Like Watergate, Yellowcake-gate Began with a Break-in

MSNBC reports: "On the morning of Jan. 2, 2001, Italian police discovered that the Niger Embassy in Rome had been ransacked. Not much was reported missing - only a watch and two bottles of perfume - but someone had apparently rifled through embassy papers, leaving them strewn about the floor. Some months after the break-in, the Italian intelligence service - the SISME - obtained a stack of official-looking documents from an African diplomat... Agents of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein, it appeared, were angling to purchase from the cash-starved, mineral-rich African nation some 500 tons of yellowcake... A bombshell in the war on terrorism? More like an exploding cigar. The documents, a series of letters dated from July to October 2000, were actually crude forgeries... Italian investigators... have theorized that the thieves who broke into the Niger Embassy had come looking for letterhead stationery and official seals that could be copied to create bogus documents."

Berlusconi Aide Passed Faked Niger Documents to US Embassy

Italian journalist Elisabetta Burba, who writes for Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Panorama Magazine, claimed responsibility for delivering the Niger Uranium forgery to the US Embassy in Rome. Burba said her source "in the past proved to be reliable," but she would not disclose the name. Burba was suspicious of the story, so she traveled to Niger. Upon her return, she told Panorama's top editor "the story seemed fake to me" and the magazine refused to publish it. The State Department reviewed the document and came to the same conclusion and so did the CIA. But Condi Rice's National Security Council staff ignored the warnings and put it into Bush speech.

DC Conference Concluded Iraq Had No WMDs

The US media has so far largely ignored this story. "A conference of top-level military analysts was told Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks - a message that later fell on deaf ears in the American capital, analysts say. Former Canadian military officer-turned-analyst, Sunil Ram remembers the June 2001 conference 'Understanding the Lessons of Nuclear Inspections and Monitoring in Iraq: A Ten-Year Review.' What he heard at the meeting he has repeated for months, he says, getting little attention from the mainstream media: that Bush had no grounds to base the invasion of Iraq on the disarmament issue."

Bush Wages War on a Balanced Budget

Matt Miller writes in TomPaine.com that GWB‚s July 15 update budget reveals "this Bush to be a thousand times less responsible a national steward than his father.... In April 2001, the Bush White House forecast a surplus of $334 billion for this year. On July 15, it announced the deficit would instead be $455 billion. That's a swing of $789 billion in just two years. Bush says next year the deficit will rise to $478 billion -- and that's before taking full account of the ongoing costs of Iraq and Afghanistan. Over a decade, the change from the projected surpluses Bush inherited to the deficits he now expects is roughly $9 trillion. But amazingly, the White House says the three tax cuts it has passed have nothing to do with this historic reversal. It's war. It's recession. It's 'big spending.' It's poppycock."

Bush Protects Saudis in 911 Report

According to Newsweek, "the long-delayed 900-page report [on the September 11 terror attacks] contains potentially explosive new evidence suggesting that Omar al-Bayoumi, a key associate of two of the hijackers, may have been a Saudi-government agent." While the report documents extensive ties between al-Bayoumi and the hijackers, the FBI never kept tabs on al-Bayoumi-despite receiving prior information he was a secret Saudi agent. In January 2000, al-Bayoumi went directly from a meeting at the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles- to a nearby restaurant where he met future hijackers Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi. He drove both men back with him to San Diego. „Questions about the Saudi role arose repeatedly during last year's intelligence-committees inquiry. But the Bush administration has refused to declassify many key passages of the committees' findings. A 28-page section of the report dealing with the Saudis and other foreign governments will be deleted. 'They are protecting a foreign government,' charged Sen. Bob Graham."

Bush's Illegal War on Iraq Began in Mid-2002

Do you think Bush's illegal war on Iraq began with the bombing of Baghdad on 3-19-03? Wrong! Under Operation Southern Focus, "American air war commanders carried out a comprehensive plan to disrupt Iraq's military command and control system before the Iraq war," according to the NY Times. The bombing targeted fiber-optic cables, key command centers, radars and other important military assets - 606 bombs were dropped on 391 carefully selected targets. Read this carefully: In mid-2002, Bush launched an unprovoked war WITHOUT A DECLARATION BY CONGRESS. If that's not an impeachable offense, what is?

EAW Quick Links -- Bush and Lies -- July 20, 2003

GOP Senate Rejects Commission to Probe Bush's Iraq Lies

"The Republican-led Senate rejected 51-45 an amendment to set up a commission to probe whether the administration manipulated information to build momentum for the invasion. Sen. Jon Corzine, a New Jersey Democrat who pushed for the commission, said the issue goes beyond questions about a discredited claim Bush cited that Iraq was seeking uranium in Africa. 'It's about whether there was a full and fair presentation to the American people' on Iraq's alleged illegal weapons and links to al Qaeda... But Sen. Ted Stevens, an Alaska Republican, accused Democrats of trying to 'start the campaign of 2004' and called it 'an attempt to smear the president [sic] of the United States.'" When Republicans went after Clinton over a blue dress -- it was all about the "rule of law. But an independent investigation into the Bush Team's lies to the American People, Congress and the UN to mount a War that kills thousands -- is a partisan "attempt to smear." This is the most despicable hypocrisy.

Cheney Under Pressure To Quit over False War Evidence

The UK Independent reports: "Dick Cheney, the US Vice-President and the administration's most outspoken hawk over Iraq, faced demands for his resignation last night as he was accused of using false evidence to build the case for war. He was accused of using his office to insist that a false claim about Iraq's efforts to buy uranium from Africa to restart its nuclear programme be included in George Bush's State of the Union address - overriding the concerns of the CIA director, George Tenet. Mr Cheney was also accused of knowingly misleading Congress when the administration sought its authorisation for the use of force to oust Saddam Hussein. The allegations against Mr Cheney have come most vocally from a group of senior former intelligence officials [VIPS] who believe that information from the intelligence community was selectively used to support a war fought for political reasons."

The State Dept. Had the Niger Docs Back in October

Newsweek reports: "The FBI... is conducting a wide-ranging investigation into the forged [Niger] documents... the CIA never arranged to obtain the forged documents until February 2003 -- nearly four months after they had been delivered to the US Embassy in Rome and been passed along to the State Department.... The US Embassy quickly passed the documents along to the CIA station chief in Rome -- as well as the State Department's Office of Intelligence and Research. But the station chief didn't send them along to CIA headquarters..., apparently believing they were being sent instead through State Department channels... 'Within two hours [the IAEA] figured out they were forgeries,' said one IAEA source familiar with the material. The source explained that all the IAEA analysts really had to do was conduct a Google search." Prior to Feb. 2003, the CIA allegedly had a verbatim text of the docs -- wouldn't that have had the name of the former Niger foreign minister listed as a signatory?

To Punish Whistleblower, Bushies Expose His Wife as a CIA Agent

David Corn writes, "Did senior Bush officials blow the cover of a US intelligence officer working covertly in a field of vital importance to national security--and break the law--in order to strike at a Bush administration critic and intimidate others? ... Two weeks ago, [former Ambassador Joseph] Wilson went public, writing in The New York Times and telling The Washington Post about the trip he took to Niger in February 2002--at the request of the CIA --to check out allegations that Saddam Hussein had tried to purchase uranium... Wilson caused problems for the White House, and his wife was outed as an undercover CIA officer... Under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, it is a crime for anyone who has access to classified information to disclose intentionally information identifying a covert agent. The punishment for such an offense is a fine of up to $50,000 and/or up to ten years in prison." We demand prosecution!

Bush Overstated Iraq Links to Al-Qaida, Former Intelligence Officials Say

AP reports: "As Resident Bush works to quiet a controversy over his discredited claim of Iraqi uranium shopping in Africa, another of his prewar assertions is coming under fire: the alleged link between Saddam Hussein's regime and al-Qaida. Before the war, Bush and members of his cabinet said Saddam was harboring top al-Qaida operatives and suggested Iraq could slip the terrorist network chemical, biological or even nuclear weapons. Critics attacked those assertions from the beginning for being counter to the ideologies of Saddam and al-Qaida and short on corroborating evidence. Now, two former Bush administration intelligence officials say the evidence linking Saddam to the group responsible for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was never more than sketchy at best. 'There was no significant pattern of cooperation between Iraq and the al-Qaida terrorist operation,' former State Department intelligence official Greg Thielmann said this week."

Niger Uranium, Aluminum Tubes, the Trailers... Now Another WMD Lie Exposed... The Backyard 'Evidence'

AP reports: "A top U.N. weapons hunter says it would have been 'virtually impossible' for Iraq to revive a nuclear bomb program with equipment recently dug up from a Baghdad backyard, as the Bush administration contends. Jacques Baute said the long-term monitoring of Iraq's nuclear establishment planned by the U.N. Security Council would have stifled any attempt to build a huge uranium-enrichment plant for making bomb material... Baute also said in an interview with The Associated Press that it appears the unearthed cache of uranium enrichment parts, surrendered by an Iraqi scientist last month, lacked critical components, and its accompanying blueprints were marred by errors... An enrichment plant, a vast array of thousands of centrifuges, would have been easily detected, said Baute, who once helped build French nuclear bombs. To have turned it into a full-blown enrichment program while OMV was in place would have been virtually impossible,' he said of the Obeidi equipment."

CIA: Bush Administration Exaggerates Assessment of Syria's WMD

In a new intelligence dispute, the CIA and other agencies objected vigorously to the administration assessment of Syria's weapons of mass destruction. After the objections, testimony by Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton was delayed until September. Bolton was to tell the House International Relations subcommittee that Syria's biological, chemical and nuclear weapons posed a threat to stability in the region. The CIA said that assessment was exaggerated. After Saddam fell, some Bush aides hinted that Syria might be next. Bolton's planned remarks caused a "revolt" among intelligence experts who thought they inflated the Syrian weapons programs. A US official said that after months of complaining about pressure to skew their analyses, rank-and-file intelligence officials "have become emboldened" by the recent public debate over Iraq. "People are fed up."

Bush Strategist Bolts in Frustration

After over two years of frustration with the Bush administration, Richard Haass, Secretary of State Colin Powell's top strategic thinker, resigned in June to become president of the Council on Foreign Relations. Describing how he would handle the so-called "axis of evil," Haass said he "would resume direct talks with senior Iranian officials in Geneva about Iran's nuclear program, its support for militant groups and its policies toward Afghanistan and Iraq."

Bush is Unstable: It is Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment

"How can Bush say Saddam 'wouldn't let [UN inspectors] in' when everyone in the world knows this is not true? Bush's statement - delivered with utter seriousness with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at his side - cannot be excused as a misstatement... If George W. Bush now believes Saddam 'wouldn't let [UN inspectors] in,' then it is self-evident that he has simply lost touch with reality. In plain English, Bush has gone mad... We, the undersigned, believe George W. Bush is demonstrably insane. Since the Nation continues to be at war, with soldiers fighting and dying each day in Iraq, we call upon him to once again invoke the 25th Amendment. If he fails to do so, we call upon Dick Cheney and the Cabinet to do so for the sake of the Nation." Sign the petition!

Witness Says Bush's Incriminating National Guard Records Were Scrubbed

In his new blog, Greg Palast writes, "On camera, I spoke with Texas cattle rancher Bill Burkett, formerly a Lieutenant Colonel in the air guard... 'I was in the [Guard Adjutant] General's office, General Daniel James .... He gets a telephone call from Joe Albaugh, who was the Governor's chief of staff, and Dan Bartlett ... on the voice box ... and they wanted General James to assemble all of the Governor's files, that [Karen Hughes, Bush's aide] was going to write a book.... But Joe told General James, 'Make sure there's not anything in there that'll embarrass the Governor.'' And there wouldn't be. Burkett asked if the general's staff really intended to purge the files; and sure enough, as evidence of the affirmative reply, he was shown the piles of pay and pension records in the garbage pails destined for the shredders... Military pay records are public records -- and now they are conveniently unavailable." We demand an investigation by the Pentagon's Inspector General!

Bush's Inbox Harder to Reach

(July 19, 2003) — Getting through to the US president online has become trickier after big changes to the White House's e-mail policy. Visitors to the president's website now are asked to use a web-based mail system instead of simply sending a message to president@whitehouse.gov. The new system involves navigating a list of menus and queries, which the White House says will help the US Government provide "timely and substantive" replies.

Poll: US Losing Control in Iraq

NEW YORK (July 10, 2003) CBS — With US troops continuing to take casualties in Iraq, less than half of Americans now believe the US is in control of the situation there -- a dramatic decline from April, when 71 percent thought it was. Less than half now say Iraq was a threat that required immediate action. And while 54 percent still believe that removing Saddam Hussein from power was worth the costs of war, that figure, too, has declined from 65 percent in May.

EAW Quick Links July 19, 2003

UK Scientist’s Family Says: 'Events Made David's Life Intolerable'

(July 20, 2003) The Observer – The grieving family of David Kelly, the Ministry of Defence scientist who, police said, committed suicide by slashing his wrist, appear to blame both the Government and the BBC for the tragedy. The family issued a statement saying the actions of all parties in the affair had driven him to suicide. “Events over recent weeks made David's life intolerable and all those involved should reflect long and hard on this fact,” the statement said. “David's professional life was characterised by his integrity, honour and dedication to finding the truth, often in the most difficult of circumstances. It is hard to comprehend the enormity of this tragedy.” Kelly killed himself hours after sending an email to an unnamed journalist in which he told of “many dark actors playing games.”

Death Deals Devastating Blow to Iraq Arms Hunt

(July 20, 2003) The Observer – David Kelly was about to lead the British hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Kelly was acting as the senior British scientific adviser to the Iraq Survey Group, the body set up by the US to replace the UN weapons inspection regime. The survey group has a staff of around 1,400 people drawn from the US, Britain and Australia. Former inspectors said the death of the UK’s most senior chemical and biological weapons scientist would be a devastating blow. The news that Kelly was to play a central role in the coalition's search for WMD will provoke further questions about the Ministry of Defence's decision to identify him and place him at the center of a row between Downing Street and the BBC.

UN Chief 'Seeks Iraqi Handover'

(July 18, 2003) — UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is set to call for a swift handover of sovereignty to the Iraqi people, the BBC has learned. The recommendations are contained in a report due to be presented to the UN Security Council next week. The report says there is a pressing need for the Iraqi people to be given a clear and specific sequence of events leading to the end of the military occupation. Top Pentagon advisers have warned that time is running out for the United States to establish law and order in Iraq, where another two US soldiers were killed on Friday.

UN Urges Pullout Timetable

BAGHDAD (July 19, 2003) IslamOnline.net & News Agencies – Several US soldiers were reported killed in separate attacks in Iraq Saturday, July 19, as US Secretary of State Colin Powell admitted it would take "some time" to stem attacks against US troops in Iraq. This came as a U.N. report urged the US-led troops to set out a specific timetable for ending the occupation o Iraq.

US To Seek UN Mandate For Iraq Stabilization Force

WASHINGTON, (July 19, 2003) IslamOnline.net & News Agencies – After sidelining the United Nations and waging war without its mandate, the Bush administration found itself back into the arms of the world body with countries declining to contribute troops to Iraqi without a UN authorization. With war costs standing at some $3.9 billion per month, double the pre-war White House projection, and US soldiers being killed at a steady rate, the US Secretary of State said that Washington was keeping an "open mind" about the new UN resolution demanded by many critics of the US-led occupation as a condition for taking part in an international stabilization force.

Iraq Row over Fate of Seized Scientists

(July 20, 2003) The Observer – The continued detention of leading Iraqi scientists and other officials by US forces is swiftly turning into a major human rights row. The International Red Cross has urged the US to clarify the status of three dozen prisoners held in unknown conditions near Baghdad As pressure intensifies on George Bush and Tony Blair to prove Iraq had WMD, the inability to produce a single scientist to confirm these assertions is becoming an embarrassment. Helma al-Saadi, last saw her husband Amer more than three months ago. Her pleas to visit her husband have been ignored. She has been given no official word of his whereabouts or condition. Under Saddam, Iraqi wives all too often saw husbands taken to unknown detention centres and held indefinitely without visiting rights. US authorities have given no details of their whereabouts. The place they are held has not been shown to journalists. Some detainees are believed to be imprisoned in solitary cells or in swelteringly hot tents near the vast US base at Baghdad airport.

Water-borne Diseases Increase with Summer Heat

BAGHDAD (July 17, 2003) IRIN — The World Health Organisation (WHO), along with NGOs in Iraq, told IRIN on Thursday that high summer temperatures, sometimes touching 50 degrees Celsius, were contributing to ongoing health problems throughout the country. Although the searing heat is normal in most parts of Iraq at this time of year, ongoing difficulties with electricty and clean water, as well as a degraded health system, were all contributing to the increase in disease, health experts said. Power supplies to major population centres remain intermittent and raw sewage remains untreated in many cities. According to US-based CARE International, about two million mt of raw sewage are dumped into Iraq's rivers every day, four times the amount before the war. In the southeastern city of Basra, it seeps from the canals into the irrigation channels that are used for drinking and bathing. In the capital, Baghdad, 300,000 mt escape into the Tigris daily. For many, there is no other water source.

UN Nuclear Agency: ‘10 Kilos of Uranium Missing in Iraq’

(July 17, 2003) Syria Times — The UN nuclear agency said Wednesday that 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of uranium compounds are missing following looting of the Tuwaitha nuclear facility in Iraq. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that the material included slightly enriched, natural and depleted uranium. The IAEA) said that it did not present a nuclear proliferation hazard. The agency indicated it did not know how much uranium, if any, had actually left the facility. Some of the material, the report said, might have remained as dust within the buildings. IAEA Director General Mohammed Elbaradei will seek help from the US to ensure the return of the dispersed material and to provide protection for all other nuclear material in Iraq

Broken Promise: Why I Quit Iraq

(July 18, 2003) An editorial in the Toronto Globe and Mail by Isam Al-Khafaji. Khafaji, an Iraqi exile who returned to Iraq to help rebuild his country, explains why he now “leaves in sorrow.”— Iraq is now in almost total chaos. No one knows what is going on. We're not talking here about trying to achieve an ideal political system. People cannot understand why a superpower that can amass all that military might can't get the electricity turned back on. Iraqis are now contrasting Saddam's ability to bring back power after the war in 1991 to the apparent inability of the US to do so now. There are all kinds of conspiracy theories. Many wonder if the US has a reason for not wanting the electricity back on....

Former Intelligence Agents Demand Bush Fire Cheney

In a memo to W, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity write, "There is just too much evidence that Ambassador Wilson was sent to Niger at the behest of Vice President Cheney's office, and that Wilson's findings were duly reported not only to that office but to others as well. Equally important, it was Cheney who launched (in a major speech on August 26, 2002) the concerted campaign to persuade Congress and the American people that Saddam Hussein was about to get his hands on nuclear weapons-a campaign that mushroomed, literally, in early October with you and your senior advisers raising the specter of a 'mushroom cloud' being the first 'smoking gun' we might observe... We strongly recommend that you ask for Cheney's immediate resignation." Better yet, send him to Guantanamo without a lawyer...

EAW Quick Links -- July 16, 2003


(July 8, 2003) — With Congress back from its Independence Day break, now is the time to remind our Representatives and Senators that we must continually defend the liberties and rights enshrined in our founding principles. The USA PATRIOT Act undercuts many important checks and balances on government law enforcement and intelligence powers. The PATRIOT Act has provoked a groundswell of opposition across the political spectrum. Resolutions opposing the PATRIOT Act have been passed in 136 communities and three states. Taken together, these municipalities and states represent about 16.5 million people. The PATRIOT Act and other government actions need to be subjected to proper Constitutional review. Click here for more information or to send a free fax to Congress:

ACTION ALERT: Support Proposition One, for Nuclear Conversion

(July 4, 2003) — On June 26, 2003, US Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton re-introduced Prop. One (http://prop1.org/prop1) the "Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act" (HR-2647), calling for the disarmament of nuclear weapons and the conversion of nuclear and other arms industries to provide for human and environmental needs. The complete text of the bill is available at: http://thomas.loc.gov=HR-2647. You can keep up with the progress of the bill by going to http://thomas.loc.gov. We urge you to contact your Congressional leaders (House and Senate) and ask for their support. Contact presidential candidates both through email (see
http://nucnews.net for candidates' websites).

'No Real Planning For Postwar Iraq'

WASHINGTON (July 12, 2003) Knight Ridder Newspapers — The small circle of senior civilians in the Defense Department who dominated planning for postwar Iraq failed to prepare for the setbacks that have erupted over the past two months. The officials didn't develop any real postwar plans because they believed that Iraqis would welcome US troops with open arms and Washington could install a favored Iraqi exile leader as the country's leader. The Pentagon civilians ignored warnings from CIA and State Department experts. When their scenario collapsed amid increasing violence and disorder, they had no backup plan.

Campaign Launched to Help Innocent Iraqis Harmed in Iraq

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), acting with the support of the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC), hsd sponsored legislation (authorized as part of the administration's pledge for "Iraqi Relief and Reconstruction") to aid Iraqi families who suffered losses. CIVIC survey teams have fanmed out across Iraq to identify the innocent civilians who were directly harmed by the US invasion. Identifying and indemnifying the bereaved, widowed and orphaned is crucial for reconciliation and justice and a peaceful future for Iraq. The results of CIVIC's survey will be provided to the US government and aid agencies. No other group has taken on this important work.

Bremer’s Costly Boondoggle

(June 27, 2003) Iraq Peace Team — "[Paul] Bremer is based now in Saddam's former palace with a staff of about six hundred. These six hundred people have so far cost $300 million in salaries and expenses. This is nearly twice the amount paid to-date to 24 million Iraqis in salaries and pensions." Michael Birmingham writes of the bitter reality that has taken shape in Iraq. Michael is currently in Baghdad.

All War All The Time

(July 6, 2003) San Francisco Chronicle – The battle on terrorism is an excuse to make fighting permanent. If, for reasons you found adequate, you wanted to have a permanent war, what would you need in order to make such a policy viable in a democratic society? First, you would need a dominant ideology -- a widely shared belief system about social and political relations. Something like American jingo-patriotism cum anti-communism might turn the trick.

Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know

"Crimes of War was conceived as a handbook for reporters. But just as war is too important to be left to the generals, war coverage is too important to be left uncritically to the news media. The general public, too, should know the moral and legal benchmarks contained in the law. One reason for a commonality of interest is that coverage of contemporary conflicts increasingly is available to the public without a filter or a framework or context. A second is that every close observer has a restricted field of vision." Visit the site and discover the interactive A-Z Table of Contents of this informative book.

Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False

(July 10, 2003) CBS News – On July 10, CBSNews.com ran an article entitled 'Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False.' By Friday afternoon, both the headline and the content of the article had changed several times. http://www.truthout.org/docs_03/071203A.shtml A 'screen-grab' of that first CBS article can be seen at: [http://truthout.org/imgs.art_01/3.BushKnew1.gif] This is not the first time a major online publication has manipulated the text of an article after it was published. An February 12 article by William Rivers Pitt entitled “Osama Rallies Muslims, Condemns Hussein” describes a series of dramatic changes made to the text of a profoundly important MSNBC.com article. [http://www.truthout.org/docs_02/021303A.htm] The original content of the first CBS article is available at:

An Iraqi Breakfast

( June 5, 2003) Oxfam International — Today, people in Baghdad won’t even eat the abundant tomatoes from Basra because they are worried about contamination from the depleted uranium the coalition artillery uses in its shells. Oxfam Policy adviser Jo Nickolls writes from inside Baghdad

America: Avoiding the Issue of War Crimes in Iraq

(July 9, 2003) The Daily Star — "Former Iraqi officials considered responsible for ordering and carrying out crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes should be tried by a tribunal with a composition and mandate appropriate to the enormity of the crimes and the complexity of the task. American officials have said this should be an 'Iraqi-led process,' but there are several reasons why this responsibility should not be handed over to an Iraqi judicial system presently in disarray." Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch explains the intricacies of policing Iraq's past and bringing rights violators to justice in the pages of Beirut's Daily Star

US May Tap Iraqi Oil to Benefit Halliburton, Bechtel

WASHINGTON (July 11, 2003) The Los Angeles Times —- The Bush administration is considering a provocative idea to pledge some of Iraq's future oil and gas revenue to secure long-term reconstruction loans before a new Iraqi government is in place.The Export-Import Bank and some of America's biggest companies are backing the scheme. But some administration officials, lawmakers, policy analysts and prominent Iraqis say the plan would mortgage the Persian Gulf nation's most treasured resource, prevent future leaders from deciding how to spend their oil money and put US taxpayers at risk. An coalition that includes Halliburton Co., Bechtel Group Inc. with contracts in Iraq are warning that unless steps are taken soon to secure new funds, their reconstruction efforts could stall.

Bush Pushes for Next Generation of Nukes

(July 6, 2003) USA TODAY — If the Bush administration succeeds in its push to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons, this sun-baked desert flatland 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas could once again reverberate with the ground-shaking thumps of nuclear explosions. Since halting nuclear tests in 1992, the US presidents have worked to halt the spread of nuclear weapons. But the Bush administration has caled for the use of nuclear weapons in a first-strike and is pushing for a return to nuclear testing. Bush has requested $70 million to study and develop new types of nuclear weapons. Last November, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters that the Pentagon was examining ways to neutralize Iraq's chemical and biological weapons with nuclear bunker-busting bombs.

US House Panel Cuts Bush Nuclear Weapons Requests

WASHINGTON (July 9, 2003) Reuters — A House panel has passed a bill that would curb spending on US nuclear weapons programs, in what lawmakers termed "a shot across the bow" of the Bush administration. Showing rare bipartisan unity, the House Appropriations subcommittee unanimously approved the $27.1 billion measure to fund energy and water programs in 2004. The bill would slash more than $326 million from President Bush's budget request for the federal agency which oversees nuclear weapons programs. Republicans and Democratics expressed skepticism about whether the current US nuclear stockpile was appropriate in a world without a superpower foe.

West African Oil Attracts Growing US Interest

LONDON (July 9, 2003) Reuters — US companies are pouring billions of dollars into West Africa as prolific oil finds draw investment to a continent usually of little economic significance for Washington. President Bush, a former oilman, concludes his week-long African tour Saturday in Nigeria, Africa's biggest oil producer, which delivers premium crude oil. Some White House adcisors believe that the US could lessen its dependence on the Arab world by harnessing West African oil reserves. "We are looking at a 2005 estimate that 20 percent of our oil imports will be coming from Africa, and that's also going to grow rapidly and markedly in the years after 2005," said Walter Kansteiner, the top State Department official on Africa.

British Troops Prepare Afghan Reconstruction Team

LEBANON (July 7, 2003) Daily Star — British troops are preparing for the mid-week opening of a controversial civil-military project intended to help with reconstruction and security in the troubled northern Afghan city. London is sending 50 soldiers to start a provincial reconstruction team (PRT) in Afghanistan’s third largest city. The US-led civil-military PRT program is intended to help extend the influence of President Hamid Karzai’s government to the provinces, where warlords and militias continue to hold sway. Karzai’s government is facing a catch-22 situation in that reconstruction cannot take place without improved security, while security is unlikely to improve until reconstruction gets under way.

EAW Quick Links – July 11, 2003

ACTION ALERT: An Independent Commission to Investigate Weaponsgate!

The President took the nation to war based on his assertion that Iraq posed an imminent threat to our country. Now the evidence that backed that assertion is falling apart. If the Bush administration distorted intelligence or knowingly used false data to support the call to war, it would be an unprecedented deception. Even if weapons are now found, it'll be difficult to justify pre-war language that indicated that the exact location of the weapons was known and that they were ready to deploy at a moment's notice. With a crisis of credibility brewing abroad and the integrity of our President and our foreign policy on the line, we need answers now." Sign the petition "asking Congress to establish an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate the distortion of evidence now.

ACTION ALERT: Stop the Attack on the Clean Air Act! Sign the Petition!

From SaveOurEnvironment.org: "Under severe pressure from industry lobbyists, Bush is preparing to weaken our clean air protections by letting over 18,000 of the country's biggest polluting facilities -- including old, dirty power plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants -- escape rules that require them to install modern pollution controls when they pump out more pollution. This unprecedented weakening of our clean air laws would allow millions more tons of soot, smog, and toxic pollution to be spewed into our air each year. We need your help to persuade the administration to keep our clean air laws strong! Sign now, and help ensure a future with clean air for all of us!"

Who Controls the World’s Nuclear WMDs?

According to the report, Global Nuclear Stockpiles, 1945-2002, the five major nuclear powers currently possess more than 20,000 nuclear warheads. (Not included: possibly as many as 10,000 intact Russian nuclear warheads.) Russia and the US control 96 percent of the more than 30,000 intact warheads belonging to the world's eight nuclear states. About 17,500 of these warheads are considered operational. Since 1945, more than 128,000 nuclear warheads have been built — all but 2 percent of them by the US and Russia. The US has produced 70,000 warheads since 1945, of which, 60,000 have been dismantled (more than 12,000 since 1990). The US arsenal contains approximately 10,600 intact warheads. Of this number, nearly 8,000 are considered active or operational.
http://www.thebulletin.org/issues/nukenotes/nd02nu kenote.html

Former Counterterrorism Adviser Says: 'They're Making Us Less Secure"

(June 15, 2003) — The Washington Post reports: "Five days before the war began in Iraq…, [Rand Beers] a top White House counterterrorism adviser unlocked the steel door to his office, an intelligence vault secured by an electronic keypad, a combination lock and an alarm. He sat down and turned to… the stack of classified reports about plots to shoot, bomb, burn and poison Americans. He stared at the color-coded threats for five minutes. Then he called his wife: ‘I'm quitting.’" Beers's resignation surprised Washington, but what he did next was even more astounding. After leaving the Bush White House, Beers "volunteered as national security adviser for Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.)... in a campaign to oust his former boss." As Beers explained, "The administration wasn't matching its deeds to its words in the war on terrorism. They're making us less secure, not more secure."

US Occupation Chief Reins in Iraq Media

(June 11, 2003) Index on Censorship — Iraq's all-powerful civilian chief L. Paul Bremer III will not tolerate 'hate speech' from Iraq's newly freed media. To prove it he has assigned himself absolute power over the Iraqi press. Freedom of expression is in his gift and only the 'responsible' may enjoy it. Rohan Jayasekera comments.

Journalists Criticize US Censorship Rules in Iraq

(June 20, 2003) — The Committee to Protect Journalists and other international media rights organizations are raising concerns over possible censorship in post-war Iraq following indications from American officials that they have drafted a "code of conduct" aimed at censoring "unsubstantiated news that will foment social unrest or hostility towards American troops."

Bush Negotiating Afghan Power-sharing with the Taliban

The Asia Times reports that, owing to "the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan," the United States and Pakistani intelligence officials "have met with Taliban leaders in an effort to devise a political solution to prevent the country from being further ripped apart... Four conditions were put to the Taliban before any form of reconciliation can take place that could potentially lead to them having a role in the Kabul government." This is a remarkable turn-around since the US waged a costly war to remove the Taliban government.

University of Tehran To Promote Human Rights Studies

IRAN (July 7, 2003) Global Village News — While the USA backpedals human rights at home and abroad, it's popping up in some unexpected places in the Middle East. A new initiative in Iran, co-ventured by the United Nations Development Program and the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at the University of Tehran, has led to the creation of the Centre for Human Rights Studies at the University. "With help from UNDP, we are building up knowledge on international human rights mechanisms, and this can only have a positive impact on the promotion and protection of human rights in Iran," said Nasrin Mosaffa, national director of the project and a member of the faculty.

A Box of Bees Land a Mother and Son in Separate Jails

(June 27, 2003) India Abroad — On June 13, 2002, police came to the the Lower East Side home of New York City resident binJameel Hyder to investigate a package of bees that Hyder received by mail. "The bees," Hyder said, "were an excuse. When they put handcuffs on me and my mother and took us to the police station where there were federal agents waiting for us, I knew it was something big." Hyder had overstayed his visa, which expired in 1991. He and his Hyderabad–born mother had come to the US from Saudi Arabia in 1988. Hyder’s mother, who is undergoing chemothreapy for breast cancer was jailed in Pennsylvania. For six weeks, Hyder his 63-year-old mother Saleha Mahmood Razvi were held in separate jails, and denied all knowledge of each other’s whereabouts.

United States to Pour Billions into Pakistan

Washington has decided to reward the military dictatorship of Pakisan with $3 billion over the next five years. Half of the funds are to be spend on for defence spending.

Before War, Secret US Unit Scoured Iraq for WMDs, Found Nothing

Agence France-Presse reports: "A covert, specialized army unit scoured Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, even before the US-led war, but has come up empty handed, according to a media report. Drawn from the US Army's special mission units known as Delta Force, Task Force 20 'found no working nonconventional munitions, long-range missiles or missile parts, bulk stores of chemical or biological warfare agents or enrichment technology for the core of a nuclear weapon,' said the Washington Post."

Pentagon Lied about Civilian Death Investigations

The Boston Globe reports that, in late March, after an American missile hit a marketplace in Baghdad and killed 58 civilians, US Major Gen. Victor Renuart promised "to do an investigation, and that takes a number of days to do that.' Two and a half months later, the press discovered, "there never was an investigation." The Associated Press has so far counted 3,240 Iraqi civilians killed in the invasion, including nearly 1,900 in Baghdad. The AP quoted Central Command spokesman John Morgan confirming the nonexistence of an investigation.

A Cure for Africa’s Poverty: Redistribute Oil Wealth

Africa's poor not benefiting from oil boom, says report - Oil rich nations in sub-Saharan Africa are expected to rake in US$200 billion over the next decade from crude exports, but little of that money will trickle down to the poor in those countries, according to a new report issued on Tuesday.

Iraqis Fuming at US Failure to Restore Power

Baghdad (July 3, 2003 ) San Francisco Chronicle -- Across the nation, Iraqis are hot and getting hotter. And angry and getting angrier. Soaring summer temperatures and worsening electricity blackouts -- combined with a breakdown of law and order and of such basic services as drinking water and garbage collection -- have dramatically accelerated the shift of public sentiment from briefly loving Uncle Sam to hating him with a passion. The Americans' inability to get Iraq's electricity system running adequately has become a sizzling political issue.

Army's 'Psyops' Center Hones a Special Kind of Weapon

(July 02, 2003) Raleigh News & Observer — The Pentagon held an open house Monday to show off its new $8.1 million Special Operations Forces Media Operations Complex at Fort Bragg. It was a rare look inside the central production facility for "psyops" products — fliers, posters and television and radio segments aimed at the hearts and minds of those the military wants to persuade. The facility’s staff backs up nearly 900 psyops troops spread across 13 countries. The role of the US Army's 4th Psychological Operations Group is to pitch whatever "products" the Defense Department wants to sell. The Pentagon’s propaganda mill boasts new, fully digital presses, audio and video equipment and four new presses that can churn out 1 million leaflets in a single day.

Iraqis Face Soaring Unemployment

(July 7, 2003) BBC — One of the biggest problems facing post-Saddam Hussein Iraq is unemployment. More than 60% of the work force in Iraq is estimated to be out of work. Unemployment was already very high under the rule of the Baath party. But the collapse of the Iraqi Government and the subsequent dissolution of the army have added to the ever growing queues of unemployed Iraqis.

WWII Still Isn’t Over

Dumped chemical weapons from World War II still haunt busy Baltic Sea - Baltic Sea trawlers sometimes dredge up a disturbing memory along with their catch: corroding chemical weapons from World War II.

Bush vs. Nature Threatens World Community

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ross Gelbspan says the Bush Administration will destroy the foundations of an emerging global community if it continues to ignore the alarm calls of a strained natural world.

Extreme Weather: a WMD

(July 3, 2003) The Independent — Extreme weather prompts unprecedented global warming alert. In an astonishing announcement on global warming and extreme weather, the World Meteorological Organization signaled last night that the world's weather is going haywire. In a startling report, the WMO, which normally produces detailed scientific reports and staid statistics at the year's end, highlighted record extremes in weather and climate occurring all over the world in recent weeks, from Switzerland's hottest-ever June to a record month for tornadoes in the United States - and linked them to climate change.

EAW Quick Links -- July 7, 2003

ACTION ALERT: Big Media Take-over Threatens US Democracy
(Take 3 Minutes to Stop Media Monopoly)

A month ago, the FCC dramatically relaxed media ownership regulations to unleash a corporate consolidation of newspapers, radios and tv broadcasts. Because one million Americans raised their voices against the FCC decision, the Senate Commerce Committee recently sent a bill to the Senate floor for a vote that would roll back many of the rules. Our challenge is to get that bill to the floor for a vote. "Roll Back the FCC" legislation now has 38 supporters in the Senate. We need 51 for passage. The House bills have the overlapping support of 65 cosponsors on HR 2462 and 146 on HR 2052. We need 216 for passage. The website will show your representative’s position. If they are co-sponsors, thank them; If not, ask them to become a co-sponsor. Learn more about this issue at Free Press

Up to 17,000 Unexploded Bombs Left in Iraq
(Take 3 Minutes to Stop Media Monopoly)

LONDON (July 4, 2003) The Guardian — Between 2,000 and 17,000 unexploded British bomblets may remain in Iraq, posing a threat to civilians, according to Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb. Landmine Action believes that the US and UK delivered about 300,000 bomblets in the war. A significant proportion fail to explode. UN agencies say hundreds of Iraqi children have been killed or injured by these bomblets since the end of the fighting. UK aircraft dropped 66 cluster bombs, each containing 147 bomblets, and fired 2,000 artillery shells containing 49 bomblets each. Given a the 2% failure rate quoted by manufacturers, more than 2,000 unexploded sub-munitions remain in Iraq from UK forces alone. In Afghanistan, the actual failure rate was 5%. This translates to 5,385 unexploded UK bomblets in Iraq.

US Troops Focus on Protecting Iraq's Main Oil Pipeline
(Environment News Network)

(July 5) — Days after thieves set off a huge explosion along Iraq's most vital oil pipeline, US troops have stepped up patrols and the Oil Ministry is working on a deal with southern tribal leaders to help protect the line from criminals and saboteurs.

There’s No Base Like Home
(Grist Magazine)

(June 30, 2003) — Until 1985, the drinking water at North Carolina's Camp Lejeune military base was laced with high levels of the solvent trichloroethylene (TCE). The camp’s current and former residents have suffered from thyroid problems, depression, cysts, tumors and hysterectomies. When the Pentagon failed to act, Karen Strand and her two sisters founded The Stand, the only US group organized around the issue of toxic pollution in military housing. Hazardous materials are found inmany military housing areas. Common contaminants include TCE, lead paint and asbestos. Unexploded ammunition, radioactive waste, and heavy metals posed added problems. Neither environmental organizations nor the Defense Department is taking the problem seriously.

"Bring 'Em On?"

A former Special Forces soldier responds to Bush's invitation for Iraqis to attack US troops. Stan Goff, the author of "Hideous Dream: A Soldier's Memoir of the US Invasion of Haiti" and the upcoming book "Full Spectrum Disorder," served in the US Army’s 3rd Special Forces. Goff writes: “George W. Bush, dressed in a suit with a belly full of rich food, just hurled a manly taunt from a 72-degree studio at the 'non-existent' Iraqi resistance.... This de facto president is finally seeing his... legitimacy is being eroded as even the mainstream press has discovered now that the pretext for the war was a lie. It may have been control over the oil, after all.”

US Envoy Says Bush 'Twisted' Iraq Intelligence

NEW YORK (July 5, 2003) Reuters — A former US ambassador has accused the Bush administration of twisting intelligence to exaggerate the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Joseph Wilson, Washington's envoy to Gabon from 1992 to 1995, said in an article in the New York Times that he went to Niger in February 2002 at the request of the CIA to assess an intelligence report that Iraq was buying uranium from Niger. "Based on my experience with the administration in the months leading up to the war, I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq's nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat," Wilson wrote.

The Selling of the Iraq War: The First Casualtye
(The New Republic)

(June 30, 2003) — Democracy requires openness. Yet foreign policy requires a level of secrecy that frees it from oversight and exposes it to abuse. Republicans and Democrats have long held that the intelligence agencies — the most clandestine of foreign policy institutions — should be insulated from political interference. As the Tower Commission, established to investigate the Iran-Contra scandal, warned in November 1987, "The democratic processes ... are subverted when intelligence is manipulated to affect decisions by elected officials and the public." The principle has grown even more important since September 11, 2001.

Iraq: the Human Tolle
(The Observer (London))

(July 6, 2003) — As news reporters tracked troops on the road to Baghdad, much of the suffering and loss of ordinary Iraqi civilians was left untold. Until now. Here, in a compelling dispatch, award-winning foreign correspondent Ed Vulliamy goes in search of their stories.

Confess or Die, US Tells Jailed Britons
(The Observer (London))

(July 6, 2003) — Outrage over plight of Guantanamo detainees. The two British terrorist suspects facing a secret US military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay will be given a choice: plead guilty and accept a 20-year prison sentence, or be executed if found guilty. American legal sources close to the process said that the prisoners' dilemma was intended to encourage maximum 'co-operation'.

Lawyers Furious as US Builds Death Chambers
(The Times UK Online)

LONDON (July 5, 2003) — Lawyers expressed outrage at US plans to put al-Qaeda suspects, including two Britons and an Australian, on military trial in Guantanamo Bay. They would effectively be tried by a “kangaroo court”, stripped of all basic rights of due process that would be afforded in criminal courts in Britain or America. Matthias Kelly, QC, chairman of the Bar of England and Wales, said that the proposed trials were “totally illegitimate and a violation of every rule in international law.... The construction of execution chambers makes virtually every lawyer in the Western world extremely angry. The idea that there is an artificial creation or enclave which, according to the Americans, is beyond the purview of all recognised systems of law is repugnant.”

Pentagon’s Nuclear Technology Designed to withstand the Apocalypse
(Los Angeles Times)

VERMONT (July 6, 2003) — The Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review designed to "defeat any aggressor" Iincludes a mandate for an "assured, survivable and enduring" communications network, one that would remain functional even after a full-scale nuclear attack. Defense Department documents describe how the government is planning a $200-million, eight-year effort to streamline nuclear war planning and build systems able to operate even during a protracted nuclear war.

Basra Is 'Ready To Explode'
(The Mirror (UK))

BASRA (July 3, 2003) — Speaking outside one of Saddam Hussein's old palaces just 50 yards from the British HQ in Basra, a former Iraqi soldier said: "Our patience has run out. We've no money to feed ourselves, we haven't been paid for six months and we're fed up with broken promises. We've told the British today that if we're not paid by Friday, we'll arm ourselves with guns again and start killing every foreigner we see in Iraq." This is Basra three months after British tanks rolled in to a rapturous welcome. Instead of jubilation there is frustration. In the broiling summer heat this is a city waiting to explode.

Iraq: An Audit of War
(The Observer (London))

(July 6, 2003) — From first light, American helicopters swing over burnt-out Ministry buildings, over the teeming slums of the north of the city and over the sprawling Republican Palace. Total US and UK combat casualties since 1 May, when George Bush declared the end of the war, are 31. Reports suggesting a new 'Vietnam' are, at least currently, wrong. The vast majority of the Iraqi people, if not supportive of the US and British occupation, is still far from being actively opposed to it. In the past month I have heard everything from 'I love the UK and the US from the bottom of my heart' to 'You are dogs and will die like dogs', which, accompanied by mock canine howls, made for a distinctly unnerving experience.

EAW Quick Links — July 2

ACTION ALERT: The Apollo Project
(A New Plan for Government Investment in Renewable Energy and)

"The Apollo Project" is a 10-point plan for energy independence proposed by a historic coalition of labor unions, environmentalists, and peace advocates. If adopted by our government it would: • Create three million jobs • Protect the environment • Improve public health • Cost $30 billion/year for 10 years (7% of the Pentagon budget) To send a message to all the presidential candidates urging them to support this plan, just click "Reply" and then "Send." For more info on "The Apollo Project," click here. http://www.apolloalliance.org For more strategies on progressive alternatives, check TrueMajority at: http://www.truemajority.org/

On July 4, Celebrate America and Celebrate Freedom
(Download the Founding Fathers!)

"Print out and distribute this flyer at your Independence Day celebrations. May these quotes serve to remind us all of the ideals and values upon which the United States." And while you're at it, commit each of these quotes to memory, and quote them to right wing "patriots" at every opportunity!

US Official Says Britain Must Have Known Iraq Documents Were Forgeries

(June 29, 2003) — A high-ranking American official who investigated claims for the CIA that Iraq was seeking uranium to restart its nuclear program last night accused Britain and the US of deliberately ignoring his findings to make the case for war against Saddam Hussein. The retired US ambassador said it was all but impossible that British intelligence had not received his report - drawn up by the CIA - which revealed that documents, purporting to show a deal between Iraq and the west African state of Niger, were forgeries. When he saw similar claims in Britain's dossier on Iraq last September, he even went as far as telling CIA officials that they needed to alert their British counterparts to his investigation.

Cheney and the CIA: Not Business as Usual

Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern writes: "Something scarier had to be produced, and quickly, if Congress was to be persuaded to authorize war. And so the decision was made to dust off the uranium-from-Niger canard. The White House calculated - correctly - that before anyone would make an issue of the fact that this key piece of 'intelligence' was based on a forgery, Congress would vote yes. The war could then be waged and won. In recent weeks, administration officials have begun spreading the word that Cheney was never told the Iraq-Niger story was based on a forgery. I asked a senior official who recently served at the National Security Council if he thought that was possible. He pointed out that rigorous NSC procedures call for a very specific response to all vice presidential questions and added that 'the fact that Cheney's office had originally asked that the Iraq-Niger report be checked out makes it inconceivable that his office would not have been informed of the results.'"

Britain Admits Niger Uranium Story Came from a Foreign Service

"Britain was forced to admit [Friday] that one of the central allegations against Iraq... was based on information from an overseas intelligence service rather than a British primary source. In a blow to the government's credibility, a Foreign Office mandarin admitted that a claim that Iraq had tried to procure nuclear material from an African country had come 'from a foreign service'... The dossier said: 'Uranium has been sought from Africa that has no civil nuclear application in Iraq.' The dossier did not name a country, but the finger of blame was quickly pointed at Niger. Within months the documents on which the allegations were based were exposed by the IAEA as forgeries. Tony Blair recently refused to withdraw the explosive claim, insisting that the joint intelligence committee (JIC) had judged it 'at the time to be correct'. But the remarks by Mr Ehrman, who sits on the JIC, will intensify the pressure on the prime minister to disown the African claim in the dossier."

State Department Disputes CIA View of Trailers as Iraqi Weapons Labs
(Washington Post)

"The State Department's intelligence division is disputing the Central Intelligence Agency's conclusion that mysterious trailers found in Iraq were for making biological weapons, United States government officials said today. In a classified June 2 memorandum, the officials said, the department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research said it was premature to conclude that the trailers were evidence of an Iraqi biological weapons program, as Resident Bush has done. The disclosure of the memorandum is the clearest sign yet of disagreement between intelligence agencies over the assertion, which was produced jointly by the C.I.A. and the Defense Intelligence Agency and made public on May 28 on the C.I.A. Web site. Officials said the C.I.A. and D.I.A. did not consult with other intelligence agencies before issuing the report." Unmentioned in this article are the reports that these trailers were most likely used for producing hydrogen gas for weather balloons.

Bush Misled US into Iraq War -- An Official Finding?

In an informal progress report on the House intelligence committee's probe into pre-war intelligence (or lack thereof), ranking Democrat Jane Harman spells out the lies Bush told to get us into a war. Harman says unequivocally that Bush was wrong when he declared on March 17 that "intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised," and that Hussein was a bin Laden ally. The Republicans are doing their best to prevent any real investigation and suppress the truth. But it's becoming more obvious every day that the truth is too explosive to be contained: Because Bush lied, people died.

Jessica Lynch Story 'Had Huge Propaganda Value. It Was False'
(Washington Post Ombudsman)

"This is the third column in as many months devoted in whole or in part to the case of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch... As I have said before, the issue here is not Lynch, a courageous young soldier who has been through -- and is still going through -- a terrible ordeal. Rather, it is about journalism: about sources and reporters, motivation and manipulation, and finding the truth, as best we can, about a story that became the best known saga of the war in Iraq... The original April 3 story was by staff writers Susan Schmidt and Vernon Loeb. The June 17 reconstruction was by Dana Priest, who also contributed to the April 3 story... The new Post account described itself as a 'more thorough but inconclusive cut at history.' That is accurate. But it did not address the issues that eat away at the trust of large numbers of readers, many of whom have called or e-mailed to complain." As one of Ken Starr's stenographers during the Clinton Wars, Schmidt has a history of journalistic malfeasance.

10 Appalling Lies We Were Told about Iraq
(Christopher Scheer / AlterNet.com)

"Today, more than three months after Bush's stirring declaration of war and nearly two months since he declared victory, no chemical, biological or nuclear weapons have been found, nor any documentation of their existence, nor any sign they were deployed in the field. The mainstream press, after an astonishing two years of cowardice, is belatedly drawing attention to the unconscionable level of administrative deception. They seem surprised to find that when it comes to Iraq, the Bush administration isn't prone to the occasional lie of expediency but, in fact, almost never told the truth. What follows are just the most outrageous and significant of the dozens of outright lies uttered by Bush and his top officials over the past year in what amounts to a systematic campaign to scare the bejeezus out of everybody:"

Bush Believes His Actions are God's Work
(The Moscow Times)

"There can be no doubt that Bush believes literally in the divine character of his mission [and that whatever 'decision' forms in his brain] has been planted there, whole and perfected, by God Almighty. [That's] why Bush acts with such serenity and ruthlessness. Nothing he does can be challenged on moral grounds, however unethical or evil it might appear, because all of his actions are directed by God. He can twist the truth, oppress the poor, exalt the rich, despoil the Earth, ignore the law -- and murder children -- without the slightest compunction, the briefest moment of doubt or self-reflection, because he believes, he truly believes, that God squats in his brainpan and tells him what to do... That's why Bush can always 'do whatever it takes' to achieve his goals. [He also puts] his election in 2004 above all other concerns, even the endless bloodshed in the Middle East. So what new crimes will the Lord have to countenance to keep His appointed servant in power?"

EAW Quick Links June 30, 2003

Bremer’s Occupation Strategy Is Headed for Disaster

BEIRUT (June 30, 2003) The Daily Star — (Commentary) The word “quagmire” is badly overused, but the United States is headed for just such a scenario unless it changes course in Iraq. The raids and arrests carried out on Sunday were billed as a “show of force” designed to discourage attacks on American soldiers, but in reality they illustrated the cul-de-sac in which the Coalition Provisional Authority finds itself. The occupiers cannot leave for fear of losing face, but they cannot stay without taking a steady stream of casualties. And by seeking to quell resistance by undertaking the sort of heavy-handed action that fueled it in the first place, the coalition is demonstrating a profound lack of imagination.

Boy's Killing Angers Iraqis — Shooting Seen as a Crime
(Washington Post)

BAGHDAD (29 June 2003) Washington Post — Around 10 p.m. Thursday, Mohammed Kubaisi, 12, was fatally shot in the chest on the roof of his home in Baghdad by a U.S. soldier. Those are the only facts on which the Kubaisi family and the U.S. military agree. For the family, it was a wanton killing, the slaying by a trigger-happy soldier of a curious, unarmed boy who was watching troops search for weapons in his neighborhood. "This is a crime," said Wafaa Kubaisi, Mohammed's mother. "Why would an American with all his technology kill a child?"

Who Lost the WMDs?
(Time Magazine)

QATAR (June 29, 2003) — As the weapons hunt intensifies, so does the finger pointing. A preview of the coming battle. Meeting last month at a sweltering U.S. base outside Doha, Qatar, with his top Iraq commanders, President Bush skipped quickly past the niceties and went straight to his chief political obsession: Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Turning to his Baghdad proconsul, Paul Bremer, Bush asked, "Are you in charge of finding WMD?" Bremer said no, he was not. Bush then put the same question to his military commander, General Tommy Franks. But Franks said it wasn't his job either. A little exasperated, Bush asked, So who is in charge of finding WMD? After aides conferred for a moment, someone volunteered the name of Stephen Cambone, a little-known deputy to Donald Rumsfeld, back in Washington. Pause. "Who?" Bush asked.

Between War and Peace, U.S. Soldiers Feel Strain
(Los Angeles Times)

RAMADI, Iraq (June 29, 2003) — They are caught somewhere between an irregular war and an uneasy peace, an occupying army in a battered land fraught with uncertainty. "This kind of war is a lot scarier for me," said Sgt. Douglas White, a reed-thin 21-year-old from Denver who was guiding a patrol along the lush Euphrates River here, northwest of Baghdad. "You see 9-year-old kids with guns

Khatami: Iran Has No Plans to Build a Nuclear Bomb
(Iranian Republic News Agency)

TEHRAN (June 30, 2003) IRNA — President Mohammad Khatami here on Monday categorically stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has no intention of manufacturing nuclear weapons. During a meeting with the visiting British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, his statement reflected the national policy. Voicing the deep concern of world countries regarding the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, he called on the global community to treat all countries pursuing a nuclear energy program without discrimination.

Asefi: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal Major “Source of Threat” in Region
(Iranian Republic News Agency)

TEHRAN (June 30, 2003) IRNA — Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said Monday that Israel's nuclear arsenal posed the most dangerous threat to the region. In response to a question on his opinion about British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s justification for Israel's possession of weapons of mass destruction, Asefi maintained that Straw's reasoning was not that strong. Asefi stressed that the Likud regime was the source of danger and menace in the region, adding that the reports recently published by western media proved that Israel has been engaged in clandestine nuclear activities for many years. Referring to formation of three-member team by new American governor of Iraq to revise the country's Constitution, Asefi said that the Iraqi people's views should be taken into consideration. The best thing for the US to do was to cut the period of occupation and let the Iraqi nation decide on its own destiny.

Top US Official Criticized Israel’s “Security Fence”
(The Syria Times)

(June 30, 2003) — US national security adviser Condoleezza Rice on Sunday criticised the Israeli government`s continued construction of a security fence between Israel and the West Bank, a government source said. Speaking after a meeting with Israeli ministers in Jerusalem, Rice said that Washington saw the construction of the fence as "problematic" because it would "create a fait accompli" that could be seen as the precursor to a new international border between the two territories.

Doctors See Reality ER at Hospital in Basra”
(New York Times)

BASRA, Iraq (June 28, 2003) — Hianeer al-Hay grimaced but did not cry when the attendant took her right arm, covered in dried blood, to give her an injection. It was 9 p.m. one recent evening at Basra General Hospital, and Hianeer, 9, was the seventh gunshot victim since noon.

Occupation Forces Halt Elections Throughout Iraq
(Washington Post)

SAMARRA, Iraq (June 28, 2003) — U.S. military commanders have ordered a halt to local elections and self-rule in provincial cities and towns across Iraq, choosing instead to install their own handpicked mayors and administrators, many of whom are former Iraqi military leaders. The decision to deny Iraqis a direct role in selecting municipal governments is creating anger and resentment among aspiring leaders and ordinary citizens, who say the U.S.-led occupation forces are not making good on their promise to bring greater freedom and democracy to a country dominated for three decades by Saddam Hussein.

Grassroots Commentary Direct from Iraq

Although it operates under the supervision of the US government, Iraq.net offers a remarkaby free-swinging bulletin board for commentary on “Post-war Iraq.” The following excerpt is from a message “To all America” from an Iraqi woman. Many Americans protested this war in USA. Everybody knows why Bush is in Iraq — for oil, israel support and extension — also because Bush made his soldiers believe that saddam was behind 9-11. If you think that those US soldiers died for your freedom, you are very wrong. The proof: Remember how iraqis (looters also) were kissing US soldiers? US soldiers were very happy to broadcast this on TV. After all the world got this message, US soldiers suddenly turned against Iraqis, made them walk nude on streets [and] (as you see on TV nowadays) put their shoes on Iraqi heads' down the floor. They humiliate them and shoot them. Why are Americans doing this to the same people who kissed them on 9/4/03? Because they don't need them anymore. And maybe this just proves the double standard face of Americans.

Army Zone Excluded From Critical Habitat In Hawaii
(Honolulu Advertiser)

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has designated 55,040 acres on O'ahu — most of it in the Ko'olau and Wai'anae mountains — as critical habitat for 99 threatened and endangered species. But the USFWS specifically excluded nearly 27,000 acres that the Army claims it needs for national security purposes. The military exclusion has angered local environmentalists. Earlier this year, the USFWS eliminated thousands of acres of proposed critical habitat for Kaua'i, Ni'ihau, Moloka'i and Lana'i.

Bipartisan Group Calls For Reduced Oil Use
(Associated Press)

(June 18, 2003) — A broad coalition of industry executives and environmentalists is calling on US leaders to chart a new direction on energy policy that would cut oil use by a third and more aggressively address climate change. "American leadership is needed to chart a new energy future," says the Energy Future Coalition [http://www.energyfuturecoalition.com], a group largely funded by the United Nations Foundation and the Turner Foundation, both created by billionaire Ted Turner.

The Use of Depleted Uranium in the 2003 Iraq War
(An Initial Assessment of Information and Policies / Dan Fahey)

(June 24, 2003) — During the 2003 Iraq War, United States and United Kingdom armed forces shot ammunition made from depleted uranium (DU) at a wide variety of targets. Although there is little known about the actual quantities of DU released or the locations of contamination, it appears approximately 100 to 200 metric tons was shot at tanks, trucks, buildings and people in largely densely populated areas. The US and UK governments have announced they will medically test veterans who were exposed to DU, but the lack of a coherent environmental policy is likely resulting in Iraqi civilians and relief and development workers being unnecessarily exposed to DU contamination. Further policy action and additional research are needed to resolve the uncertainties regarding the use and effects of DU munitions in the 2003 Iraq War.

UK Royal Society Calls on Coalition Forces to Reveal Where DU Was Used in Iraq

"The Royal Society, the UK’s national science academy, today (24 April 2003) called on coalition forces to reveal where and how much depleted uranium was used in the conflict in Iraq, so that an effective clean-up and monitoring programme of both soldiers and civilians can begin. It also highlighted the need to obtain further data on the exposure levels that can occur on the battlefield and in residential areas." > View Royal Society release Apr. 24, 2003

UK Royal Society Calls for DU Cleanup in Iraq

(April 17, 2003) — Hundreds of tons of depleted uranium used by Britain and the United States in Iraq should be removed to protect the civilian population, the Royal Society said, contradicting Pentagon claims it was not necessary. Professor Brian Spratt, chairman of the Royal Society working group on depleted uranium: "We recommend that fragments of depleted uranium penetrators should be removed, and areas of contamination should be identified and, where necessary, made safe." He added: "We also recommend long-term sampling, particularly of water and milk, to detect any increase in uranium levels in areas where depleted uranium has been used. This provides a cost-effective method of monitoring sensitive components in the environment, and of providing information about uranium levels to concerned local populations." (Guardian)

UNEP Recommends Studies of DU in Iraq

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) said on April 6, 2003, that a scientific assessment of sites targeted with weapons containing depleted uranium (DU) should be conducted in Iraq.

IPPNW Calls for Ban DU Ammunition
(International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)

(April 4, 2003) — International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) is calling for a halt of depleted ammunition use in the war in Iraq. Various press reports indicated that DU ammunition has been used at several occasions during the current war in Iraq. IPPNW also demands that the burden of proof for the long-term impacts of DU ammunition use should be reversed: the U.S. and British governments should present proof for the stated harmlessness of the DU ammunitions. (In German.)

IAEA Survey Finds No DU Threat in Kuwait
(International Atomic Energy Agency)

(June 13, 2003) — An IAEA investigation in Kuwait has found that depleted uranium (DU) from munitions used in the 1991 Gulf War does not pose a radiological hazard to the people of Kuwait. At the request of the Kuwait Government, in February 2002 the Agency sent a team of senior international experts to assess possible long-term radiological impacts of DU residues at 11 locations in Kuwait.

New Research Examines Possible Link between DU and Gulf War Syndrome
(Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute)

Scientists at the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, are studying a possible link between between depleted uranium and Gulf War Syndrome. Scientists believe nasal and respiratory irritation caused by desert sand storms and oil field fires during Operation Desert Storm, may have weakened the nose/brain barrier and allowed depleted uranium to enter the central nervous system of soldiers in the field resulting in slowly developing neurotoxic responses.

Small Study Finds DU in Gulf War Veterans
(Reuters News Service)

(Septmber 10, 2002) — A small study of British, Canadian and US veterans with Gulf War illness found that just over half (14 of 27) tested positive for depleted uranium in urine. The study did not include a control group of people who were not veterans of the Gulf War. "The Quantitative Analysis of Depleted Uranium Isotopes in British, Canadian, and US Gulf War Veterans," Military Medicine Aug 2002; vol. 167 no. 8, p. 620-627

EAW's Quick Links – June 9, 2003

Rebuilding the Baghdad Zoo

BAGHDAD (May 8, 2003) —Since April 29, the US-based NGO WildAid has provided primary care, maintenance and training for the animals and workers of the Baghdad Zoo. Drawn by salaries offered by WildAId, most of the zoo’s original employees have returned to care for the zoo’s surviving animals (including three lions, two tigers and two bears). Most of the zoo’s 600 animals were eaten by starving residents or stolen for sale on the black market. One of the zoo’s missing baboons was found five miles away, living with a group of US soldiers. Food and medicine for the animals is provided by Care for the Wild. Pentagon officials have pledged continued Special Forces protection for the zoo, animals and employees.

Reviewing US Nuclear Posture
(Natural Resourses Defense Council)

When the Bush administration delivered its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) in 2002, the contents were classified. Leaked versions subsequently revealed that the NPR recommends a greater role for nuclear weapons and missile defense. The Natural Resources Defense Council was one of many groups alarmed by this dangerous new policy. The NRDC has recently published an analysis of the NPR called "Faking Nuclear Restraint."

Bush Nuke Strategist Says 20 Million US Dead ‘Compatible’ with ‘Survival’
(Slate Magazine)

Slate magazine offers a feature article on the Pentagon's Dr. Strangelove, Keith Payne, whose nuclear infatuation is now making policy. Of nuclear war, Payne once wrote: "an intelligent United States offensive [nuclear] strategy, wedded to homeland defenses, should reduce US casualties to approximately 20 million ... a level compatible with national survival and recovery."

Star Spangled Ice Cream
(Warmongering can be fattening / Radar Magazine)

Ben & Jerry’s, the acknowledged pioneer of politically correct desserts, now has competition, in the form of a neo-con creamery that calls itself "Star Spangled Ice Cream." [http://www.starspangledicecream.com] In the War of the Taste Buds, the pro-administration ice-cream makers, have gone to bat with a quartet of colorfully named flavors — I Hate The French Vanilla, Smaller Governmint, Iraqi Road and Nutty Environmentalist. Unlike Ben & Jerry’s, StarSpangled’s products are full of high-fat ingredients (milk, cream, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup are the five main components by weight) and chemical additives (Polysorbates 65 and 80, propylene glycol and artificial flavors). In a taste test sponsored by Radar Magazine, Ben & Jerry’s won, spoons-down.

Saddam's ‘Mobil Labs’ Posed No Threat: Built by Britain!
(The Observer (London))

LONDON (June 8, 2003) — Tony Blair faces a fresh crisis over Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction as evidence mounts that two vehicles the Bush administration has claimed to be Iraqi biological warfare production units are nothing of the sort. US analysis has cast serious doubts that the trucks are germ labs and scientists on both sides of the Atlantic remain unconvinced that the trucks could have been used to make biological weapons. Meanwhile, an investigation by The Observer concludes that it is "increasingly likely that the units were designed to be used for hydrogen production to fill artillery balloons, part of a system originally sold to Saddam by Britain in 1987."

Wolfowitz: "Iraq War Was About Oil." Misquoted?
(The Guardian (London))

(June 4, 2003) — According to The Guardian, "Oil was the main reason for military action against Iraq, a leading White House hawk has claimed, confirming the worst fears of those opposed to the US-led war." US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz – who recently described Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction as a 'bureaucratic" excuse for war – now claims that the real motive for the invasion was that Iraq is "swimming in oil." Not so fast: the conservative website, FreeRepublic.com, counters that Wolfowitz was quoted out of context. Here is what Wolfowitz actually said: "Look, the primarily difference — to put it a little too simply — between North Korea and Iraq is that we had virtually no economic options with Iraq because the country floats on a sea of oil. In the case of North Korea, the country is teetering on the edge of economic collapse and that, I believe, is a major point of leverage, whereas the military picture with North Korea is very different from that with Iraq."

‘Lula’ Calls for Tax on Arms to Feed the World’s Poor

Brazilian President Luiz Ignacio Lula de Silva ("Lula") is set to meet with George W. Bush on June 20. In a June 2 speech to the leaders of the "G-8" countries – the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy and Russia – Lula called for an international tax on weapons sales to end hunger on earth and create the conditions necessary to solve terrorism. This important speech (which the LA Times called the "highlight of the meeting," has been translated in to English by Narco News and posted online by the Independent Media Center.

Wind Energy Can Supply One-eighth of World Electricity
(European Wind Energy Association)

"Wind Force 12," a joint study by the European Wind Energy Association and Greenpeace reports that wind power can provide 12 percent of global electricity by 2020. Europe's current wind energy sector has the potential to grow to 75 billion Euros annually by 2020. This enormous growth could create 1.79 million new jobs while cutting electricity costs by 40 percent and preventing 10.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Wind-energy leaders like Germany, Spain, and Denmark and already reaping the economic and environmental benefits.

ExxonMobil Shareholders Call for Clean Energy

Business at the world's most powerful oil company was disrupted as the Greenpeace Global Warming Crimes Unit entered ExxonMobil headquarters in Irving, Texas and accused top executives of running a 10-year disinformation campaign designed to minimize the threat of global warming. The Crimes Unit charged that the company has used its cash and clout to block strategies to reduce global warming pollution. ExxonMobil gives millions to far-right groups that lobby against climate protection. Despite the crimes of the energy giants leadership, two shareholder resolutions — demanding action on clean energy and global warming — received more than 20% approval from shareholders.

Bechtel: Profiting from Iraq’s Destruction

Bechtel Group Inc., one of the lead contractors in the reconstruction of Iraq, has a 100-year history of capitalizing on environmentally unsustainable technologies and reaping immense profits at the expense of societies and the environment. Global Exchange and Public Citizen have joined forces to produce a detailed study of Bechtel's history of operations in the water, nuclear, energy and public works sectors. This report concludes that the Bush administration must be stopped from doling out contracts to undeserving firms with which it has close ties — including Bechtel and Halliburton.

Outrage as Army Patents ‘Chemical, Biological’ Weapon
(San Francisco Chronicle)

(June 9, 2003) — The US Army has invented a rifle-launched gas grenade designed for use against unarmed civilian crowds. The patent (#6,523,478) which was approved by the US Patent Office in February, notes that the grenade is designed to deliver chemical and biological agents — payloads expressly forbidden by international treaty and US law. Patent # 6,523,478 describes how the Pentagon’s new projectile could release aerosols "selected from the group consisting of smoke, crowd control agents, biological agents, chemical agents, obscurants, marking agents, dyes and inks, chaffs and flakes."

Congo Crisis: A Plan for International Action

June 9, 2003 — In a San Francisco Chronicle essay, Adam Hochschild (author of King Leopold’s Ghost) argues that "the multisided civil war in the misnamed Democratic Republic of Congo" provides evidence that while "tyrannical or totalitarian governments [have been] the cause of much suffering…. the greatest human misery can happen where there is no functioning government at all." Hochshild offers a three-part plan to end one of history’s bloodiest and deadliest wars.

Child Sickness Soars in Iraq
(UNICEF / IraqNet.org)

(June 3, 2003) — The number of Iraqi children suffering from diarrhoea has risen dramatically in the past year. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has warned that the incidence of cholera, dysentery and typhoid was 2.5 times higher this May than for the same month last year. Before the US-led invasion, one-million Iraqi children were malnourished as a result of diarrhoea. But the war and the collapse of Iraq's infrastructure has worsened the situation by disrupting clean water supplies, damaging sewage systems and halting rubbish collections.

Iraq Heading for Summer of Diarrhea

(June 5, 2003) — Iraq faces a public health crisis and a summer of diarrhea if a concerted effort is not made to reinstate the Ministry of Health as soon as possible. "This is only the beginning of the summer of diarrhea,' said CARE emergency response director Anne Morris. An estimated 50 percent of Iraq’s water in Iraq is unsafe to drink. 'If proper monitoring, testing and prevention mechanisms are not quickly put back in place," Morris warns, "The entire Iraqi population [will be] at risk of a public health crisis.' Morris fears that "If ministries are not soon reinstated, basic infrastructure will continue to crumble and the Iraq people will suffer the consequences." Children are at the highest risk. More than 126,000 babies have been born since the war commenced – not one of them has received a tuberculosis vaccination.

Too Poor to Go to School
(UN Integrated Regions Info Network / Electronic Iraq)

ERBIL (June 6, 2003) UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN) - Having dropped out of primary school six months ago, Tawana Umar is adamant that he does not wish to return. "I cannot go back to school, because we are too poor," says the 11-year-old. "I have to work to help my family." Tawana works from ten hours avery day, darting through the traffic trying to sell packets of chewing gum. "I don't make much, because there are many boys selling the same thing," he told IRIN. Tawana's story is unremarkable among those of the hundreds of children working on the streets of the northern city of Erbil.

Iraq’s Doctors Face Guns and Death Threats
(United Nations News center)

BASRA (June 4, 2003) — A patient pursued by gun-toting assailants, a doctor threatened with death if a relative dies, hand grenade juggling during visitors' hours -– such are the daily challenges faced by hospital staff in Basra, Iraq's second city, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). "What we need is order, and not to feel threatened the minute we step into the hospital," a distinguished surgeon and professor at the Basra teaching hospital told WHO.

Farmers Bemoan Insecurity, Loss of Subsidies
(UN Integrated Regional Info Network)

BASRA (June 5, 2003) — On a poultry farm south of Basrah, unemployed workers squat against a shaded wall, smoking cigarettes, waiting for someone to come, something to do. "Four months ago we had more than 8,000 chickens here and lots of work," owner of the farm, Dakel Hasan, told IRIN. "Now we smoke cigarettes." Hasan’s situation is not unique. Stripped of the government subsidies that formerly kept their farms afloat, farmers like Hasan have no choice but to close down. "Now there is no government, and it is no longer safe to travel between here and Baghdad," Hasan said. Khaled Ben Khaled, a poultry expert with the US Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) told IRIN that "the breakdown of the supply chain from Baghdad due to the war and a lack of security means that business has simply stopped." The FAO and other donors like the British Department for International Development, stand ready to fill the subsidy gap but there is little they can do without a major improvement in security.

QUICK LINKS — June 3, 2003

United for Peace and Justice National Anti-War Conference. June 6-8

Attention peace and justice activists! Is your group concerned with developing a collective sense of focus and direction for the anti-war movement? Do you want to figure out how to rebuild our movement's momentum now that the US has occupied Iraq? Does your group want to be part of planning nationally coordinated anti-war activities? Would you like to strengthen ties with anti-war organizers and activists across the US? Then plan now to attend the United for Peace and Justice National Anti-War Conference in Chicago from June 6-8.

June 7: National Day of Action at Ford Dealerships

Join Rainforest Action Network and Global Exchange as we to take the "No Blood for Oil" slogan straight to the auto manufacturers. Our primitive, gas-guzzling vehicles fuel the global warming crisis, rainforest destruction, human rights abuses, and the loss of good-paying union jobs. Oil addiction also fuels wars such as the recent senseless invasion of Iraq. If we want to help create the conditions for peace, we have to break our oil habit. Complete action packets and background materials will soon be available at http://www.cleanupford.com

Cast Your Vote for the Eco-Crime of the Century

As Canadians get ready to kick off Environment Week, which runs from June1 to 7, the folks at Canadian Geographic decided to ask what people thought was the greatest ecological crime of the 20th century. EAW would nominate war which, in the 20th century, was responsible for the deaths of 165 million to 258 million people (mostly civilians). To cast your own vote for the greatest environmental crime of the century, click on the CG weblink.

A Fresh Start for Iraq: The Case for Debt Relief

Of the many problems confronting social and economic recovery in Iraq, one crucial area that has received insufficient attention is foreign debt. Over the past two decades Iraq has been devastated by successive wars and sanctions. Ordinary Iraqis have suffered one of the most dramatic collapses in living standards ever recorded. With unsustainable debt threatening to undermine reconstruction, there are moral and legal grounds for reducing Iraq’s debt burden. Each of the country’s citizens owes its creditors around $11,000. Repayment would require the transfer of all of Iraq’s oil revenue — for 20 years. Meeting creditors’ demands would divert resources from vital investments in social and economic infrastructure.

DoD Undercounted Soldiers Exposed to Gas in 1991

(May 30, 2003) AP — The Department of Defense miscalculated the number of US troops who may have been exposed to nerve gases when Iraqi weapons were destroyed during the first Gulf War, congressional investigators say. The General Accounting Office reports that the Pentagon and CIA used a flawed computer model to estimate the fallout from the weapons. The models were created with inaccurate data, and the height of the plume resulting from the 1991 weapons explosions was underestimated, according to a memo sent to members of a House Government Reform subcommittee. The data indicate that initial reports that about 100,000 troops were exposed were wrong. The memo doesn't say whether more or fewer troops were likely to have been affected.

US Occupation Troubles Independent Aid Agencies

(May 30, 2003) AlterNet — Wherever the US invades next, the military's new desire to control humanitarian aid will put the big charity organizations in an awkward spot. In Iraq, these agencies are they playing a role cleaning up after a war they openly opposed — and they are also being compelled to do so under the supervision of the Pentagon, a position that would seem to jeopardize the independence of their operations.

What Could the War Cost Us?

(June 1, 2003) AlterNet — Invading and occupying Iraq is turning out to be a fiscally Pyrrhic victory for Americans. After the bombs began to fall the Bush administration announced that the initial tab would be $75 billion. But these expenditures did not include reconstruction of the Iraqi infrastructure. In December, Yale economist William Nordhaus, writing in The New York Review of Books, calculated the cost of this war based on direct military spending (such as the salaries of troops and the costs of their weapons) and follow-on costs ("occupation and peacekeeping," "reconstruction and nation-building," "humanitarian assistance," "impact on the oil markets," and "macroeconomic impacts"). Nordhaus prepared a low-end war-cost estimate of $121 billion and a high-end estimate of $1.595 trillion. The low estimate assumed a short war with no complications, whereas $1.6 trillion would cover the costs of a protracted war with many complications.

Helping Soldiers Is More than 'Support Our Troops' Signs

Despite the quick and relatively bloodless victory in Iraq, soldiers who served active duty overseas return with emotional and physical injuries that take more than just sloganeering to cure. As Charles Sheehan-Miles and Robert K. Musil write, "Our veterans must know there is no shame or dishonor in trying to cope with the trauma of combat. Indeed, it is an imperative. And we should be prepared to give when asked."

QUICK LINKS -May 30, 2003

British Official Explodes Key WMD Claim
(The Guardian (London))

(May 30, 2003) — UK Guardian reports: "Downing Street doctored a dossier on Iraq's weapons programme to make it 'sexier', according to a senior British official, who claims intelligence services were unhappy with the assertion that Saddam's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were ready for use within 45 minutes... The unnamed official told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'Most people in intelligence weren't happy with the dossier because it didn't reflect the considered view they were putting forward.' Describing how it was 'transformed' in the week before it was published to make it 'sexier', he added: 'The classic example was the statement that weapons of mass destruction were ready for use within 45 minutes. 'That information was not in the original draft. It was included in the dossier against our wishes because it wasn't reliable.'"

Blix Suspects No WMDs and, Therefore 'War Not Justified'
(The Guardian (London))

(May 24, 2003) — The London Guardian reports: "The chief UN weapons inspector, Hans Blix, said [last week] that he suspected that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. He added that 'in this respect' the war might not have been justified. 'I am beginning to suspect there possibly were none,' he said in an interview. Saddam Hussein's chief scientific adviser, Lieutenant General Amer al-Saadi, who surrendered last month, said in an interview: 'Nothing else will come out after the end of the war.'

America’s Vietnam in the Middle East?
(Asia Times)

An article from Asia Times provides a clear exposition of why the occupation of Iraq is headed in the direction of Vietnam-like quagmire. Includes a discussion of secularism, UN involvement, and the hubris of conquest.
http:// www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/ED24Ak03.html

Undepleted Dangers
(The Christian Science Monitor)

A report from the Christian Science Monitor on the environmental hazards posed by tons of American depleted-uranium bullets now scattered throughout Baghdad.

The WMD ‘Threat.’ Was the New York Times Duped by Ahmad Chalabi?
(Washington Post)

An internal e-mail by Judith Miller, the New York Times’ top reporter on bioterrorism, acknowledges that her main source for articles on Iraq’s alleged weapons has been Ahmad Chalabi, a controversial exile leader who is [paid by] top Pentagon officials. Miller told the Washington Post’s Baghdad Bureau Chief John Burns that Chalabi] ”provided most of the front page exclusives on WMD to our paper.” The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh, Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress was a key source of information about weapons for the Pentagon's intelligence unit (information that was sometimes disputed by the CIA). Hersh speculates that Chalabi “may have been feeding the Times, and other news organizations, the same disputed information."

The Iraq Debate: Reconstruction or Redesign?

The fight between Pentagon neo-conservatives, State Department realists, and the UN to select and train the interim government. Includes a thorough discussion of Project for the New American Century participants Paul Wolfowitz, James Woolsey, and Ahmad Chalabi. Requires Salon registration.

The Military and the Environment

INDIANA (May 22, 2003) Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette – A major Midwest daily issues an editorial call for the defense of environmental laws. "Military installations are among the worst polluters in the nation and an unwise choice for any relaxation in environmental rules. Congress must hold fast in opposing a bid by the Pentagon to exempt the military from many environmental protection laws."

Wasting Iraq's Eden

ENN — Of Saddam's crimes, the most lasting may be the crushing of an ancient society in what was Eden - Of all Saddam Hussein's crimes, the most enduring may be the salt-encrusted moonscape that was once Eden, where punishment by water diversion has put to death an ancient way of life.

ACTION ALERT: Support the Climate Stewardship Act

This landmark legislation--introduced by Senators McCain and Lieberman--is a responsible first step that will require reductions in the heat- trapping pollution that causes climate change. As the world's worst emitter of global warming gases, the US must act responsibly. The Senate may vote on this as early as June 2, so please send your letters today. To learn more about the issue and to customize your letter, visit

QUICK LINKS - May 23, 2003

US Allows Looters to Remove One-fifth of Stored Radioactive Materials

(May 22, 2003) AP – Barrels missing from Iraqi nuclear site, US commander says - Some 20 percent of the known radioactive materials stored at Iraq's largest nuclear facility are unaccounted for, and US nuclear experts have found radioactive patches on the ground where looters dumped out barrels believed to contain hazardous materials.

Senate Limits Military Exemptions to Environmental Law

(May 22, 2003) AP – Over Bush administration objections, the Senate voted Wednesday to sharply limit the military's exemptions from environmental laws that the Pentagon says impede training exercises.

Experts Fear US-Russia Nuclear 'Perfect Storm'

Reuters – A new RAND study challenges assumptions about the degree to which better US-Russian relations have improved security. Former Sen. Sam Nunn (who now heads The Nuclear Threat Initiative) believes that "the risk has increased (and the ingredients could exist for) a perfect storm in terms of a nuclear miscalculation or an accident." Some of the reasons for concern: The US and Russia retain large nuclear forces on "hair-trigger" alert that could be launched in minutes and destroy both societies in an hour. Russia’s early warning system has deteriorated to the point of "serious disrepair" while "the breakdown of order in Russia, economic difficulties, and low morale of its military personnel and the rise of organized crime and separatist violence have increased concern" about nuclear force security.

US Attack May Have Killed 5,000 to10,000 Civilians
(The Christian Science Monitor)

The Christian Science Monitor — "'Evidence is mounting' that suggests as many as '10,000 Iraqi civilians may have died during the recent war, according to researchers involved in independent surveys of the country... Such a range would make the Iraq war the deadliest campaign for noncombatants that US forces have fought since Vietnam... US and British military officials insisted throughout the war that their forces did all they could to avoid civilian casualties. But it has become clear since the fighting ended that bombs did go astray, that targets were chosen in error, and that as US troops pushed rapidly north toward the capital they killed thousands of civilians from the air and from the ground.' A Human Rights Watch researcher says 'they have found evidence of 'massive use of cluster bombs in densely populated areas, 'contradicting coalition claims that such munitions were used only in deserted areas.'"

Greek Lawyers to Sue UK for Crimes against Humanity
(Agence France-Presse)

ATHENS, (May 23, 2003) AFP — The 20,000-member Athens Lawyers' Association (ALA) plans to sue Britain at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over crimes against humanity allegedly committed in the Iraq war. The ALA notes that the "unjustified attack on Iraq by the allied American and British forces constitutes a violation of international law, of the charter of the United Nations, of international humanitarian law and of the statutes of the ICJ," it said. The complaint was the first of its kind to be made at the Hague-based ICJ — the UN's highest judicial organ. On May 20, the Belgian government passed on to US prosecutors a lawsuit filed in Brussels charging General Tommy Franks for alleged war crimes in the Iraq invasion. Seventeen Iraqis and two Jordanians have filed suit under Belgium's "universal competence" law, which allows charges to be brought regardless of where the alleged crimes took place.

US War on Terror Terrorizes World, Says Amnesty International
(The Independent (London))

LONDON — Amnesty Internatinal (AI) has charged that: "The United States and Britain are using the 'war on terror' as a pretext to abuse human rights and their oppressive actions have made the world 'more insecure than since the Cold War.” AI claims that Washington and London used the 9-11 terrorist attacks to introduce draconian laws. According to AI Secretary-general Irene Khan, “What would have been an outrage in Western countries during the Cold War — torture, detention without trial, truncated justice — is readily accepted in some countries today.” AI called the detention of more than 600 foreign nationals at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba a “human rights scandal” and demanded tht the prisoners either be charged of crimes or released. AI noted with alarm that “two prisoners were killed at Bagram air base, northeast of Kabul, under American interrogation."

US Plans ‘Death Camp’ in Guantanamo
(The Courirer-Mail)

AUSTRALIA — According to the Mail on Sunday: "The US has floated plans to turn Guantanamo Bay into a death camp, with its own death row and execution chamber. Prisoners would be tried, convicted and executed without leaving its boundaries, without a jury and without right of appeal.” The plans were revealed by Major-General Geoffrey Miller, who is in charge of 680 suspects from 43 countries. US law professor Jonathan Turley said: “It is not surprising the authorities are building a death row because they have said they plan to try capital cases before these tribunals. This camp was created to execute people.'"

Pentagon’s New Surveillance System Raises Civil Liberty Concerns

Washington Post –The Pentagon yesterday detailed the development of a massive computer surveillance system that would have the power to track people as never before. It would identify people at great distances by the irises of their eyes, the grooves in their face or even their gait. It would look for suspicious patterns in video footage of people's movements. And it would analyze airline ticket purchases, visa applications, as well as financial, medical, educational and biometric records to try to predict terrorists' acts or catch them in the planning stage.

Belgium to Boycott Gas Pumps on May 31

(May 20, 2003) – In Belgium plans a national day of boycott action on Saturday May 31 to condemn the ongoing military occupation of Iraq. The boycott action will close Esso and Texaco gas stations in all of the ten provinces. "We wish to highlight as well the profitable involvement of US companies in post-war Iraq," says Pol D’Huyvetter, with Belgium’s Mother Earth organization.

Great Expectations in Kashmir

INDIA (Down to Earth) – More than a decade of militancy and fiscal anarchy have taken a heavy toll on Kashmir's people, local economy and natural resources. But enduring peace is possible if the state adopts sound environmental planning to revive tourism, generate jobs and inject hope in a devastated land. (Note: For subscribers only)

Military Waste: The Pentagon Is Missing $1 Trillion

(May 18, 2003) – The Department of Defense, already infamous for spending $640 for a toilet seat, once again finds itself under intense scrutiny, only this time because it couldn't account for more than a trillion dollars in financial transactions, not to mention dozens of tanks, missiles and planes.

The Legal Responsibilities of Occupation
(Human Rights Watch)

Human Rights Watch explicates international humanitarian law related to belligerent occupation and the responsibilities of the US and UK.

Preoccupied with Growing Tensions
(Asia Times)

One in a series of articles in the Asia Times, this "Iraq Notebook" dispatch captures the daily tension between US "liberators" and the occupied Iraqis.

Undepleted Dangers
(The Christian Science Monitor)

A report from the Christian Science Monitor on the environmental hazards posed by tons of American depleted-uranium bullets now scattered throughout Baghdad.

The Legal Responsibilities of Occupation
(Human Rights Watch)

Human Rights Watch explicates international humanitarian law related to belligerent occupation and the responsibilities of the US and UK.

QUICK LINKS — May 13, 2003

Landmines Continue to Plague Iraq
(The International Campaign to Ban Landmines)

Iraq is a severely mine-affected country — a legacy of the Gulf War, the Iran-Iraq War, decades of internal conflict and World War II. Mines kill and maim hundreds of Iraqi civilians every year. The International Campaign to Ban Landmines reports that the northern part of the country and the border with Iran in the central and southern regions are the most mine-affected. Iraq, the last known exporter of the weapon, is expected to hold large stockpiles. Iraq has not joined the Mine Ban Treaty, Neither has the US. The U.S. used 117,634 landmines in Iraq and Kuwait during the 1991 Gulf War.

Italy Urged to Condemn Landmines
(The International Campaign to Ban Landmines)

ROME (April 7, 2003) – The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) today called on Italy to use its powerful position as incoming president of the European Union (EU) to condemn antipersonnel mine use and actively promote the prohibition of the weapon. Today marked the opening of the ICBL’s annual three-day Global Landmine Monitor Researchers’ Meeting in Rome, bringing together over 130 landmine specialists from 75 countries.

Sign the Peoples Landmine Treaty
(International Campaign to Ban Landmines)

"It is my strong belief that mines, which may be exploded by the presence or proximity of a person, are morally unacceptable. I fully support the convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, transfer and production on anti-personnel mines and on their destruction…." To sign, contact the International Campaign to Ban Landmines at http://www.icbl.org

Thailand Destroys Its Last Stockpiles of Landmines

BANGKOK (April 23, 2003) – On April 24, 35 survivors of anti-personnel landmines, representing the areas in eastern Thailand worst-affected by landmines, bicycled 135 kilometers to witness the destruction of the last Royal Thai Government stockpiles of anti-personnel landmines. The Thailand Campaign to Ban Landmines applauded the Government's commitment to honor the global Mine Ban Treaty and expressed the hope the action "will serve as an example to other states in South East Asia and around the world."

GM, Dow Tout Largest Fuel Cell Deal

(May 7, 2003) MSNBC – The world's largest carmaker and the world's largest chemical manufacturer have announced what they called "the world's largest fuel cell transaction" – a deal whereby General Motors provides fuel cells to a Dow Chemical plant in Texas that has excess hydrogen. The hydrogen will be pumped into the fuel cells where, mixed with oxygen, it becomes electricity that can help power the plant.

ExxonMobil Stands Alone
(Campaign ExxonMobil)

TEXAS (May 13, 2003) – ExxonMobil is now the only major oil company that refuses to respond in any meaningful way to the danger that global warming poses to the environment – and to shareholder wealth. In 2002, a record number of ExxonMobil shareholders voted for action on global-warming. In the year since that vote was defeated, climate-related risks have only increased. ExxonMobil shareholders will next vote on four climate-related resolutions at the company’s annual 2003 meeting on May 28, 2003. For a detailed study on ExxonMobil’s record of inaction, check the following link. http://www.campaignexxonmobil.org

ExxonMobil’s Petrol-powered Fuel Cells Running out of Gas
(Campaign ExxonMobil)

AUSTIN (May 7, 2003) – One of the biggest debates in the future of fuel cells has been whether they will be powered by hydrogen or gasoline. The decision by Dow Chemical and General Motors to jointly commercialize hydrogen fuel cell technology suggests that H-power cells are closer to reality than the petrol-based systems. In constrast, ExxonMobil and GM promoted gasoline-based fuel cells. GM’s decision leaves ExxonMobil's fuel-cell strategy by the side of the road. Investors have filed two resolutions for this year's ExxonMobil annual meeting asking for greater disclosure on the company's strategies to manage climate change related risks and develop renewable sources of energy.

California Bill Aims To Find Perchlorate Sources
(Los Angeles Times)

(May 7, 2003) – Concerned about the prevalence of perchlorate in California's water supplies, two state lawmakers are sponsoring legislation that would require companies to reveal whether they have possessed large quantities of the toxic rocket fuel ingredient at any time over the past half-century.

No Evidence of WMDs. Pressure Builds on US
(The Dawn / Pakistan)

Where are Saddam's weapons of mass destruction? Was the war fought on a platform of lies? The Taji military facility was the only location singled out by Secretary of State Colin Powell. "This is one of 65 such facilities in Iraq," Powell told the UN. "We know this one has housed chemical weapons." But Taji has drawn a blank. US sources say no such weapons were found. With time running out and the pressure building to find Saddam's hidden arsenal, the US flew 2,000 more experts into Iraq last week. The Iraq Survey Team will join 600 other experts including teams from the US and British armies, the CIA, the FBI and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. More than 110 sites checked so far have produced nothing conclusive. It has been an exercise in false alarms.

Pentagon’s Star Wars Plans under Review. Public Comments Due June 12

The Bush administration's Missile Defense Agency has announced a public comment period on the Ballistic Missile Defense System (aka "Star Wars II"). Star Wars will bankrupt the country while diverting funds from health care, education, childcare and social security. For information on how to participate in the public comment period, check EAW's Act Now list or contact: Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space: http://www.space4peace.org

War and the Environment: A Teachers' Guide

Terrain for Schools – a project of the Berkeley, California Ecology Center – works with regional high school teachers to incorporate Terrain Magazine into their teaching curriculum [http://www.ecologycenter.org/terrain/index.html] Terrain has produced a teachers' guide specific to issues of war:

Iraq’s Oil: Under US/UK Control
(ZNet — Z Magazine)

Over the initial objections of France and Russia, the US and UK pushed for the passage of a UN resolution to lift the sanctions on Iraq. This shifted control of Iraqi oil revenues from the UN’s Oil-for-Food program to American and British leaders. After years of seeking an end to the sanctions, Rahul Mahajan has serious doubts about the resolution.

Iraq Contracts: The Bechtel-Bush Connections

Bechtel Corporation is another major recipient of reconstruction contracts. This CorpWatch report describes the role of Donald Rumsfeld in its past Iraq contracts and the recent appointment of Bechtel's chairman to Bush's export council.

The Hidden Cost of Bombs and Taxes: Bush 'Buried' Critical Budget Report
(BBC News — World Edition)

"The Bush administration reportedly buried a report commissioned by the US Treasury which predicted a budget deficit of over $44,000bn and called for tax rises.” According to a front-page story Britain's Financial Times, the report was left out of February's budget report as the White House lobbied for $350bn in tax cuts. The Times called the study '“the most comprehensive assessment of how the US government is at risk of being overwhelmed by the 'baby boom' generation's future healthcare and retirement costs.... It estimates that closing the gap would require the equivalent of an immediate and permanent 66% across-the-board income tax increase."

Iraqis Insist On Resuming Education

BAGHDAD, (May 5 ) — Many officials in the Iraqi universities insist on resuming education despite total paralysis due to occupation and looting of educational institutions. "We will start our work on May 17, although we lack transportation means and the climate is not appropriate" Maged Alfragy , a science professor at Baghdad University. "We will come on foot if we have to. We can't risk a whole Iraqi generation losing their chance to national education".

Cholera Outbreak Feared in Iraq

IRAQ (May 8, 2003) — The World Health Organization (WHO) expects a cholera epidemic in southern Iraq because of problems with poor sanitation. War damage to water supplies is being blamed. One WHO official said the organization "feared hundreds of cases." The WHO is meeting British troops who control the region, the Red Cross and local health officials to improve sanitation in the area in a bid to avert the epidemic.

Occupation Forces Deny Thousands Of Iraqis Home Return

DUBAI, UAE (May 5) — Several thousand Iraqis, who left Iraq to neighboring Gulf States just before the US-British invasion, have been denied their right to return home due to non-existence of a civil administration. In Dubai, more than a thousand Iraqis have gathered with their families in UAE Rashid seaport, demanding to embark on ships that would carry them back home.

EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rise

BRUSSELS (May 6, 2003) — European Union greenhouse gas emissions rose for the second year running in 2001, the European Environment Agency reports. Ten of the EU's 15 states overshot national targets, increasing total emissions by 1 percent in the last year for which data is available. The figures threaten to blow a hole in the EU's ambitious climate change strategy, which has been criticized by the US and sections of European industry. EU emissions of the six main gases believed to be responsible for rising temperatures are still 2.3 percent below 1990 levels.

Hydrogen's Dirty Secret
(Mother Jones Online)

(May 6, 2003) — President Bush promises that fuel-cell cars will be free of pollution. But if he has his way, the cars of tomorrow will run on hydrogen made from fossil fuels.

White House Refuses to Release Sept. 11 Info
(Miami Herald)

WASHINGTON (May 5, 2003) - The Bush administration and the nation's intelligence agencies are blocking the release of sensitive information about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, delaying publication of a 900-page congressional report on how the terrorist assault happened.

First Muslim TV In USA To Be Launched
(IslamOnline.net & News Agencies)

NEW YORK (May 7) – In a bid to clear stereotypes about Islam, Muslim businessmen plan to launch Bridges TV, the first English-language Muslim television channel in North America. It is hoped that the new channel will build bridges of friendship between American Muslims and mainstream America, hoping that it would come to light by 2004 summer. The fledgling channel is expected to begin broadcasting by the summer of 2004 and will cover news, sports, advice shows, children's programming and movies.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rise in EU

BRUSSELS (May 6, 2003) UPI – European Union greenhouse gas emissions rose for the second year running in 2001, the European Environment Agency reports. Ten of the EU's 15 states overshot national targets, increasing total emissions by 1 percent in the last year for which data is available. The figures threaten to blow a hole in the EU's ambitious climate change strategy, which has been criticized by the US and sections of European industry. EU emissions of the six main gases believed to be responsible for rising temperatures are still 2.3 percent below 1990 levels.

Concern over Possible Looting at Iraqi Nuclear Sites
(Deustsche Welle Radio)

(May 5, 2003) – The UN's nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, is waiting for a reply from Washington on whether it will be allowed to send a mission to Iraq to investigate reports of widespread looting at the country's nuclear facilities. The Washington Post has reported that sites housing large amounts of highly radioactive material appear to have been looted. Washington earlier assured the UN that it would prevent the removal of materials from nuclear sites.

Power Giants Defeated: California IsStill the Sunshine State
(ACTION ALERT: Link to site to email letters of thanks!)

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted 3-2 to defeat solar energy exit fees and voted to support a proposal to exempt all solar energy from these fees. This tremendous victory clears the way for the continued rapid growth of solar energy in California and beyond. California's powerful private utilities — Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric — tried to pressure the CPUC to place a tax on solar energy, known as an exit fee. This would have dramatically increase the cost of using solar energy for utility customers. A deluge of more than 7,000 e-mails convinced the Public Utilities Commission to support solar energy.

Energize your Roof

Estimate the costs and savings of installing a photovoltaic system on your roof by using the online calculator.

Solar Power on your Rooftop

California residents can locate the nearest solarpower workshops or training centers by visiting the Northern California Solar Energy Association website.

Home Energy Saver

The Lawrence Livermore Laboratory offers information about the potential home heat/cooling savings through the installation of thermal insulation and the purchase of energy-rated Energy Star appliances.

Tax the Polluters!

Business Week has referred to global warming as "the greatest economic threat of this century." The Union of Concerned Scientists has proposed placing a "carbon tax" on any businesses that burn fossil fuels – coal, oil, gas. Any honest economist will tell you: taxing pollution makes more sense than taxing productivity. Check this and other actions at the UCS website.

Roll out the Barrel

A lot of people have proposed placing an "environmental" tax on the sale of every oil barrel. California-based Bluewater Network is actually doing this via a bill in the state legislature that your add a $1 fee on every barrel of crude refined in the state. If passed, this new fund would generate an estimated $700 million a year to support mass transit, bicycle pathways, pedestrian-friendly cities and clean vehicle programs. To find out how to get the ball rolling in your state, click on to:

From Liberation to Looting
(The Age (Australia))

An Australian report from Umm Qasr, the first city conquered by coalition troops, describes how rejoicing has turned to misery and resentment.

Documents Reveal US Planned to Use A-bomb to Dominate the World

(May 2, 2003) – While Manhattan Project scientists were racing to build an A-bomb with the goal of beating Hitler to the punch, the Project's Military Policy Committee was secretly crafting plans to use the bomb to enforce a US-dictated post-war new world order. According to once-secret documents revealed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the idea of using the A-bomb to dominate the world (the very thing US bomb scientists were afraid Hitler might do) was explicitly discussed with incoming President Truman by then-Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson. "If the problem of the proper use of this weapon can be solved," Stimson told Truman on April 25, 1945, "we will have the opportunity to bring the world into a pattern in which the peace of the world and our civilization can be saved." As author Arjun Makhijani observes: "The unspeakable terror of a single bomb dropped from a lone plane that could destroy a whole city in a flash … was to be the most fearsome kind of 'shock and awe."

The Pentagon vs. US Environment Laws

The Pentagon's Range Readiness Preservation Initiative (part of the 2004 Defense Authorization Bill) would exempt the DOD from five environmental and resource laws – the clean air act, the CERCLA (Superfund cleanups), RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) the Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act. Since the DOD controls more than 25 million US acres the impact could be devastating for the land and wildlife. The initiative is not in the hearing process and comes up for vote on May l5. (See "Breaking News" www.envirosagainstwar.org for a draft letter and action information.)

Make Love Not Traffic
(BBC News)

According to the ads, driving an automobile is supposed to be a "sexy" experience. The reality may be quite the opposite. Researchers at the University of Naples have determined that traffic fumes — a mix of nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide and lead — reduces the quality of sperm in young and middle-aged men. Tollgate workers were most at risk of experiencing impaired sperm motility (meaning they were less likely to be rendered infertile).

UNEP Maps Plan to Restore Iraq's Damaged Environment
(United Nations Environment Programme)

(April 24, 2003) – A new report by the United Nations Environment Programme on environmental conditions in Iraq offers a preliminary assessment of the main environmental threats facing the country and recommends actions for immediate relief and long-term recovery. To download the full report (PDF): http://www.unep.org/pdf/iraq_ds.pdf

US Prepares to Take-over Iraq's Oil Industry
(The Guardian (London))

The US is preparing to install an American chairman on a planned management team of the Iraqi oil industry, providing further ammunition to critics who have questioned the Bush administration's agenda in the Middle East.

Blix: The US Was Bent on War
(The Guardian)

(April 12, 2003) The Guardian — Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix has charged that the US war against Iraq was a foregone conclusion months before the first shot was fired. In a scathing attack on Britain and the US, Blix accused them of planning the war "well in advance" and of "fabricating" evidence against Iraq to justify their campaign.

Stand-off with North Korea: War Scenarios and Consequences
(Center for Defense Information)

(April 28, 2003 ) — War on the Korean Peninsula would likely mean hundreds of thousands killed and enormous damage, and if at all possible must be avoided. Colin Robinson, CDI Research Analyst, and Rear Adm. (Ret.) Stephen H. Baker, USN, CDI Senior Advisor, hold that a negotiated solution should be sought and pressed upon the North’s government by all means available.

Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management in Iraq
(US Agency for International Development)

March 21, 2003) — US Agency for International Development (USAID) is committed to environmental protection and improved management of natural resources essential to Iraq's recovery and long-term economic development. USAID, working in close coordination with other US agencies, is planning to address key environmental issues in Iraq.

Global Statement on War, Iraq and the Environment
(Australian Center for Environmental Law)

In an open letter to the United Nations Security Council, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, and the leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey and Iraq, 189 lawyers and scholars from 51 countries warned of the "potential for massive, and possibly irreversible, environmental destruction that may follow from the use of internationally unlawful methods and means of warfare against Iraq."

Military Rivalry 'Causes Friendly-fire Deaths'
(New Scientist)

In the first days of the US and British invasion of Iraq, an American Patriot missile shot down a British Tornado fighter-bomber, while near Basra one British Challenger tank destroyed another. Then in a disturbing echo of events in the 1991 Gulf War, an American A-10 plane destroyed a British armored vehicle. At first sight these look like inevitable accidents, triggered by technological failures of 21st-century military technology. But the truth may lie deeper.

The Iraq Invasion: An Uneven Battle
(The New Scientist)

"In terms of conventional warfare, any conflict between Iraq and the US would be a total mismatch," says Jeremy Binnie, Middle East Editor for Janes Sentinel Security Assessment. Iraq's armed forces are estimated at 389,000 (army 350,000, navy 2,000, air force 20,000 and air defense 17,000). Its paramilitary forces are thought to number around 44,000, and reserves 650,000 (Source: International Institute for Strategic Studies). Despite their smaller numbers, allied ground combat units would be supported by aircraft such as the B-52, B-1B bombers, AC-130 and helicopter gunships.

The Environmental Consequences of War: Legal, Economic, and Scientific Perspectives
(Cambrige Books)

This book brings together leading international lawyers, military officers, scientists, and economists to examine the legal, political, economic, and scientific implications of wartime damage to the natural environment and public health. The book considers issues raised by the application of humanitarian norms and legal rules designed to protect the environment, and the destructive nature of war.

Women on War: An International Anthology of Writings
(Feminist Press)

A new edition from the Feminist Press, NY, offers a timely collection by a brilliant assemblage of writers revealing women's unique perspectives on war. Seldom has literature more earnestly argued for world peace than in this international anthology, an eloquent response to global violence that features the work of social scientists, journalists, novelist, poets, essayists and ordinary citizens. It sweeps with authority through time and across national boundaries and ethnic divisions in search of "a science of peace." Edited and with an Introduction by Daniela Gioseffi

Pentagon Celebrates Earth Day
(DefenseLink.gov / US Deparement of Defense)

Fuel-cell-powered Armored Personnel Carriers, Anyone? The Pentagon acknowledged Earth Day on April 21 with several exhibits in its Center Courtyard and inside on the Concourse. This year's event, which was hosted by acting Navy Secretary H. T. Johnson, offered an opportunity to view the latest in fuel cell vehicles and technologies. Technical experts from auto manufacturers and their suppliers, the military services, and other federal agencies will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate products.

Israeli Scientist Boycotts US over Iraq

Daniel Amit, an Israeli physicist at the University of Rome critical of the US invasion of Iraq, has refused to review a manuscript intended for publication in Physical Review E. Amit announced that he will no longer correspond with any American institution, because the "wanton killing of the type and scale not seen since the raids on American Indians" demonstrates that US science is advancing "barbarism,,,, Science cannot stay neutral."

Inside Nasiriya's Looted Orphanages

(April 21, 2003) BBC News Online – As soon as the fighting stopped, all three of the orphanages in Nasiriya were trashed by looters. Bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms were stripped of everything including the piping. Before the war, there were three orphanages in Nasiriya – one each for boys, girls and infants. Now a British aid agency called War Child is helping to re-open one of them. War Child is one of only a handful of relief agencies working in Nasiriya. To tempt back workers to the children's home, it will pay the 32 staff a salary for the coming three months.

Pentagon Rules-out Radioactive Clean-up in Iraq
(BBC News Online)

A United Nations study found DU contaminating air and water seven years after it was used. The US says it has no plans to remove the debris left over from depleted uranium (DU) weapons it is using in Iraq. It says no clean-up is needed, because research shows DU has no long-term effects. It says a 1990 study suggesting health risks to local people and veterans is out of date.

US Threatens Iraqi Scientists
(Islam Online)

CAIRO, April 12 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) – Appealing to the world community to protect them from the US aggression aimed at obliterating Iraq's minds, a number of Iraqi scientists and university professors sent an SOS e-mail complaining American occupation forces were threatening their lives.

Geneva Convention

The Geneva Convention is available on-line at the following link:

Local Officials Rise Up to Defy Patriot Act
(Washington Post)

ARCATA (April 21, 2003) — The northern California town of Arcata was one of the first cities to pass resolutions against global warming and a unilateral war in Iraq. Last month, it joined the rising chorus of municipalities opposing the US Patriot Act as a threat to the Bill of Rights. Arcata has become the first US city to pass an ordinance banning voluntary compliance with the Patriot Act. The Arcata ordinance may not be the last. Across the country, citizens have been forming Bill of Rights defense committees to fight the 342-page act. To date, 89 cities have passed resolutions condemning the Patriot Act, with at least a dozen more in the works and a statewide resolution against the act close to passing in Hawaii.

Voices from Baghdad's Streets
(BBC News Online)

Every day Iraqis come in droves to the Palestine Hotel, where the international media is based in Baghdad, and stand for hours at the barbed wire put there by the US Marines. Some are trying to get messages to the outside world, others to find work and some just to witness the spectacle that has descended on their city. BBC News Online's Martin Asser went to speak to them

Images of War
(BBC News Online)

The BBC has compiled an impressive set of still and video images from the US invasion of Iraq.

Preoccupied with Growing Tensions
(Asia Times)

One in a series of articles in the Asia Times, this "Iraq Notebook" dispatch captures the daily tension between US "liberators" and the occupied Iraqis.

Background on Bremer, Iraq’s New Overseer
(Working for Change)

In early May, L. Paul "Jerry" Bremer III replaced General Jay Garner as top administrator of Iraq. During the Clinton administreation, Bremee called for confrontations with Syria, Iran, and Sudan. Bremer has strong ties to neo-conservatives and helped run Henry Kissinger's consulting firm in the 1990s. Bremer has now postponed the formation of an Iraqi-led interim government indefinitely. [See: http://www.moveon.org/r?441]
http://http:/ /www.workingforchange.com/article.cfm?itemid=14966

Hans Blix Says US Was Bent on War
(The Guardian (London))

Chief UN |Weapons Inspector Hans has charged that the invasion of Iraq was a foregone conclusion months before the first shot was fired. Blix has blamed Britain and the US of planning the war "well in advance" and of "fabricating" evidence against Iraq to justify their campaign. Blix told the Spanish daily El Pais rhat "this war was planned well in advance" and Iraq was paying a "a very high price in terms of human lives and the destruction of a country." Blix stated that Bush misled him during a White House meeting last October, when he offered assurances that the US backed the work of the UN inspection team. At the time, Blix now charges, Bush was knowingly "working on engineering regime change." Blix now believes that finding weapons of mass destruction was simply a pretext for invading Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein.

Call for Congressional Action on Depleted Uranium

Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) has introduced legislation requiring studies on the health and environmental impact of depleted uranium (DU) munitions. The bill calls for a clean-up of DU sites inside the US.

Police Attack Anti-War Protesters

(April 7, 2003) – Oakland police fired rubber bullets and wooden pellets on Monday to disperse hundreds of anti-war protesters in what was believed to be the first such use against US protesters since the American-led war on Iraq began. Police bullets injured several longshoremen standing nearby.

Police Fire on Peaceful Protesters at the Oakland Docks
(Act Against War)

(April 7, 2003) – Several hundred protesters formed a community picket line April 7 at the Oakland docks to protest APL, a major shipper of military cargo that has a longstanding relationship with the defense department. The Oakland Police open fired on the protesters with rubber bullets and concussion grenades. Injuring up to 50 protesters, some seriously. Several longshoreman were also wounded.

Police Violence Shocks Activists
(San Jose Mercury News)

(April 7, 2003) San Jose Mercury News – Oakland police fired small bean bags, rubber bullets, wooden dowels, ``sting balls,'' concussion grenades, tear gas and other non-lethal weapons into the crowd as hundreds of anti-war protesters tried to block the entrance to APL Shipping at the Port of Oakland. At least a dozen demonstrators and nine longshoremen standing nearby were injured.

Iraq at Risk of Cholera Epidemic
(World Health Organization (WHO))

PARIS, April 7 (AFP) - Iraq is facing the risk of an outbreak of cholera or other infectious illnesses, as clean drinking water is scarce and hospitals are overwhelmed, a World Health Organization (WHO) spokeswoman warned Monday. "We see a great risk for the start of an epidemic, as the population has limited access to food and drinking water. An outbreak of cholera and respiratory infections is quite possible," said the WHO's Melanie Zipperer. "The hospitals in Baghdad are completely overflowing and could run low on medication or medical equipment. If the situation gets worse, we will have to face a humanitarian crisis," Zipperer told French news channel LCI.

The Danger of Cluster Bombs
(Amnesty International)

(April 10, 2003) – Amnesty International (AI) is deeply concerned about the reported use of cluster bombs by US forces in heavily populated areas. Despite repeated assurances from US and UK authorities that they would do everything possible to protect the Iraqi people, since March 20, hundreds of civilians have reportedly been killed. Some have been victims of cluster bombs. Amnesty International has called for: (1) an immediate moratorium on the use of cluster bombs by US/UK forces and on other inherently indiscriminate weapons, (2) an immediate end to unlawful tactics by Iraqi forces that endanger civilians; and (3) prompt and impartial investigations into civilian deaths. AI also is calling for an International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission to investigate incidents of alleged serious violations of international humanitarian law.

Disturbing Deaths of Civilians and Reporters
(UN Human Rights Commission Concerned about Civilian Deaths)

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Sergio Vieira de Mello, is deeply disturbed by reports of the increasing number of deaths of civilians in Iraq. The High Commissioner is also concerned that the fighting has killed some dozen journalists and that media locations have been hit. "The right to freedom of information is dealt a fatal blow whenever a journalist is killed or wounded," he said.

Worldwide Protests after US Attack on Iraq
(Islam Online)

When the Washington began its attack on Iraq, the US media turned its attention to the war. Meanwhile, massive anti-invasion protests were erupting in Greece, Spain, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Lebanon, Bangladesh and the US.

Assessing the Different Paths for Rebuilding Iraqr

Foreign Policy in Focus characterizes the possibilities for governing postwar Iraq, including the neo-conservative model, the Afghan model, and the Iraqi exile model.

AreWomen being Left out of the “New Iraq”?
(BBC News — World Edition)

The BBC News reports that Iraqi women are not being involved in the government, though they are among the most highly educated in the Middle East.

Iraq Invasion Spurs China to Prepare for Future US War

The Iraqi war has convinced the Chinese Communist Party leadership that it must prepare for some form of confrontation with the US "neo-imperialism." President Hu Jintao hinted earlier this year that China must "make good preparations before the rainstorm... and be in a position to seize the initiative." China's secretive Leading Group on National Security, has become alarmed by the Washington's growing unilateralism. People's Daily recently stated that US moves in the Middle East "have served the goal of seeking world-wide domination." Chinese strategists view the Iraq invasion as the first salvo in Washington's bid to "build a New World Order under US domination." Chinese strategists fear that Washington may undertake a military action against North Korea as early as this summer. After that will come US efforts to "tame" China. Many Chinese politicians and strategists believe that the bellicose actions of the Bush administration will compel Beijing to adopt "a more pro-active if not aggressive policy to thwart US. aggression."

Iraq Invasion Spurs China to Prepare for Future US War

The Iraqi war has convinced the Chinese Communist Party leadership that it must prepare for some form of confrontation with the US "neo-imperialism." President Hu Jintao hinted earlier this year that China must "make good preparations before the rainstorm... and be in a position to seize the initiative." China's secretive Leading Group on National Security, has become alarmed by the Washington's growing unilateralism. People's Daily recently stated that US moves in the Middle East "have served the goal of seeking world-wide domination." Chinese strategists view the Iraq invasion as the first salvo in Washington's bid to "build a New World Order under US domination." Chinese strategists fear that Washington may undertake a military action against North Korea as early as this summer. After that will come US efforts to "tame" China. Many Chinese politicians and strategists believe that the bellicose actions of the Bush administration will compel Beijing to adopt "a more pro-active if not aggressive policy to thwart US aggression."

Iraq Invasion Spurs China to Prepare for Future US War

The Iraqi war has convinced the Chinese Communist Party leadership that it must prepare for some form of confrontation with the US "neo-imperialism." President Hu Jintao hinted earlier this year that China must "make good preparations before the rainstorm... and be in a position to seize the initiative." China's secretive Leading Group on National Security, has become alarmed by the Washington's growing unilateralism. People's Daily recently stated that US moves in the Middle East "have served the goal of seeking world-wide domination." Chinese strategists view the Iraq invasion as the first salvo in Washington's bid to "build a New World Order under US domination." Chinese strategists fear that Washington may undertake a military action against North Korea as early as this summer. After that will come US efforts to "tame" China. Many Chinese politicians and strategists believe that the bellicose actions of the Bush administration will compel Beijing to adopt "a more pro-active if not aggressive policy to thwart US. aggression."

Nuclear-powered Robot Spy Plane on US Drawing Board
(New Scientist)

The US Air Force is considering the design of a nuclear-powered version of its Global Hawk unmanned aircraft. Such a remote-controlled vehicle could "loiter" in the air for months, striking at will when a target comes into its sights. But the plan has raised concerns about the wisdom of flying radioactive material in a combat aircraft. If a nuclear-powered drone were shot down, would that have the same effect as detonating a "dirty bomb"?

Background on Bremer, Iraq’s New Overseer
(Working for Change)

In early May, L. Paul "Jerry" Bremer III replaced General Jay Garner as top administrator of Iraq. During the Clinton administreation, Bremee called for confrontations with Syria, Iran, and Sudan. Bremer has strong ties to neo-conservatives and helped run Henry Kissinger's consulting firm in the 1990s. Bremer has now postponed the formation of an Iraqi-led interim government indefinitely. [See: http://www.moveon.org/r?441]
http://http:/ /www.workingforchange.com/article.cfm?itemid=14966




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