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April 4, 2003
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Stones to Drones: A Short History of War on Earth
(Gar Smith / World Beyond War #NoWar2017)

War is humanity's deadliest activity. From 500 BC to AD 2000 history records more than 1000 [1,022] major documented wars. In the 20th Century, an estimated 165 wars killed as many as 258 million people -- more than 6 percent of all the people born during the entire 20th century. WWII claimed the lives of 17 million soldiers and 34 million civilians. In today's wars, 75 percent of those killed are civilians -- mostly women, children, the elderly, and the poor.

No War 2017: War and the Environment
(David Swanson Remarks at #NoWar2017 conference on September 22, 2017)

What war and war preparations do to the earth has always been a hard topic to get at. Why would those who care about the earth want to take on the beloved and inspiring institution that brought us Vietnam, Iraq, the famine in Yemen, torture at Guantanamo, and 16 years of gruesome slaughter in Afghanistan? But the fact is that if war were moral, legal, and inexpensive, we would still need to abolish it because of the destruction that war and preparations for war do as the leading polluters of our natural environment.

US Has Killed 2,617 Civilians in Syria: Trump's Airstrikes Kill 17 in Libya
(New China / Xinhua.net & AntiWar.com)

A total of 2,617 civilians have been killed in the US-led anti-terror operations in Syria since late 2014, a monitor group reported Saturday. The death toll includes 615 children and 443 women, said the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Meanwhile, for the first time since Donald Trump's inauguration, the US has carried out airstrikes inside Libya, bombing what they described as an ISIS camp within central Libya, southeast of Sirte. 17 people were killed, and the US claimed all were ISIS.

Monumental Greed: Trump/Zinke's Plan for Drilling the Wilderness
(EcoWatch & Natural Resources Defense Council & The Sierra Club & The Grand Canyon Trust)

A leaked memo reveals how Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke secretly proposed opening publicly held national monuments powerful corporations seeking to expand drilling, logging, commercial fishing and other activities for private profit. Despite receiving 2.8 million public comments in support of our national monuments, Zinke has announced plans to change the way at least 10 of these treasured areas are managed -- and to shrink the boundaries of at least four of them.

The US-Trained Warlords Committing Atrocities in Afghanistan
(May Jeong / In These Times)

Investigative Report: In Afghanistan, residents of a village allege that dozens of civilian deaths were commited at the hands of a single US-trained strongman -- just one example of the "Afghan special forces" that the US has supported, armed and delegated to perform as its surrogate in America's longest-running war.

Under Trump, US Has Been Bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria at Record Pace
(AntiWar.com & Jennifer Wilson and Micah Zenko / Foreign Policy)

The candidate who once warned America about Hillary Clinton's hawkishness is turning into a war machine. US airstrikes in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are all at multi-year highs. In the last 193 days of the Obama presidency, there were 21 lethal counterterrorism operations in these countries. Trump has quintupled that number, with at least 92 such operations in Yemen, seven in Somalia, and four in Pakistan.

The Deadly Rain of Obama's Bombs
(Medea Benjamin / The Guardian)

In 2016 alone, the Obama administration dropped at least 26,171 bombs. This means that every day last year, the US military blasted combatants or civilians overseas with 72 bombs; that's three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day. While most of these air attacks were in Syria and Iraq, US bombs also rained down on people in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. That's seven majority-Muslim countries.

The Corporate Beneficiaries of the Warfare-Welfare State
(Tyler Durden / ZeroHedge & Ron Paul / The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity & BitOfNews.com)

Commentary: Congress long ago abandoned another primary duty -- preventing presidents from launching military attacks without first obtaining a congressional declaration of war. The uncomfortable question raised by Congress's abrogation of these two key functions is whether a republican form of government is compatible with a welfare-warfare state.

Is Trump About to Repeat George W. Bush's Worst Mistake: Starting an Unnecessary War?
(Michael H. Fuchs / The Guardian)

Commentary: In 2003, the US initiated perhaps the greatest strategic disaster in US history by diverting attention . . . to an unnecessary war in Iraq. That war resulted in hundreds of thousands dead and wounded, untold economic catastrophe, states in the Middle East in ruin, and the rise of ISIS. Donald Trump's first speech before the UN general assembly made clear that he wants to take America down a similar path by starting an unnecessary conflict with Iran.

Iran Is in Compliance: It's Trump Who Would Be Violating the Iran Nuclear Deal
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Win Without War)

Trump has called the historic Iran Deal an "embarrassment." But what's really embarrassing is Trump's lies about the nuclear deal -- said in front of an institution that the US helped build in the name of diplomacy and peace. If Trump breaks the deal and once again destroys our nation's credibility on the global stage, no one will trust us to honor our word in future diplomatic agreements -- which means that you can kiss diplomacy with North Korea goodbye.

Trump to Flood the World with Weapons While Don Jr. Lobbies for Silencers
(Mike Stone and Matt Spetalnick / Reuters & Chris Carr / Everytown for Gun Safety)

The Trump administration is preparing to make it easier for US gun makers to sell small arms, including assault rifles and ammunition, to foreign buyers. Aides to Donald Trump are completing a plan to shift oversight of international non-military firearms sales from the State Department to the Commerce Department. While the State Department is concerned about international threats to stability and maintains tight restrictions on weapons deals, the Commerce Department typically focuses more on markets and profits.

Pentagon Ignores Trump's Orders: Moves Ahead with Obama-era Climate Preparation Plan
(Lorraine Chow / EcoWatch & Alex Kirby / Climate Change Network)

Unlike his White House boss, Defense Sec. Jim Mattis does not believe that climate change is a "hoax" invented by the Chinese. The Pentagon has warned for years that climate change is a "national security threat." Despite Trump's orders, the agency continues to take steps to help the military navigate and prepare for the impacts of a warming planet. Faced with loss of its coastal bases to rising seas, the department is still preparing for the effects of climate change -- even though Trump told them to stop.

Naomi Klein: We Are Seeing the Shock Doctrine In Effect After Hurricanes Harvey & Irma
(Amy Goodman and Naomi Klein / Democracy Now!)

We have these hurricanes, past and the coming ones, with extreme fires, storms, droughts, and massive floods -- 1,300 dead in South Asia now from floods -- and yet Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are hardly mentioning the word "climate change" when it comes to these horrific events, at the same time they are spending 24 hours a day reporting on these manifestations of climate chaos. This is the extreme world -- we're catching a glimpse of it -- that we've been warned about.

The Powerful Corporations that Influence Washington's Climate Policy
(Lorraine Chow / EcoWatch & Climate Nexus )

For better or worse, corporations have a major influence on climate change policy. Koch Industries, a multinational owned by billionaires Charles and David Koch, has contributed hundreds of millions to candidates and lobbying over the last 25 years. The data shows the climate policy agenda is being driven by a small number of massive global corporations. Meanwhile, Investing giant Vanguard has voted to require ExxonMobil to include more detailed assessments of how climate policies impact its bottom line.

ACTION ALERT: ABC Silent on Climate Change
(David Z. Morris / Fortune & Public Citizen & Fareed Zakaria / CNN)

As a brutal hurricane season continues to batter the Caribbean and the United States, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks it might be too late to save coastal cities from the effects of climate change. "I worry that we might not be able to recover from this because all our greatest cities are on the oceans and water's edges, historically for commerce and transportation," deGrasse Tyson said.

California Cities, Counties Sue Oil Companies over Climate Change
(Timothy Cama / The Hill & Natasha Geiling / ThinkProgress)

San Francisco and Oakland, Calif., are suing five major oil companies, blaming them for the effects of climate change. The cities announced Wednesday they each filed a lawsuit in their respective county courts against Chevron Corp., ConocoPhillips Co., ExxonMobil Corp., Royal Dutch Shell and BP. The lawsuits by add to an emerging legal strategy to try to hold individual fossil fuel companies responsible for rising sea levels, extreme weather and other effects of human-induced climate change.

51 Countries (and Counting) Ratify UN Nuclear Weapons Ban
(AntiWar.com & World Beyond War & Susi Snyder / PAX & National Public Radio)

Nuclear weapons are terrifying. A blinding flash, a burning wind, the sound of a thousand thunderstorms, a cry for water too poisoned to drink, for help that isn't coming, only to end by begging for death. Those are the realities of nuclear weapons. We cannot allow these 15,000 doomsday weapons to endanger our world and our children's future. Under the ban's language, it takes effect 90 days after the 50th nation ratifies it. Only the nuclear powers reject this ban.

Pentagon Builds First Permanent US Base in Israel
(Judah Ari Gross / The Times of Israel)

For the first time in history, the US on Monday established an official, permanent military base in Israel: an air defense base in the heart of the Negev desert. Dozens of US Air Force soldiers will call home the new base, located inside the Israeli Air Force's Mashabim Air Base, west of the towns of Dimona and Yerucham. The "base within a base" will be run by the US military's European Command (EUCOM). It includes barracks, offices and support services.

The Risk of Nuclear War With North Korea: On the Ground in Pyongyang
(Evan Osnos / The New Yorker )

Could Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump goad each other into a devastating confrontation? Donald Trump's unhinged threats to launch a "preventive war" against North Korea risk abandoning the one thing that has prevented war in the past -- US restraint. Trump's new rhetoric of threats risks unleashing a spiral of hostility in which neither side intends to start a war but escalating intimidation leads to ever-more-aggressive behavior. Trump and Kim may goad each other into the very conflict that they are both trying to avoid.

Trump Calls for War Crime at UN Speech; Preaches Nationalism over Unity
(Michael Harthorne / Newser & Sarah D. Wire / The Los Angeles Times & Julian Borger / The Guardian)

In his first speech in front of the UN General Assembly, President Trump threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea and its "rocket man" Kim Jong Un. ABC's chief foreign correspondent accused Trump of using "WWE rhetoric" to lob an "immoral threat" in front of the world's political leaders. Terry Moran says mulling the destruction of a country of 25 million people "borders on the threat of committing a war crime." The speech was greeted mostly with silence and occasional outbreaks of disapproving murmurs

Trump Invites United Nations to Destroy His Enemies
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Phil Stewart and Idrees Ali / Reuters & The White House)

Donald Trump demanded that the UN Security Council come together and make more moves against North Korea, adding it "is an outrage" that any nations are trading with North Korea at all because of their "reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons." In the course of criticizing North Korea, however, nuclear weapons were scarcely mentioned. Any conflict on the Korean peninsula could easily result in a degree of bloodshed unseen since the 1950-53 Korean War, which claimed the lives of millions of Koreans.

$700 Billion for DOD and Trump Wants a Big Military Parade, Too
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com &Richard Lardner / Associated Press & )

In an 89-8 vote, the Senate overwhelmingly passed the National Defense Authorization Act, a $700 billion military spending bill. The bill still needs to be reconciled with the House version before it goes to the White House for signature. Meanwhile, Donald Trump wants to flaunt US military might in North Korea-style displays of force. Having added military vehicles to his inauguration, Trump now wants the US military to "come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue" with parades of weapons in DC and New York, as well.

ACTION ALERT: "Whose Streets? Our Streets!" St Louis Police Are Out of Control
(Color of Change & Hayley Miller, Ryan J. Reilly / The Huffington Post)

Commentary: Police are out of control in St. Louis and the Mayor has done nothing to stop them. Over the weekend of protests following the not-guilty verdict absolving Jason Stockley of accountability in the death of Anthony Lamar Smith, police taunted protesters with Ferguson-era chants like "Whose streets? Our streets?" -- imitating the neo-nazi terrorists in Charlottesville. Police also fired at protesters with rubber bullets, trampled an older woman, and pepper-sprayed people who tried to help her.

Beyond Harvey and Irma: Militarizing Homeland Security in the Climate-Change Era
(Tom Englehardt / TomDispatch & Michael T. Klare / TomDispatch)

The US just experienced its largest rainfall event in memory. For the first time in recorded weather history, two category 4 hurricanes hit in a single season (not yet over). And San Francisco experienced an unheard of 106 degree day. This as the new face of homeland security: containing the damage to our seacoasts, forests, and cities caused by extreme weather events made all the more frequent and destructive by climate change. This is a "war" without a name, but it will be no less real for that.

Global Warring is Warming: How Militarism Contributes to Climate Destabilization
(Kim Carlyle / The War Crimes Times @ Veterans for Peace)

Carbon-based fuels power the planet's more than one billion automobiles and other modes of transportation and provide for the manufacture of consumer goods and heating and air conditioning -- all for the world's affluent. And this polluting fuel is also used for the machines of war. This profligate consumption of oil and coal releases more than 30 gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere each year. Today, a new and clearly recognized cause for war has emerged: climate change.

In this Korean Crisis, Trump's Bullying Tactics Aren't Working and Never Will
(Michael Payne / Nation of Change)

Many experts in world affairs believe that if it were not for America's highly aggressive military agenda that has been aimed at North Korea for many decades, that that nation would never have initiated a nuclear development program. More and more psychiatrists and associated mental health experts are issuing warnings about Trump's mental state. What's going to happen if this president, in some fit of rage, loses control and gives the order to launch an attack, possibly a nuclear one, on North Korea?

ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress to Protect our Public Lands
(Sierra Club & Juliet Eilperin / The Washington Post)

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has recommended that Donald Trump modify 10 national monuments created by his immediate predecessors, shrink the borders of four national monuments, and open six other national monuments to mining, drilling, logging, and commercial fishing. Zinke's memorandum is silent on the fate of the remaining 11 monuments, including Papahanaumokuakea, which Bush created but Obama expanded to more than 582,578 square miles of land and sea in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Beyond Harvey and Irma: Militarizing Homeland Security in the Climate-Change Era
(Tom Engelhard and Michael T. Klare / TomDispatch)

Deployed to Houston to assist in Hurricane Harvey relief, US troops hadn't even completed their assignments when they were hurriedly dispatched to Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands to face Irma, the fiercest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. This is the new face of homeland security -- containing the damage to US coasts, forests, and other areas wracked by extreme weather made all the more frequent and destructive thanks to climate change. It is a "war" the Trump White House fails to acknowledge.

The American Military: Deployed Everywhere and Winning Nowhere
(Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch)

In 2007, the Government Accountability Office found that the Pentagon could not account for nearly 30% of the weapons it had distributed in Iraq since 2004 -- about 200,000 guns. Similar stories could be told about Afghanistan, another country where US weaponry has disappeared in remarkable quantities. Someday, historians will have to ask one question above all: Why, year after year, in the face of obvious and repetitive failure, was no one in Washington capable of imagining another course of action?

New Book: 27 Psychiatrists Assess The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump
(Bill Moyers / Moyers and Company)

The US president has particular powers. This makes Donald Trump the most dangerous man in the world. He's equally dangerous because of his finger on the nuclear trigger and because of his mind ensconced in solipsistic reality. The two are a dreadful combination. There will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, the work of 27 psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health experts to assess Trump's mental health.

The Noble Cause Principle Is a Total Lie

A powerful and fundamental belief has marked US history: it is the Exceptional Nation chosen to lead the world. This belief is the essential foundation for the Noble Cause principle that justifies US foreign policy.

US Wars and Hostile Actions: A List
(David Swanson / Let's Try Democracy)

Since World War II, during a supposed golden age of peace, the United States military has killed some 20 million people, overthrown at least 36 governments, interfered in at least 82 foreign elections, attempted to assassinate over 50 foreign leaders, and dropped bombs on people in over 30 countries. The United States is responsible for the deaths of 5 million people in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and over 1 million just since 2003 in Iraq.

EPA Head Ignores Climate Change: Scott Pruitt Says It's Not the Time to Talk Climate Change
(Philip Bump / The Washington Post)

In an interview in March, Scott Pruitt denied the scientific consensus that human activity was driving the warmer climate -- a denial that suggested he would curtail the EPA's efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Once confirmed by the Senate, Pruitt got to work reshaping the agency in precisely that way. In April, the organization's page on climate change was removed; in May, a page focused on educating children was as well.

Egypt Gags Torture Report; Censors Criticism of Its Human Rights Abuses
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Nadine Awadalla / Reuters & Human Rights Watch)

Egypt's military junta has continued its growing media censorship Thursday with a ban on the Human Rights Watch website. This ban appears to have been related to a report released the day before, which the junta was furious about. The report, titled "We Do Unreasonable Things Here," details torture, arbitrary detentions, and disappearances since Egypt's summer 2013 military coup. It tells the story through the accounts of several different detainees.

Have We Been Deceived Over Syrian Sarin Attack? How a Pesticide Caused Mass Casualties in Khan Sheikhoun
(Gareth Porter / Alternet & AntiWar.com)

The United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria issued a report this September that reinforced the official narrative that the Syrian air force dropped a bomb containing nerve gas sarin on the insurgent-controlled town of Khan Sheikhoun, Syria on April 4. But a months-long investigation by AlterNet into the questions around the attack raise serious questions about whether a sarin bomb was the source of the deaths.

New Book: 27 Psychiatrist Assess The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump
(Bill Moyers / Moyers and Company)

The US president has particular powers. This makes Donald Trump the most dangerous man in the world. He's equally dangerous because of his finger on the nuclear trigger and because of his mind ensconced in solipsistic reality. The two are a dreadful combination. There will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, the work of 27 psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health experts to assess Trump's mental health.

'Vietnam War': New Documentary Is Powerful, Flawed and Necessary
(David Wiegand / San Francisco Chronicle)

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's PBS documentary, "The Vietnam War," comprises 18 hours organized in 10 parts airing over the course of nearly two weeks. It feels both overwhelming and, counterintuitively, somewhat insufficient, because no matter how much testimony we hear, see and read about the war, the question of "For what?" will always remain. Nearly 60,000 Americans and more than a million Vietnamese died in a war that every president since Dwight Eisenhower said privately was a futile effort.

ACTION ALERT: Demand Fossil Fuel Companies Pay for Hurricane Destruction!
(Naomi Ages / Greenpeace USA & Max Greenwood / The Hill & Sarah van Gelder / Yes! Magazine)

Right before Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida, and while Texas was still recovering from Harvey, EPA chief Scott Pruitt grabbed the media stage to deny climate change yet again. He said it's "insensitive" to talk about climate during a hurricane! We can't sit back and make Pruitt's fossil fuel industry backers happy. Fossil fuel-fueled climate change made Harvey and Irma stronger. And that's why the oil and gas giants must be made to pay for the costs of fighting wildfires and recovering from hurricanes.

Military Defies Trump's Orders: Pentagon Plans for Addressing Climate Change
(Lorraine Chow / EcoWatch)

Unlike his White House boss, Defense Sec. Jim Mattis does not believe that climate change is a "hoax" invented by the Chinese. The Defense Department has warned for years that climate change is a national security threat and, despite President Trump's orders, the agency continues to take steps to help the military prepare for the impacts of a warming planet. In an unprecedented act of defiance, the Pentagon is continuing to prepare to deal with the effects of climate change -- even though Trump told them to stop.

Trump to Aim Oil-seeking Airgun Blasts on Atlantic Whales, Dolphins
(Mike Gaworecki / Mongabay)

The Trump Administration has taken steps to open up the US' Atlantic waters to offshore oil exploration and drilling, sparking fierce resistance up and down the coast. Oil exploration involves vessels armed with airguns blasting intense bursts of noise into the water every 10 to 12 seconds to determine what resources might lie beneath the ocean floor -- blasts so loud they can be heard underwater as far as 2,500 miles away. The blasting can go on for months. Such blasts can prove deadly to marine mammals.

The Freeze-for-Freeze Solution: An Alternative to Nuclear War
(Gar Smith / WorldBeyondWar.org & The Free Press)

Over recent years, Washington has imposed sanctions on a wide array of targets -- Syria, Russia, Crimea, Venezuela, Hezbollah -- with negligible results. Kim Jong-un is not the kind personality that responds well to sanctions. And yet, in the past, North Korea has approached Washington with diplomatic invitations to end to hostilities. In 1994, President Clinton and the DPRK signed an "Agreed Framework" to halt to the North's production of plutonium. But George W. Bush breached the accord.

Most of the Proposed House Budget Goes for War
(World Beyond War & The Hill & National Priorities Project & USA TODAY)

By a vote of 211-198, the House passed a $1.2 trillion package of spending bills to fund wide swaths of the federal government, ranging from the Department of Homeland Security to the Environmental Protection Agency. Under the GOP budget, that's $696 billion for war and $523 billion everything else -- a 57% cut for war (up from 54% last year). It's closer to 64% of the budget if you include funds for nuclear weapons which are channeled through the Department of Energy.

NASA Celebrates: Prepares to Contaminate Saturn with Deadly Plutonium
(Karl Grossman / Nation of Change)

The crashing of the nuclear power-energized Cassini space probe into Saturn -- a process that began on April 22, Earth Day -- will culminate on September 15. The probe -- containing more deadly plutonium than has ever been used on a space device -- will then reach Saturn's atmosphere and disintegrate as it plummets to Saturn. NASA has insisted that nuclear power is needed for deep space missions beyond the orbit of Mars. However, that has been proven false by NASA's solar-powered Juno spacecraft.

ACTION ALERT: US Foreign Military Bases Aren't for
(Thomas Knapp / AntiWar.com & CounterPunch & Coalition Against US Foreign Military Bases & Socorro Gomes / World Peace Council)

Commentary: The maintenance of nearly 1,000 US military bases on foreign soil isn't just a nightmare for peaceniks. It's also also an objective threat to US national security. Defensively, scattering US military might piecemeal around the world -- especially in countries where the populace resents that military presence -- multiplies the number of vulnerable American targets. Shutting down those foreign bases and bringing the troops home are essential first steps in creating a functional national defense.

ACTION ALERT: Civil Society Calls for Diplomacy to Deal with Korea Nuclear Crisis
(Basel Peace Office & The Korea Herald & Abolition 2000 )

Launching a "preventive" military attack against North Korea would not resolve the nuclear threat in the region, it would only "make matters much worse." 110 organisations and over 200 civil society representatives from 44 countries are calling on the US and North Korea to step back from the brink of war in North East Asia and adopt a diplomatic approach to prevent war. We call for the immediate commencement of negotiations to prevent a military conflict from erupting, and to resolve the underlying conflicts.

Diplomacy With North Korea Has Worked Before, and Can Work Again
(Tim Shorrock / The Nation)

At some point, the United States is going to have to sit down with Kim's representatives and seek to hammer something out that will put the North on the path to denuclearization -- or accept it as a nuclear power and seek to temper its program.

The Time for Debate Is Over: Climate Change Is Happening Now!
(Bill McKibben / The Guardian & Raghu Karnad / The Guardian)

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, flash fires, droughts: all of them tell us one thing – "We need to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and fast!" Climate change is here. Extreme weather has created tens of thousands of refugees from their homes in the US. Meanwhile, in India, Mumbai, Assam and other regions have been devastated by extreme flooding. With one-third of Bangladesh under water displaced citizens were demanding: "The powers that be must adjust, and fast!"

US Solar Industry Sees Phenomenal Growth
(Solar Energy Industries Association & EcoWatch)

The US solar market continued its years-long expansion in the second quarter of 2017 as the industry installed 2,387 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaics (PV), the largest total in a second quarter to date. This tops Q1's total and represents an 8 percent year-over-year gain. Last year, solar companies added jobs 17 times faster than the rest of the economy and increased our GDP by billions of dollars.

United Nations: Enablers of 'Aggressive War'
(Robert Parry / Consortium News)

Commentary: Many people still want to believe that the United Nations engages in impartial investigations. But trust in UN agencies is no longer well placed. While UN investigative reports -- like a new one condemning Syria for alleged sarin use -- are received as impartial and credible, they often are just more war propaganda from compromised bureaucrats.

Climate Change Could Extinguish Vital Parasites that Support Life on Earth
(Amy Goodman and Colin Carlson / Democracy Now!)

As the United States continues to deal with unprecedented floods and hurricanes, a new study has revealed climate change is also driving the mass extinction of parasites that are critical to natural ecosystems, and could add to the planet's sixth great mass extinction event that's currently underway -- about a third of all parasite species could go extinct by 2070 due to human activity. The loss could have profound ripple effects on the environment and might pave the way for disastrous health outcomes.

Torture, Beatings, Rape: Egypt Censors Report on Government's Human Rights Abuses
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Nadine Awadalla / Reuters & Human Rights Watch)

Under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt's regular police and National Security officers routinely torture political detainees with techniques including beatings, electric shocks, stress positions, and sometimes rape. The free press no longer exists under al-SIsi and some 424 different websites, mostly media with some human rights groups, are now subject to junta censorship.

URGENT ACTION ALERT: Senate to Vote on Amendment to Repeal President's War Authorization
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Rand Paul / Rare Politics)

Sen. Rand Paul's push for a vote on his amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act -- which allows a president to declare a war without congressional action as required by the US Constitution -- appears to have been successful, and such a vote will take place after all. There is no formal time set for the vote, but it's expected Wednesday in the late morning. Contact your Senators.

Saudi Government Allegedly Funded a 'Dry Run' for 9/11
(Paul Sperry / The New York Post )

Fresh evidence submitted in a major 9/11 lawsuit moving forward against the Saudi Arabian government reveals its embassy in Washington may have funded a "dry run" for the hijackings carried out by two Saudi employees, further reinforcing the claim that employees and agents of the kingdom directed and aided the 9/11 hijackers and plotters.

Crime and Punishment: Will the 9/11 Case Finally Go to Trial?
(Andrew Cockburn / Letters from Washington @ Harper's Magazine)

After years of glacial legal progress, the momentous charge that our Saudi allies enabled and supported the most devastating act of mass murder on American soil may now be coming to a resolution. Thanks to a combination of court decisions, congressional action, and the disclosure of long-sequestered government records, it appears increasingly likely that our supposed friend and peerless weapons customer will finally face its accusers in court.

Trump Hints at a 'Mini-Nuclear' War: Instead of Missiles, North Korea Launches a Party
(Brian Bender / Politico & Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com)

The Trump administration is considering proposing smaller, more tactical nuclear weapons that would cause less damage than traditional thermonuclear bombs -- a move that would give military commanders more options but could also make the use of atomic arms more likely.

America's War against Freedom: Prison Slavery & the Attica Rebellion
(David A Love and Vijay Das / Al Jazeera & Shaun Gude / Jacobin Magazine)

The US has the world's highest incarceration -- 760 people per 100,000. Between 1999-2010 the use of private prisons increased by 40% at the state level and by 784% at the federal prison level. This rapid expansion is the subject of much debate and has been termed the "Prison-Industrial Complex." Prisoner abuse runs rampant and constitutes a modern-day version of slavery. The 1,300 Attica Prison inmates who rebelled on September 9, 1971 remain a symbol of resistance in the face of institutional injustice.

UK Unions to Vote on Public Ownership of Energy
(The Campaign Against Climate Change & Trade Unions for Energy Democracy)

As the impacts of climate change are increasingly felt, urgent action is needed. Yet UK Prime Minister Theresa May's weak and divided government puts deregulation first. And Donald Trump's outright climate denial protects the interests of fossil fuel oligarchs behind false promises of jobs for workers. But the Campaign Against Climate Change believes that another world is possible, with workers leading the transition to a low carbon economy.

New Study: Greenhouse Emissions Linked to Fossil Fuel Companies
(Dan Rather / Facebook & Farron Cousins / Nation of Change)

The data provided in this report could likely become one of the most valuable tools in the fight to hold corporations accountable for the harm they have caused to the planet. Documents have shown that ExxonMobil knew about the damage that fossil fuel emissions were causing to the environment in the 1970s and covered up the damage that fossil fuel companies were inflicting on the planet. This cover-up could result in lawsuits against the oil giant.

Climate Denialism Was Literally Killing Us While Exxon Hid the Truth
(Mark Hertsgaard / The Nation & Connor Gibson / EcoWatch)

Multiply the death and destruction Hurricane Harvey a hundredfold to comprehend the scale of devastation in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, where a staggering 16 million children "are in urgent need of life-saving support" after "torrential monsoon rains and catastrophic flooding." Meanwhile, a breakthrough study from Harvard reveals how Exxon covered up its climate-disrupting pollution with an extensive propaganda campaign designed to destroy public trust in climate change science.

Deforestation Has Double the Effect on Global Warming Than Previously Thought
(Aristos Georgiou / International Business Times & Rainforest Alliance)

In the fight against climate change, much of the focus rests on reducing dependence on fossil fuels and developing alternative energy sources. However, the results of a new study suggest that far more attention should be paid to deforestation, the effects of which make a much larger contribution to climate change than previously thought. Forests are home to two-thirds of the world's plants and animals. In the biodiversity-rich tropics, deforestation results in the extinction of an estimated 100 species per day.

Bill McKibben on Hurricanes and the Dangerous New Planet We Have Created
(Democracy Now & The Huffington Post & The New York Times)

Hurricane Irma is the most powerful storm ever recorded over the Atlantic. Houston -- the nerve center of the world hydrocarbon industry -- has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey, one of the most powerful hurricanes in US history. The Pacific Northwest is aflame with wildfires raging over hundreds of thousands of acres. Suddenly, our once-familiar planet is melting, drying, acidifying, flooding, and burning in ways that no human has ever seen. We have, in effect, created a new, and increasingly dangerous planet.

ACTION ALERT The Politicians Who Voted Against Hurricane Relief
(Brad Johnson / Climate Hawks)

In the wake of tens of billions of dollars of damage from Hurricane Harvey, 107 members of Congress in the Senate and House -- including 4 from Texas -- voted "NO" on an aid package to help survivors in the Gulf and to keep FEMA funded. Their excuse? They wanted the cost of this disaster relief to threaten a government shutdown in order to secure tax cuts for billionaire polluters while making the rest of America suffer the consequences of rampant climate change and an entrenched oligarchy.

How 'Regime Change' Wars Led to the Korea Crisis
(Robert Perry / Consortium News)

The US-led aggressions against Iraq and Libya are two war crimes that keep on costing, with their grim examples of what happens to leaders who get rid of WMDs driving the scary showdown with North Korea

US Economic Sanctions Are an Act of War
(Jacob G. Hornberger / The Future of Freedom Foundation)

If any Third World nations targeted by US sanctions or embargoes were First World nations, there is little doubt that they would respond with a military counterattack against the United States. Few nations are going to permit another nation to intentionally target and kill their citizenry, either by bombs or sanctions.

Trump Sends Billions to Bahrain Dictators to Suppress Freedom
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Mike Stone / Reuters & Amnesty International)

The US State Department has approved $3.8 billion in weapons sales to the tiny island nation of Bahrain. Congress held up a similar sale last year over Bahrain's many, many human rights problems. The $3.8 billion sale is almost entirely going to Lockheed Martin, who will be providing 19 F-16V fighter jets, along with substantial upgrades to the nation's existing fleet of F-16s. Raytheon will be selling 221 anti-tank missiles to go with it.

The Lofoten Declaration: 220 Organizations Call for Rapid, Global Transition to Achieve Low Carbon Future
(Julia Conley / Common Dreams)

As scientists stress that climate change has fueled to the enormous strength of hurricanes that have flooded Houston, devastated the Caribbean, and now threatens Florida, a coalition of more than 220 organizations called for a "managed decline of fossil fuel production" with an immediate end to new oil, gas, and coal development. The Lofoten Declaration demands "unprecedented action to avoid the worst consequences of our dependence on oil, coal, and gas."

ACTION ALERT: Rising Seas -- Brought To You By ExxonMobil
(The Union of Concerned Scientists / Special to Environmentalists Against War)

As Hurricane Harvey finally retreats from the Gulf Coast and Hurricane Irma threatens Florida's coastline, communities are surveying the devastating damage done by these storms. After extreme weather events, communities face years of recovery and costly rebuilding. As the costs add up, it raises the question: Who should be held accountable for the costs being borne by communities across the United States?

122 Nations -- Including North Korea -- Vote to Ban Nuclear Bombs
(Alice Slater /The Nation & In Depth News & Pressenza)

On July 7, 2017, a UN Conference mandated by the UN General Assembly negotiated a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons, the only weapons of mass destruction yet to be banned. The US refused to sign, however, claiming a nuclear ban would cause "divisions at a time . . . of growing threats, including those from the DPRK's ongoing proliferation efforts." Ironically, North Korea is the only nuclear power to have voted for a treaty to ban atomic weapons.

ACTION ALERT: Congress to Consider Bill to Get Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future
(Katy Kiefer / Food & Water Action Fund)

This is the kind of transformational energy bill we've been waiting for. As we witness the devastation of Harvey and now Irma, our hearts are with the communities impacted by these terrible storms. With a warming climate, extreme weather catastrophes will become more frequent and deadly, with low-income areas and communities of color hit hardest. The Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act is based on the most recent science and is the strongest piece of climate legislation in Congress to date.

ACTION ALERT: Tell US to Join Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Possession
(The Action Network / World Beyond War)

The majority of the world's nations are proceeding with a treaty banning the possession of nuclear weapons. We need to tell every nation to sign on, including the nuclear nations, and including the US. With Trump pushing the US Congress to start funding former president Obama's one trillion dollar nuclear weapons and infrastructure program before he even completes the traditional expected "nuclear posture review," there is not one champion in the Senate or the Congress for nuclear abolition!

In the Wake of Hurricane Harvey: Now Is the Time to Talk About Climate Change
(Amy Goodman and Naomi Klein / Democracy Now!)

The World Meteorological Organization has declared that Hurricane Harvey's devastation is linked to climate change. All past US rainfall records have been shattered and the devastating storm is expected to bring even more rain to Louisiana and Texas in the coming days. And yet, the corporate networks have avoided linking the record-breaking storm to climate change. We examine storm coverage with Naomi Klein, best-selling author of "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate."

Why US Bases Make Okinawa, Guam Nuclear 'Targets'
(Jon Letman / Al Jazeera)

The pattern remains predictable: a defiant North Korean missile test followed by provocative war games, then another missile launch, more angry threats and warnings, followed by counter-threats and new sanctions, and now a sixth nuclear test and more severe warnings. The island of Guam has come into sharp focus with North Korea's announced plans to fire four Hwasong-12 ballistic missiles near the US territory in response to Donald Trump's threat to unleash "fire and fury" on Pyongyang.

The Korean Crisis: A Way Out
(Justin Raimondo / AntiWar.com)

The latest North Korea nuclear test coincides with hints that the Trump administration is demanding renegotiation of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement, and is preparing to withdraw from it. And therein lies a possible, albeit unintentional, resolution of the crisis on the peninsula where the relationship between South Korea and the US is unique in the history of empires -- i.e., in exchange for allowing US troops to occupy their territory, America's Asian protectorates have been granted tariff-free access to our markets.

Hundreds of South Korean Villagers Protest Installation of US THAAD Missiles
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Associated Press & Glenn Greenwald / The Intercept)

Public opposition to the deployment of a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense System missile defense system near a South Korean farming village has grown into major protests, with demonstrators coming out in force after the announcement the government was letting the US install four additional launchers. Some 38 people, including six police officers, were injured after thousands of police were sent to remove hundreds of protesters from a road leading to a former golf course where the THAAD was to be set up.

War, Hunger and Now Cholera: Yemen's Crisis Worsens
(Sudarsan Raghavan / The Washington Post & Megan O'Toole / Al Jazeera)

Last December, the main hospital in the city of Hajjah in northern Yemen had already received 200 suspected cases of cholera. The patients were being treated at a month-old cholera center supported by the World Health Organization. Today, the number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen has reached half a million and nearly 2,000 people have died. It is now the largest cholera epidemic in the world.

We Can't Be Silent on Climate Change or The Unsustainability of Capitalist System
(George Monbiot, Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh / Democracy Now!)

It is not only Donald Trump who censors the discussion of climate change; it is the entire body of polite opinion. This is why, though the links are obvious, most reports on Hurricane Harvey made no mention of the human contribution to it. In 2016, the hottest year on record, the US was hammered by climate-related disasters yet the total combined coverage for the entire year on the evening news on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox News amounted to 50 minutes. The issue of our lives has been blotted from the public’s mind.

Donald Trump's Reckless Response to North Korea's Nuclear Test
(Amy Davidson Sorkin / The New Yorker)

Commentary: It 's not clear what time Donald Trump, our restless President, was told of the latest North Korean nuclear test, which took place close to midnight Saturday, Washington time, but it only took until 7:30 A.M. for Trump to make an extremely dangerous and volatile situation worse. He did so, in part, by attacking South Korea -- a country at risk in any confrontation -- for a supposed lack of toughness. Even at a moment of historic crisis, Trump can't shake his bully's instincts.

Does Trump Want War? North Korea Offered Peace Deal; US Refused
(Son Daekwon / The Diplomat)

It appears clear that Pyongyang is willing to freeze its nuclear program in exchange for suspension of the US-South Korea joint military exercises. Pyongyang has repeatedly put forward the same idea through several channels. Washington, however, apparently ignored this proposal. Even when jointly proposed by China and Russia, Washington dismissed the mutual de-escalation deal as a "non-starter."

The Importance of Civilian Control of War in the Trump Era
(Derek Royden / Nation of Change)

Commentary: The long-standing argument about ensuring civilian control of the military has become more relevant than ever during the Trump presidency. The culture of most militaries doesn't normally reward creative thinking, at most times and in most places, it's a culture of 'yes men' who go along to get along.

UN Rights Chief: Trump's Attack on Press Is "Dangerous"
(Tharanga Yakupitiyage / Nation of Change)

Commentary: Freedom of the press is under attack in the US and could incite further violence against reporters, said a UN official. During a press conference, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein criticized US President Trump for attacking news organizations and expressed concern over the consequences of such rhetoric. Freedom of the press is now itself under attack from the President himself. "It's sort of a stunning turnaround. And ultimately . . . a dangerous one,"

Climate Breakdown: We Can No Longer Ignore the Science and the Evidence Before Us
(Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers / Nation of Change & Marlene Cimons / Nation of Change)

Climate breakdown is happening before our eyes. At the same time, the anti-science movement in the US which includes government officials, industry and others who deny climate change exists, provides cover for elected officials to do nothing or act inadequately on the urgent reality of climate chaos so that corporations continue to threaten the planet. There are 100 companies responsible for 71 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Good government would hold them responsible.

Hurricane Harvey's Lesson: Climate Change Has Become More Powerful than Government
(Charles P. Pierce / Esquire Magazine)

Commentary: Once, long ago, the conservative activist Grover Norquist famously said that he wanted to shrink "government" to a size at which it could be drowned in the bathtub. Well, people actually are drowning in Houston now, and so is the political philosophy that reached its height when Ronald Reagan said in his first inaugural that government wasn't the solution, but the problem itself. We all moved onto a political flood plain then, and we're being swept away.

US Infrastructure Collapsing While Govt. Pours Billions into 'The Black Hole of War'
(Michael Payne / Nation of Change)

The more taxpayer dollars that are sucked into that black hole of war the more cracks appear in the foundation of America, its national infrastructure, at the center of almost everything that goes on in America; from the transportation of goods to massive refineries shut down by Hurricane Harvey. Washington's ongoing obsession with war -- together with the massive costs of the US, military empire -- are contributing to a massive, widespread deterioration that is happening across America.

South Korea Simulates Attack on North's Nuclear Site: US Says North Is 'Begging for War'
(Foster Klug and Kim Tong-Hyung / Associated Press & Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com )

South Korean warships conducted live-fire exercises at sea Tuesday as Seoul continued its displays of military capability following US warnings of a "massive military response" after North Korea detonated its largest-ever nuclear test explosion. Washington and Seoul have agreed to develop more powerful weapons to boost attack the North with a "pre-emptive strike."

Nearly 60,000 Rohingya Refugees Flee Violence: Children 'Beheaded and Burned Alive'
(Agence France-Presse & BBC World News & Will Worley / The Independent)

Police in Bangladesh have reportedly begun ignoring government orders to stop the influx of Rohingyas fleeing violence in Myanmar, as the United Nations confirmed that 58,600 refugees have made it through the border crossing since violence erupted last week. Myanmar's security forces have launched a violent campaign against the country's minority Rohingya Muslim community in Rakhine State with thousands of homes burned down and civilians attacked by security forces.

ACTION ALERT: Stop Trump's Appointment of Climate-Denying Non-Scientist to Head NASA
(Joe Romm / ThinkProgress & RL Miller / Climate Hawks)

Donald Trump just nominated an anti-science climate denier to run NASA. Jim Bridenstine is not a scientist. He's a member of Congress with no experience in space. And he has an ugly history of anti-science rants. On the House floor in 2013, Bridenstine demanded President Obama apologize for dedicating federal resources to studying climate change, citing junk science and outright lies to justify his assertion that climate change isn't real.

The Stain of Yemen: US Support in Saudi War Remains Appalling
(The Editorial Board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Of the six wars that the US is involved in, Yemen is surely the most appalling, for at least three reasons. The first is the state that Yemen has been reduced to. It was the poorest country of the Middle East even before the war started. Now, its cities demolished by years of US-backed bombing by Saudi Arabia, it has experienced an estimated 16,200 deaths, many of them children and other civilians. It is now in the grip of malnutrition and a cholera epidemic, with an estimated 500,000 victims.

Oil Company Files Suit to Destroy Greenpeace Calling it an "Eco-Terrorist Organization"
(Amy Goodman, Annie Leonard, Tara Houska, and Antonia Juhasz / Democracy Now!)

The company that owns the Dakota Access pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners, has sued Greenpeace International, Earth First! and other environmental groups, accusing them of inciting "eco-terrorism" for their protests targeting construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The lawsuit is part of a well-organized corporate crackdown on environmental activists who dare to challenge the fossil fuel industry by exposing the reality of human-driven climate change.

AG Sessions Says Militarize Police to Fight Hurricanes and Confront Non-existent Spike in Crime
(Laura Finley / Peace Voice and Justice.gov & echDirt.com)

On August 28, the Trump administration announced it would lift President Obama's ban on programs to equip local law enforcement and school police with surplus military gear -- including armored vehicles, grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons and camouflage uniforms. Now Attorney Jeff Sessions has cited Hurricane Harvey and a bevy of questionable statistics to argue (unconvincingly) that cops need tanks and assault rifles to keep the peace and battle climate change.

Top General Forced to Admit He Ignored Growing US-caused Civilian Deaths
(Samuel Oakford / Foreign Policy & Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & David Alexander / Reuters)

Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, commanding general in Washington's war against the Islamic State has steadfastly ignored evidence that US forces have killed hundreds of innocent civilians. Independent monitors have blamed more than 1,900 civilian deaths in Raqqa on the US-led coalition since June 6. Finally, on September 1, facing mounting criticism, the Pentagon confirmed it had likely killed 61 Iraqi and Syrian civilians, raising the number of civilians it has acknowledged killing since the conflict began to 685.

Japan Polls Show Most People Oppose Shinzo Abe's Call for Pre-emptive Strike against North Korea
(Mari Yamaguchi / Associated Press)

Japan is debating whether to develop a limited pre-emptive strike capability and buy cruise missiles -- ideas that were anathema in the pacifist country before the North Korea missile threat. Japan's self-defense-only principle under the country's war-renouncing constitution prohibits its military from making a first strike. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has turned hesitant about discussing pre-emptive strikes, a position that is not popular among the majority of Japanese voters who favor Japan's pacifist policies.

Trump and Zinke Plot to Extinguish America's Parks and Monuments
(Derek Royden / Nation of Change)

Commentary: The quietness with which the Secretary of the Interior is doing his job might have the effect of making him, and others like Scott Pruitt (EPA) and Rick Perry (Dept. of Energy), who are taking a similar tack, that much more dangerous, as they proceed to gut their agencies and the regulations they're supposed to enforce. As the person in charge most federal lands (and programs involving the country's native peoples), Zinke is well-placed to open wild lands to oil, timber, and mining interests.

The "Freeze to Freeze" Solution: US Peace Delegation Calls for Immediate Response To North Korea's Offer to Freeze Its Nuclear Program
(Task Force to Stop THAAD in Korean and Militarism in Asia and the Pacific)

A delegation composed of Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK, Reece Chenault of US Labor Against the War, Will Griffin of Veterans for Peace, and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has returned from the Korean Peninsula with a call for the US and South Korea to refrain from hosting provocative "military exercises" and THAAD missile-defense escalations. Instead, the US should respond to North Korea's invitation to cease its nuclear program in return for an end to US military provocations and sanctions.

ACTION ALERT: Stop Pentagon's THAAD Base in South Korea
(Task Force to Stop THAAD in Korean and Militarism in Asia and the Pacific)

As residents of South Korea, the United States and the world, we are united in our fervent desire for a peaceful, just resolution of the extremely dangerous conflict on the Korean peninsula. We urge President Trump and President Moon to begin diplomatic dialogue with North Korea by freezing the upcoming US/South Korean military exercises in exchange for a freeze of North Korea's nuclear and missile testing.

Afghanistan: More of the Same but Wrapped in Secrecy
(Veterans for Peace)

Commentary: Donald Trump's recent speech on Afghanistan only promises more of the same disastrous policies that we have seen for 16 years -- except Trump wants to completely abandon pursuit of a political solution and shroud the war in a cloak of secrecy. Trump only knows how to divide and fear-monger. Now he is using fear of people in another country to wage endless war. Veterans For Peace calls for US troops to leave Afghanistan followed by a robust effort to pursue a political solution to end the war.

73 Years Ago, Vice President Henry A. Wallace Warned of the Rise of American Fascism
(Henry Scott Wallace / Peace in Our Times / Veterans for Peace & Henry A. Wallace / The New York Times)

The perfect type of fascist throughout recent centuries has been [a leader] who developed such hatred for other races and such allegiance to a military clique as to make him willing at all times to engage in any degree of deceit and violence necessary to place his culture and race astride the world. In every big nation of the world are at least a few people who have the fascist temperament. An American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings.

ACTION ALERT: Houston Hurricane -- A Harbinger of Climate Change
(Jim Hightower / Our Revolution)

Devastating floods along the Gulf Coast and across the world this week are not isolated incidents -- they are our new climate reality. We need members of Congress to take radical steps to combat the worst effects of climate change now before things get even worse. Senators Bernie Sanders and Jeff Merkley, and Representatives Tulsi Gabbard, Pramila Jayapaul, Raul Grijalva and many others have introduced legislation to transition our energy economy off of dangerous fossil fuels to renewable energy.

ACTION ALERT: Help Hurricane Recovery Efforts; Condemn Trump's Denial of Climate Change
(Reggie James / Sierra Club & Amanda Terkel / The Huffington Post & Petition / The Daily Kos)

Commentary: Our hearts are with those in Texas and Louisiana whose lives were affected by this horrific disaster. Meanwhile, for Donald Trump, Hurricane Harvey proved a golden opportunity to promote himself. Nearly every chance he gets, Trump brags about the size of his hurricane. He has repeatedly worn his own campaign merchandise (which is on sale at his website) to Hurricane Harvey events. Trump made no mention of the dead, suffering or displaced nor did he express any sympathy for them.

US Launches Missile Intercept Test; Calls for Bombing in the Waters Off Hawaii
(Missile Defense Agency News & William Cole / Honolulu Star-Advertiser & Jessica Else / The Garden Island)

The Missile Defense Agency and US Navy sailors aboard the USS John Paul Jones successfully conducted a missile defense flight test during a test off the coast of Hawaii. The US missile successfully intercept a medium-range ballistic missile using SM-6 guided missile. Meanwhile, the National Marine Fisheries Service has approved a five-year USAF plan for bombing practice at sea off Kauai. The munitions used are expected to increase impacts on whales and dolphins in the local waters.

Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan
(Book Review by Justin Raimondo / AntiWar.com)

After 16 years of writing about it, I thought I knew a lot about the war in Afghanistan, but Scott Horton's new book, "Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan," revealed how much I didn't know. Did you know that the Taliban tried desperately to surrender, offering to turn over Osama bin Laden to the country of Washington's choice -- but that George W. Bush would have none of it? In July 2001, the Taliban warned the White House that an attack on US soil was coming. The Bush team ignored the warning.

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