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April 4, 2003
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EAW's Breaking News archive

Exclusive: The US Has More Military Operations in Africa than the Middle East
(Nick Turse / Vice.com)

Over the last three years, the United States has conducted more than 30 named operations and activities in Africa. In 2017, US troops carried out an average of nearly 10 missions per day -- 3,500 exercises, programs, and engagements for the year -- across the African continent. There are now 34 US military outposts in at least African 33 countries.

NATO Aggression Reaches for Russian Waters
(Tony Cartalucci / Global Research & RT News)

The recent Kerch Strait incident marks a new low amid the US-led expansion of NATO eastward. The intentional provocation executed by Kiev saw three Ukrainian naval vessels seized by Russia. The vessels were intentionally violating the protocol for passing through the Strait -- previously agreed upon by Kiev and previously observed by Ukrainian naval vessels. Meanwhile, a photo has surfaced of Ukraine leader Petro Poroshenko posing with a soldier wearing a Nazi Waffen SS symbol on his uniform.

Bill McKibben Calls FBI Tracking of Environmental Activists "Contemptible"
(Steve Hanley / Clean Technica)

An investigation by The Guardian has revealed the FBI has targeted members of 350.org -- the climate activism group founded by Bill McKibben -- as part of an ongoing anti-terrorism campaign. "When much of our government acts as a subsidiary of the fossil fuel industry, it may be par for the course," McKibben says, adding that the FBI's apparent failure to distinguish between nonviolent civil disobedience and domestic terrorism was "contemptible."

The Demands of the Yellow Vest Movement Are Growing into Real Systemic Change
(Phillip J. Watt, / The Washington Times & Popular Resistance)

French citizens have revolted for the fourth week in a row calling for changes in governmental and corporate design. Even though UN Military and thousands of French police have been deployed in response, the police have actually been filmed removing their helmets in solidarity with the French people. The YVM want real change, which is the good. The bad is that they haven't yet identified the key priorities required for real systemic change. And the looting is counter-productive behaviour.

The Latest Odds of a Shooting War Between NATO and Russia:
(Ann Garrison / Special to Consortium News & Alex Christoforou and Mark Sleboda / The Duran)

Hungarian scholar George Szamuely sees a 70 percent chance of combat between NATO and Russia following the incident in the Kerch Strait and that it is being fueled by Russia-gate. There has been a proxy war within Ukraine since 2014, with NATO backing Poroshenko's Ukrainian government and Russia backing the separatists who speak Russian and identify as Russian in Ukraine's southeastern Donbass region. But in the Kerch Strait the hostilities are between Russia and Ukraine, with NATO behind Ukraine.

Black Internationalists Demand Closure of Hundreds of US Military Bases
(San Francisco Bay View & The Black Alliaince for Peace)

The United States operates more than 1,000 military facilities on six continents. This enormous presence embodies the US policy of Full Spectrum Dominance, which threatens democracy and self-determination for other nations. Black Alliaince for Peace reaffirms our commitment to this world-wide campaign and has launched a related campaign -- US Out of Africa! -- aimed at shutting down the Pentagon's Africa Command (AFRICOM) -- a US military program that is now present in 53 out of 54 African countries.

Saudi-gate: Investigators Probing Saudi Collusion and Trump's Military Kickbacks
(Ken Klippenstein / The Young Turks & Erin Banco / The Daily Beast)

Ignoring calls for sanctions following the murder of a Washington Post reporter, the Pentagon is set to support Saudi Arabia's military forces through 2025. Meanwhile, the Mueller investigation into foreign collusion in the 2016 US presidential election has been expanded to include individuals in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

Study Finds War Is Not an Inherent Part of Human Nature
(Rutgers University & The Scientific American)

Is it in our nature to go to war? Should we just accept the fact that humans have this innate tendency and are hardwired to kill members of other groups? No, says R. Brian Ferguson, professor of anthropology at Rutgers University-Newark. There is no scientific proof that we have an inherent propensity to take up arms and collectively kill.

The Abolition of War Requires New Thoughts, Words, and Actions
(David Swanson / World BEYOND War)

There's action happening now in the US Senate on ending US participation in the war on Yemen. There's a big loophole in the bill. There's the matter of selling Saudi Arabia its weapons. There's the House of Misrepresentatives to worry about. There's the veto threat. There's the question of getting compliance out of a president you've pretty well promised never to impeach, at least not for any of dozens of documented offenses unrelated to Russia. All that being said, the current action is a very good thing

The CIA Killed My Father. Where Is His Body?
(Hajira Hematyara / The Washington Post)

My father was Gul Rahman. Sixteen years ago, he was wrongfully imprisoned by the CIA because it suspected he was a militant. He was then tortured and killed in a secret CIA prison in Afghanistan -- the only person known to have been killed at a CIA "black site." I was 10 years old when he disappeared. He was a good and ordinary man and a wonderful father to me and my three younger sisters. For 15 years, my family had been asking for information, pleading to know whether he was alive or dead.

INF Weapons Treaty Pullout Means Big Profits for Arms Industry
(Dave Lindorff / RT News)

Trump has been tearing up treaties since taking office, but his latest threat to pull out of the nuclear deal, negotiated by President Reagan in the 80s, may be his biggest mistake. The reality is that it has largely been the US that has been the aggressor through the terrifying and costly decades of the Cold War. The main driver of the current Trump threat to quit the INF Treaty is basically about "keeping up profits in the arms industry and securing the Pentagon bureaucracy."

Pentagon Corrects $331 Million 'Accounting Error,'
(RT News)

The Pentagon is clawing back hundreds of millions of taxpayer-subsidized dollars it gifted to Saudi Arabia and the UAE over a three-year period, when it 'accidentally' refueled their aircraft for free during their war on Yemen.



Senate Votes to End Support for Saudi War in Yemen
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & CODEPINK & World BEYON War)

The US Senate overwhelmingly voted to officially pass the Yemen War Powers Resolution, introduced by Senators Bernie Sanders, Mike Lee, and Chris Murphy. Senators have chosen to move toward ending US complicity in the Saudi-led attacks in Yemen, where the humanitarian crisis is growing worse by the day and an estimated 85,000 children have already died.

Trump's Push for Arms in Space Sparks a Space Spat at the United Nations
(Paul Meyer / The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists & Jacqueline Klimas / Politico)

At the United Nations, outer space used to be a realm of relative peace and cooperation. That is no longer the case with Donald Trump in the Oval Office. In a troubling break with the past, the US has rejected all four resolutions on space security adopted this fall at the UN General Assembly's First Committee.

Trump Plans to Downgrade Nuke Waste from Dangerous to "Safe"
(Nicholas K. Geranios / Associated Press)

The Trump administration wants to reclassify some radioactive waste left from the production of nuclear weapons to lower its threat level and make disposal cheaper and easier. The Department of Energy proposal would lower the status of some high-level radioactive waste in several places around the nation, including the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State -- the most contaminated nuclear site in the country.

The University of California Is Complicit in Nuclear Build-up
(Beatrice Fihn / The Los Angeles Times)

A new nuclear arms race is underway, with California at the center, though it's not clear its citizens realize it. In California, the new nuclear arms race is bringing in a flood of cash to laboratories run by the University of California, where scientists, engineers and technicians have had a hand in designing every single nuclear weapon the US has ever built. California is complicit in the arms race, and if nuclear weapons were ever launched, it would be one of the prime attack targets.

At World Climate Summit, Trump Team at Odds With Own Scientists
(James Rainey / NBC News)

The Trump administration continued its rejection of mainstream climate science -- and embraced Earth-warming fossil fuels -- in the second week of the UN climate conference in Poland. Those contrarian views emerged even as US government scientists reported that humanity's actions are driving up temperatures rapidly, with devastating impacts for the Arctic and the rest of the globe. Trump further divorced the US from most other nations by promoting the long-term burning of coal and natural gas.

ACTION ALERT: Two Critical Words Are Missing from the Paris Agreement: "Fossil Fuels"
(Oil Change International & ClimateTruth)

ight now, world leaders are gathered in Poland at this year's UN climate talks, negotiating the rules for how the Paris Agreement will be implemented. This is important. Within the Paris Agreement are critical goals, agreed to by over 100 countries, to take efforts to limit global warming to 1.5 C, a goal shown to be all the more important after the recent IPCC special report. But there are two critical words missing from the Paris Agreement: "fossil fuels."

The Dire Environmental Impacts of Trump's Proposed Border Wall
(Dino Grandoni and Juliet Eilperin / The Washington Post)

Documents have revealed that Interior Department officials downplayed federal wildlife experts' concerns about Trump's border wall and show Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke felt obliged to "support the border security mission." Previously hidden documents reveal officials censored a key letter to US Customs and Border Protection citing a number of warnings by career biologists and wildlife managers about the potential impacts of the border wall on the area's rare cats and other animals.

Why Green New Deal Advocates Must Address Militarism & An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders
(Medea Benjamin and Alice Slater / Common Dreams & World BEYOND War)

Where is the call for the New Peace Deal that would free up hundreds of billions from the overblown military budget to invest in green infrastructure? Environmentalists need to contest the Pentagon's staggering global footprint. The US military is the world's largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels and the largest source of greenhouse gasses, contributing about 5 percent of global warming emissions.

What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency
(Elizabeth Goitein / The Atlantic)

Commentary and Analysis: "What if a president, backed into a corner and facing electoral defeat or impeachment, were to declare an emergency for the sake of holding on to power? Americans might be surprised to learn how readily a president can deploy troops inside the United States. From seizing control of the Internet to declaring martial law, our laws and institutions might not save us from a presidential power grab. They might be what takes us down."

Trump Echoes Washington's Secret Plans to "Shut Down Government" and "Suspend the Constitution"
(E. Camayd-Freixas / US Immigration Reform and Its Global Impact & History Commons)

In the 1980s, Col. Oliver North and FEMA prepared a secret plan to suspend the US Constitution. The plot included surveillance of political dissenters and preparations to detain up to 400,000 refugees -- undocumented aliens, US residents and citizens -- in response to "national security threats" such as a "mass exodus" from across the Mexican border or domestic "civil unrest" in the form of anti-war protests against a possible US invasion of Central America. As far as anyone knows, these plans are still in effect.

"Our Democracy Is At Risk": An Historic Warning from 44 Former US Senators
(Max Baucus, et al. / The Washington Post )

Commentary: "As former members of the US Senate, Democrats and Republicans, it is our shared view that we are entering a dangerous period, and we feel an obligation to speak up about serious challenges to the rule of law, the Constitution, our governing institutions and our national security."

Cities Align with UN's Nuke Ban Treaty as Senate Moves to Stop Trump's New Atomic Arms Race
(Lydia Wood / NuclearBan.US & Office of Senator Elizabeth Warren)

On December 10, 2018, Berkeley, California Mayor Jesse Arreguin was presented with a certificate from NuclearBan.US, recognizing the city's "Alignment" with the 2017 UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The recognition was bestowed by campaigners involved with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile, Senate democrats are backing legislation to stop Trump's plan to breach the treaty and revive the nuclear arms race.

US Dwarfs Rest of the World in Arms Production
(AntiWar.com & USAReally & Radio Free Europe & Reuters)

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has released its latest report on the global arms trade, and as has been the case in recent studies, the conclusion is that the United States dominates the production and sale of arms. The US is not only in a leadership position, but dominates the entire rest of the planet combined. NOTE: Access to websites with further information and action options has been blocked.

Can We Feed Humanity without Destroying the Planet?
(Tim Searchinger, et al. / World Resources Institute)

By 2050, nearly 10 billion people will live on the planet. Can we produce enough food sustainably? Sustainably feeding nearly 10 billion people by 2050 is possible -- but it will require significant innovation and investment by the public and private sector.

Is Insect Extinction a Bigger Threat than Global Warming?
(Robert Hunziker / Transcend Media & John Lieff, MD / Searching for the Mind)

The Paris Accord is riding the wrong horse -- global warming is a long-term project compared to the insect catastrophe happening right now! An alarming loss of insects is likely to take down humanity before global warming hits maximum velocity. The worldwide loss of insects is simply staggering with some extinction reports of 75% up to 90%. And this is happening much faster than the paleoclimate record rate of the past five major extinction events.

How to Revive the Peace Movement in the Trump Era
(Daniel May / The Nation & Comments / The Nation)

An essay worth revising: It is hard to imagine a more difficult target, from an organizing perspective, than military policy. The US empire today leaves a great deal of ruin in its wake, but its cost is only vaguely felt by most citizens, while its huge profits are pocketed by a few and its most recognized organization -- the military -- is celebrated as a hallowed public institution. In the wake of the election -- as the need for a constituency to challenge militarism grows in urgency -- how might such challenges be met?

As Glaciers Melt into the Sea Climate Denial Amounts to Mass Murder
(Mort Rosenblum / Reader Supported News & World Beyond War)

Commentary: Let's be clear before it is too late. Any government leader or corporate executive who flouts irrefutable evidence of climatic shifts is complicit in murdering the human race. Barack Obama bragging to a crowd in Texas of his great increases in fossil fuel production is part of a grand fictional enterprise in which eliminating humanity is praised by portions of humanity. Crocodiles and cockroaches will survive as temperatures rise, but humans will be among the first to go. When? Does it matter?

Beyond GDP: It's Time to Accept that the GDP Is Not a Good Measure of Wellbeing
(Joseph E. Stiglitz / Project Syndicate)

What we measure affects what we do. If we focus only on material wellbeing -- on, say, the production of goods, rather than on health, education, and the environment -- we become distorted in the same way that these measures are distorted; we become more materialistic.

Young Blue-Wave Dems Unmask Corporate Attempt at "Bipartisan" Political Indoctrination
(Harvard Kennedy School & Jake Johnson / San Diego Free Press)

Pulling back the curtain on the ostensibly "bipartisan" orientation for newly elected members of Congress at Harvard's Kennedy School in Boston, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib have revealed how -- contrary to the ideologically neutral advertising -- the private "orientation" session (sponsored by the oil-baron Koch brothers) featured a heavy dose of speeches by corporate CEOs and completely shut out the voices of organized labor and members of the progressive community.

Aide of Saudi Prince Implicated in Reporter's Death Also Accused of Torturing Jailed Female Human Rights Activist
(Middle East Eye)

A top aide to Saudi Arabia's crown prince has been accused of personally overseeing the torture of at least one detained female human rights activist earlier this year. Reuters reports that Saud al-Qahtani was present when the activist, along with at least three others, was subjected to sexual harassment, electrocution and flogging between "at an unofficial holding facility in Jeddah."

The 'Great Dying': Rapid Warming Caused "Largest Extinction Event Ever" Scientists Report
(Oliver Milman / The Guardian UK)

Scientists have concluded that a mass extinction known as the "Great Dying" -- that occurred around 252 million years ago and marked the end of the Permian geologic period – was the result of rapid global warming caused by a huge spike in greenhouse gas emissions. The single greatest calamity ever to befall life on Earth, the Great Dying wiped out the vast majority of all marine and terrestrial life on the planet.

In Syria, Yemen, and Around the World, Civilians Continue to Die from US-backed Wars
(Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com & Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams / The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity)

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports the US-led coalition has killed at least nine civilians in the town of Hajin. Among the slain were six children. According to the UN refugee agency, the US-backed war on Yemen caused 1,500 civilian casualties from August through October -- an average of 123 casualties per week. Meanwhile, US politicians alarmed by the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi are silent on the thousands of civilians being routinely killed by US drones.

The Psychology of Materialism, Violence and War
(Robert J. Burrowes / Scoop)

Analysis: "The individual who uses violence does so because they are very frightened that one or more of their vital needs will not be met. In virtually all cases, the needs that the individual fears will not be met are emotional ones (including the needs for listening, understanding and love) and the violence is simply a dysfunctional attempt to have these needs met."

The Great Drying and the Great Dying: How Extreme Weather Is Shrinking the Planet
(Bill McKibben / The New Yorker)

With wildfires, heat waves, and rising sea levels, large tracts of the Earth are at risk of becoming uninhabitable. But the fossil-fuel industry continues its assault on the facts at the same time it conducts its increasingly destructive assault of the planet.

Beyond GDP: It's Time to Accept that the GDP Is Not a Good Measure of Wellbeing
(Joseph E. Stiglitz / Project Syndicate)

What we measure affects what we do. If we focus only on material wellbeing -- on, say, the production of goods, rather than on health, education, and the environment -- we become distorted in the same way that these measures are distorted; we become more materialistic.

Yemeni Women Demand Seat at the Table as Peace Talks Begin in Stockholm
(Aaya Al-Shamahi / Middle East Eye & Jason Ditz / AntiWar.com / Posted in accordance with Title 17, Section 107, US Code, for noncommercial, educational purposes.)

Yemeni women are protesting that they have been sidelined from peace talks and consultations on ending Yemen's long civil war -- and they are demanding that this must change. Pictures released of delegates attending the talks showed only one woman present on the negotiating table from both sides of the civil war, which has been going on for nearly four years.

The Ancient Mythical Rites of Pearl Harbor Day
(David Swanson / Foreign Policy Journal)

What the US mainstream media won't inform you in their ritualistic annual Pearl Harbor Day rites is that the Japanese attack was anything but a surprise. On November 3, 1941, the US ambassador sent a lengthy telegram to the State Department warning that Washington's punishing economic sanctions might force Japan to commit "national hara-kiri." He wrote: "An armed conflict with the United States may come with dangerous and dramatic suddenness." And that, it appears, was the very idea.

Climate Change Requires that We Convert the US War Machine Now
(Bruce K. Gagnon / Organizing Notes )

"Climate Change Requires Conversion." This is the message we will be carrying to Bath Iron Works (BIW) during the next Navy destroyer 'christening' protest calling for the conversion of the shipyard to build sustainable technologies so that we can give the future generations a real chance to live on our Mother Earth. The Pentagon is the largest carbon polluter on the planet. We cannot effectively deal with the ravages of climate change by ignoring the colossus in the middle of the teashop.

CNN Fires Professor after Powerful Speech Calling for Palestinian Rights on UN Human Rights Day
(United National Antiwar Coalition Statement)

Temple University professor and CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill was fired from CNN after giving a powerful speech at the United Nations in support of Palestinian rights. The Nov. 29, 2018, UN meeting was to commemorate the 70th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The meeting also fell on the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, when 700,000 Palestinians were forced from their homes by the newly declared state of Israel as hundreds of Palestinian villages were destroyed.

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George HW Bush and the Saudis; Bush and the Dorfmans; The Bush Family's Hidden History
(Craig Unger / The Guardian & Ariel Dorfman / The Guardian & SGTreport)

Commentary: The former president has been widely praised for his command of foreign policy. The reality, writes the author of House of Bush, House of Saud, was much more complex -- and dark. Also, a Chilean author and political activist recalls a close encounter with GHWB and a short video uncovers some unseemly history involving GHWB and the Bush family.

The Ignored Legacy of George H.W. Bush: War Crimes, Racism, and Obstruction of Justice
(Mehdi Hasan / The Intercept)

Bush started a war on Iraq based on a "mountain of lies," falsely claiming that "250,000 Iraqi troops and 1,500 tanks stood on the border, threatening the key US oil supplier" when satellite images showed an empty desert. The US committed war crimes in its "shock and awe" attack on Iraq's infrastructure and civilian population. And there was the illegal, covert Contra War against Nicaragua, the Iran-Contra "affair" (which lead to a criminal investigation of GHWB), and Bush's pardons of his political cohorts.

"I Don't Believe It": Trump v US on Climate Change
(William Boardman / Reader Supported News )

"I don't believe it" is not, by definition, a rational argument supported by evidence. It's a statement of faith and, as such, is useless to effective governance. "I don't believe it" is the empty opposite of the Fourth National Climate Assessment that is part of a continuing, multi-disciplinary, real-world examination of climate change that began in 1990. The NCA is the latest report in a 30-year climate watch that has seen steady, unchanging trends toward global catastrophe. And Trump doesn't believe it.

We Need to End the Pentagon's "Forever Wars" and Create a Peace Economy
(Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

Commentary: We are currently involved in military action in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed either as collateral damage from US strikes or from the instability caused by our interventions. Millions have fled, adding to the global refugee crisis. America should not be in the business of destabilizing foreign countries. We must end the "forever war," bring our troops home, and end our terrorist air strikes.

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sound a Planetary Alarm on Climate Change
(Naomi Klein / The Intercept & Jason Murdock / Newsweek)

The bold moral leadership of newly elected members of Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has me feeling more optimistic about our collective chances of averting climate breakdown than I have in years. But a whole lot of things need to happen very quickly if the political tide is going to shift in time -- including finding new ways to engage the public in this fight.

ACTION ALERT: The CIA Killed My Father. Where Is His Body?
(Hajira Hematyara / The Washington Post)

My father was Gul Rahman. Sixteen years ago, he was wrongfully imprisoned by the CIA because it suspected he was a militant. He was then tortured and killed in a secret CIA prison in Afghanistan -- the only person known to have been killed at a CIA "black site." My family filed a request for information about what happened to my father's body. The US did not answer. I am hoping the American people will join us in asking Washington to do what is right, so we can do the right thing for my father.

Russia Responds to Trump's Threats with Major Mobilization of Ground and Nuclear Forces

Russia's brass are mulling measures to beef up the army amid Washington's plans to withdraw from the INF Treaty. The Russian Defense Ministry now plans to hold more than 4,000 drills and 8,500 practical combat training events throughout 2019 and Russia's Strategic Missile Force is being rearmed with Yars missile systems and the Avangard complex -- with the hypersonic glide vehicle -- has gone into serial production.

Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg on Humanity's Two Existential Threats: Climate Change and Nuclear War
(Amy Goodman / Democracy Now! & Paul Jay / The Real News)

World-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky says Republican leaders are dedicated to "enriching themselves and their friends" at the cost of the planet, and warns: "We have to make decisions now which will literally determine whether organized human life can survive in any decent form." And Daniel Ellsberg argues that massive reductions in ICBM's and transforming the economy away from the military-industrial complex are prerequisites for human survival.

How A US-Backed Coup in Honduras Is Fueling the Migrant Crisis
(Juan Gonzales and Amy Goodman / Democracy Now!)

The US is pouring money into Honduras to support the same security forces and sectors of the economy that are causing the very repression, the very destruction of the economy that people are fleeing. US-funded militarization within Honduras supports US-trained forces using the same US-manufactured tear gas that was used against desperate refugees gathered at the US border -- the same tear gas that has been used against peaceful protesters and bystanders in Honduras for years.

Trump Rejects Nuclear Treaty then Gives Russia 60 Days to 'Comply' with Nuclear Treaty
(AntiWar.com & John Lewallen / Avoiding Nuclear War.com)

The US needs to immediately announce a no-first-use nuclear posture and reduce weapons and deployments to avoid an accidental or pre-emptive strike. Both Democrats and Republicans should support the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. At the same time, the US has vowed to ignore the INF treaty, accusing Russia of violating the same treaty. Russia denies it. The apparent goal is to provide the Pentagon with a pretext to deploy more US nuclear missiles inside Europe.

ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress to Save The Nuclear Forces Treaty
(Roots Action & Ira Helfand / CNN)

The 100th anniversary of the World War I armistice underscored the great folly of Donald Trump's threat to pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. Vladimir Putin's response that "there would be nothing left except an arms race" shows our world leaders have failed to learn from history. Nuclear weapons are doomsday weapons that should be understood as "suicide bombs." Nuclear weapons and nuclear threats are a "lose-lose proposition."

Trump Says "Pull the Plug" on Syrian Peace Talks: Prefers Another Endless War . . . or WWIII
(Tom O'Connor / Newsweek & AntiWar.com & Laura Rozen / Al-Monitor)

Donald Trump came into office harshly critical of endless wars in the Middle East, but seems to be staring down the barrel of another such conflict in Syria. In addition to wanting ISIS defeated, the US wants Iran ousted, and all Shi'ite militias out of Syria. On top of that, they also want regime change, and a role in determining Syria's future. In the meantime, Trump's US envoy James Jeffrey wants the world to "pull the plug" on peace talks involving Syria and Russia.

In November, US Killed 206 Civilians in Syria: More Civilians Bombed in Afghanistan
(Xinhua News & MSN & NBC News)

At least 206 civilians were killed in November this year by US-led airstrikes on areas controlled by the Islamic State in eastern Syria -- as many as 77 children and 57 women were among those killed. Meanwhile, Afghan officials say an airstrike killed at least 10 civilians in the eastern Paktia province bordering Pakistan while US airstrikes inside Afghanistan have killed nearly 280 civilians in the first nine months of 2018.

AFRICOM: Uncovering the Pentagon's Vast "Bootprint" in Africa
(Nick Turse / The Intercept)

The US military has long insisted that it maintains a "light footprint" in Africa, and there have been reports of proposed drawdowns in special operations forces and closures of outposts on the continent, due to a 2017 ambush in Niger and an increasing focus on rivals like China and Russia. But through it all, US Africa Command has fallen short of providing concrete information about its bases on the continent, leaving in question the true scope of the American presence there.

Portrait of a Planet on the Verge of Climate Catastrophe
(Robin McKie / The Guardian UK)

As hundreds of politicians, government officials and scientists will gather in Poland for the annual UN climate conference, this year's will be a grim. As recent reports have made clear, the world may no longer be hovering at the edge of destruction but has probably staggered beyond a crucial point of no return. Climate catastrophe is now looking inevitable.

Two Presidents Bush; Two Iraq Wars; One Shared Goal: US Access to Oil
(Middle East Research and Information Project & History.com & Naval History and Heritage Command & Antonia Juhasz / CNN & Portside)

In 2000, Big Oil, including Exxon, Chevron, BP and Shell, spent more money to get fellow oilmen Bush and Cheney into office than they had spent on any previous election. The National Energy Policy Development Group, chaired by Cheney, brought the administration and the oil companies together to plot our collective energy future. In March, the task force reviewed list of targets, outlining Iraq's entire oil productive capacity. Planning for a military invasion was soon under way.

Yemen, Poisoned Water, and a Green New Deal
(David Swanson / World BEYOND War)

UN figures suggest that it would take 1% of US military spending to provide the world with clean drinking water. The US could end Yemen's cholera epidemic the worst in recorded history for far less than it is spending to create the epidemic through the US-Saudi war on Yemen. Meanwhile, the most widespread poisoning of water sources around the globe is resulting from the use of chemicals on US military bases -- chemicals that are not needed, used on bases that are worse than not needed.

An Empire of Bases Poisons Water, Threatening Its Own Collapse
(Pat Elder / World BEYOND War)

Per-flouro octane-sulfo-nate or PFOS, and Per-flouro-octa-noic acid or PFOA, are the active ingredients in the foam routinely used to train soldiers to extinguish aircraft fires at US military bases around the world. The toxic chemicals are allowed to leach into surrounding soil to poison groundwater. The result is one of the greatest water contamination epidemics in human history. Doubt that? Click on Google News and enter: "PFOS PFAO Military Base."

US Military Bases Pollute Countries Worldwide
(RT News & The Associated Press & RT News)

Rivers and ponds near a US airbase in Germany are increasingly polluted by a toxic chemical believed to cause cancer. Water and soil around the base is contaminated with perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), a substance thought to cause cancer. The water at or around at least 126 military installations contains potentially harmful levels of perfluorinated compounds, which have been linked to cancers and developmental delays for fetuses and infants, the Pentagon has found.

"I Don't Believe It": Trump vs. US on Climate Change
(William Boardman / Reader Supported News )

The Fourth National Climate Assessment is part of a continuing, multi-disciplinary, real-world examination of climate change that began in 1990. Produced by the 13 government agencies that comprise the US Global Change Research Program, the report warned that climate change is driven by human activity -- including the massive reliance on burning coal, oil and gas. If humans fail to take immediate action, a global catastrophe will strike civilization. Donald Trump's response: "I don't believe it."

ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress to Stop Trump from Abandoning Critical Nuclear Treaty
(RootsAction & John Burroughs / Institute for Public Accuracy & Walter C. Clemens / The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Donald Trump has announced plans to withdraw the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, a key nuclear disarmament pact with Russia signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 and approved by the US Senate. The INF prohibits the United States and Russia from deploying both nuclear and conventional missiles with ranges between 310 and 3,420 miles. These are among the weapons most likely to lead to miscalculation or misadventure in a crisis.

Dismantle the American Doomsday Machine: Ellsberg
(Paul Jay / The Real News Network)

Former Pentagon nuclear strategist and whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says Congress should eliminate the nuclear "hair-trigger," retire obsolete ICBM's, and hold hearings into the threat of an atomic war unleashing a nuclear winter. The obstacle to banning these world-ending weapons is not "public opinion" so much as the intransigence of officials and elites in both parties and major institutions that consciously support militarism, American hegemony, and arms production and sales.

In Foreign Policy Speech, Elizabeth Warren Takes Aim at Global Corruption
(Alex Emmons / The Intercept & Sen. Elizabeth Warren)

In a 35-minute speech on November 29, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), laid out a foreign policy vision, linking corruption to the global rise in authoritarianism and calling for US engagement that aggressively fights climate change and corporate power. Warren called for the US to take a "sharp knife" to defense spending, invest in diplomacy, and argued that the US should take aim at corruption, internationally and at home.

Comparing Elizabeth Warren's Address with JFK's 1963 "Peace Speech"
(Michael Brenner / Special to Environmentalists Against War)

Commentary: Elizabeth Warren's speech has evoked an unusual amount of interest. That led me to take a close look at it and to compare it to John Kennedy's historic "Peace Speech" at American University in 1963. A troubling element to Warren's worldview was pointed out by some perceptive readers. The section that addresses challenges from Russia and China is implacably hostile -- making no mention of what might the terms for conciliation, or -- at least -- 'peaceful co-existence.'

The Progressive International: A Global Movement against Fascism, War and Planetary Extinction
(The Common Dreams Staff & Nemonte Nenquimo / Common Dreams)

With fascist movements on the rise and controlling the levers of power in the US and across the world, the Sanders Institute and Europe's DiEM25 have announced the launch of Progressive International with the goal of standing up against right-wing forces with an organized "grassroots movement for global justice." And, from the forests of the Amazon, Nemonte Nenquimo, brings inspiration and a call for Indigenous Resistance against forces that are destroying the natural world.

Pentagon Fails Audit in the Face of Historic Trillion-dollar Fraud
(Dave Lindorff / The Nation & Defense News / Posted in accordance with Title 17, Section 107, US Code, for noncommercial, educational purposes.)

The Pentagon has literally been making up numbers in its annual financial reports to Congress -- representing trillions of dollars' worth of seemingly nonexistent transactions -- knowing that Congress would rely on those misleading reports when deciding how much money to give the DoD the following year. The funds the Pentagon has been amassing over the years through its bogus bookkeeping maneuvers "could easily be as much as $100 billion."

US Bombs Hospital and Prison in Syria; Kills 18 Women and Children in Afghanistan
(AntiWar.com & BBC World News & Reuters)

The UN has confirmed that a US attack in Afghanistan's Helmand Province killed 23 civilians -- including eight women and 10 children -- adding to the number of Afghan civilians killed by the US. Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, reports US attacks are killing many civilians and non-combatants. US strikes against al-Shafa targeted a hospital, a prison, and several homes. The toll of noncombatants is expected to rise as more bodies are found in the rubble.

A "Long, Dark Tunnel" Leading to an Illegal and Unjust War
(Conn Hallinan / Dispatches from the Edge & The Berkeley Daily Planet)

Book Review and Commentary: "Want another thing to keep you up at night? Consider a conversation between long-time Middle East reporter Reese Erlich and former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Charles Freeman, Jr. on the people currently directing the Trump administration's policy toward Iran." Official lies and misrepresentations about Iran are designed to lure the US public into a "long, dark tunnel" that will lead to an illegal, unnecessary, deadly, and a potentially global, catastrophic conflict.

America's Post-9/11 Wars Have Cost $5.9 Trillion and Killed 240,000 Civilians
(William Hartung / American Committee for East-West Accord)

Despite the fact that the Pentagon's military budget is the largest in the history of the world, the US hasn't won a war since 1945 and has spent 17 years losing a futile war in Afghanistan. Nonetheless, the National Defense Strategy Commission is warning that America faces a "national security emergency" that leaves its ability to defend "its allies, its partners, and its own vital interests" increasingly in doubt -- and the only solution is to give the military even more money.

Saudi Lobbyists Pay US Senators to Block Vote to Halt Yemen War
(The Guardian & Al Jazeera & The Center for Economic and Policy Research)

A UN resolution calling for a ceasefire and the resumption of humanitarian deliveries in Yemen was stalled by the US and other Security Council members after a lobbying campaign by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, five of the US senators who voted against the bill are known to have received major donations from Saudi lobbyists. Missouri's Roy Blunt, who voted against the US's role in the Yemen war, received $19,200 from pro-Saudi lobbyists in 2017.

The Global Extinction Rebellion Begins
(Dahr Jamail / Truthout)

Dr. Gail Bradbrook, a mother of two boys, has seen enough of her government's complicity in pumping increasing amounts of CO2 and methane into an already overburdened atmosphere. A professor of molecular biophysics, her deep understanding of science has led her to confront the existential crisis facing humans. Acting on her love for her children and the disrupted world that is being left to them, she has channeled her horror about this crisis into action, co-founded the group, Rising Up!

Banned in Combat: The Underreported Dangers of Tear Gas
(Alex Horton / The Washington Post )

CS gas is an aerosol compound considered a chemical weapon. It has been outlawed on the battlefield by nearly every nation on Earth, including the US. But as a riot-control agent, 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile is legal to use by both police and federal authorities in the United States and many other countries. On Sunday, US Customs and Border Protection agents fired these chemical weapons over an international border at unarmed refugees and families seeking asylum in the US.

UN Warns World Has Only Two Years to Halt Mankind's Destruction of Life on Earth
(Jonathan Watts / The Guardian & Damian Carrington / The Guardian)

The UN warns the world has two years to halt a 'silent killer' as dangerous as climate change, or face the collapse of human civilization. Humanity has virtually wiped out the majority of other living species on the planet. Now we must stop biodiversity loss or we could face our own extinction. And there's not much time left to act.

The Insect Apocalypse Is Here<
(Brooke Jarvis / The New York Times Magazine)

In the United States, scientists recently found the population of monarch butterflies fell by 90 percent in the last 20 years, a loss of 900 million individuals; the rusty-patched bumblebee, which once lived in 28 states, dropped by 87 percent over the same period. With other, less-studied insect species, one butterfly researcher told me, "all we can do is wave our arms and say, 'It's not here anymore!' "

Victory for Tanzania's Maasai
(The Oakland Institute)

For years, the Maasai of Loliondo, Tanzania have lived under intimidation, harassment, and violence -- simply for standing up for their land rights. Their homes have been burned. They are beaten and arrested. They suffer from hunger and starvation -- all for the benefit of foreign safari companies. Today, these communities celebrate a major victory!

ACTON ALERT: Tell Congress to Block Trump and Bolton: Save Nuclear Ban Treaty!
(Roots Action, World BEYOND War, The Nation, Environmentalists Against War et al.)

The White House proposal to withdraw from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty has been widely criticized, for good reason. Former military officials and diplomats see the INF treaty as a "bedrock" of arms control that eliminated thousands of deadly medium-range missiles in Europe. The Trump administration alleges the INF is flawed but if there is a problem, the answer is to try to fix the treaty, not walk away from it.

ACTION ALERT: An Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders
(World BEYOND War et al.)

Dear Senator Sanders: We write to you as US residents with great respect for your domestic policies. We support the position of more than 25,000 people who signed a petition during your presidential campaign urging you to take on militarism. We believe that Dr. Martin Luther King was correct to assert that racism, extreme materialism, and militarism needed to be challenged together rather than separately, and that this remains true today.

Listen to the Governor of Okinawa
(Alexis Dudden / Foreign Policy in Focus & Portside)

The first step the US can take to reduce the chance of a naval confrontation with China is to listen to the new governor of Okinawa -- home to over half of the 50,000 US troops stationed in Japan and to US nuclear assets as well. By ending construction of a controversial military base in Okinawa -- scene of long0running protests -- the US can atone for its past conduct, honor the democratic desires of Okinawans, and begin to think more broadly about peace in the East China Sea and beyond.

I Never Expected to Become a Conscientious Objector
(Matt Malcom / World BEYOND War)

Commentary: "I never expected to become a conscientious objector. If you would have asked me two years ago to name the first things that came to mind when I heard this title, it would have been words like coward, afraid, selfish, ignorant, and unpatriotic. I guess it's how growing up tends to work. Now I see that these words couldn't be farther from the truth." Other potential recruits might well consider WBW's "Top Ten Reasons Not to Enlist in the US Army."

Women against the Bomb: Why the Fate of the Earth Depends on Women
(Beatrice Fihn / The Nation)

The breakthrough for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons came after we showed political leaders the faulty foundations of the realpolitik arguments underpinning the nuclear world order. When it comes to doomsday weapons, the supposed realists ignore reality -- reality like the 7,000-degree-Fahrenheit ground temperature in Nagasaki after an American B-29 bomber dropped "Fat Man" on the city in August 1945.

ACTION ALERT: Stop Attacking Migrant Families at the Border
(CREDO Mobile & The Huffington Post & Refuse Fascism & The White House)

Every day, Donald Trump's white supremacist war on immigrants grows worse. The US border patrol has just tear-gassed mothers with children and toddlers in diapers seeking asylum on our southern border. Tell Secretary of Defense Mattis: "No lethal force at the border." Trump has no right to lecture about the "sanctity of borders" given that the US border patrol has -- on several occasions -- killed unarmed migrants on the other side of the US-Mexican border.

Global War: To Infinity and Beyond
(Tom Englehardt / TomDispatch & Maj. Danny Sjursen / TomDispatch)

Commentary: There are about 800 American military bases worldwide (not counting, the more than 420 bases in Guam, Puerto Rico and the continental US). It is often said that -- in an Orwellian sense -- every nation needs an enemy to unite and discipline its population. Still, the US must stand alone in history as the only country to militarize the whole globe (with space thrown in) in preparation for taking on just about anyone. Now, that's exceptional.

The Three Most Chilling Conclusions From the White House Climate Report
(Rachel Gutman / The Atlantic)

The National Climate Assessment, prepared by scientists at 13 federal agencies, traces the effects that climate change has already wrought upon every region of the United States, from nationwide heat waves to dwindling snowpacks in the West. In blunt and disturbing terms, it also envisions the devastation yet to come.

White House Study Warns Climate Change Will Cost US $500 Billion a Year. Trump's Response: "I Don't Believe It"
(Joe Romm / ThinkProgress & The Huffington Post & Grist & USGS, Department of the Interior)

The White House stands accused of trying to "bury" a 1,700-page scientific report that concludes US temperatures will warm at least 3 more degrees by 2100 unless the use of fossil fuels is dramatically curtailed. It also confirmed that climate change is linked to outbreaks of deadly and costly wildfires, floods, and storms, and quantifies the staggering cost of Trump's climate science denial. The report projects our current path of unrestricted carbon pollution will devastate America.

How America Spreads Global Chaos
(Nicolas J.S. Davies / Consortium News)

The US government may pretend to respect a "rules-based" global order, but the only rule Washington seems to follow is "might makes right" -- and the CIA has long served as a chief instigator and enforcer.

Since 9/11, the US Has Killed Between 480,000 or 6 Million People in Foreign Wars
(Murtaza Hussain / The Intercept & Nicolas J S Davies / Consortium News)

Compilations of "passive reporting" can never account for more than a fraction of the actual numbers of people killed by US aggression since 2001. At least 480,000 people have been killed in US attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Add the estimated death toll in Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen, and America's post-9/11 wars may have killed 6 million people. Perhaps the true number is only 5 million. Perhaps it is closer to 7 million. Either way, the US body count is in the millions.

ACTION ALERT: US Sanctions on Iran Threaten Children Worldwide
(Reza Saiedi / No Medical Sanctions & Sarah Maan / Change.org)

Despite the recent order from the International Court of Justice that US economic sanctions on Iran not "hurt exportation to the territory of Iran of goods required for humanitarian needs" US sanctions anctions have seriously affected Iran's access to health and medical services. But Iranian patients are not the only victims of Washington's sanctions. Many thousands of patients across the globe also are suffering from sanctions imposed on critical Iranian medical supplies.

The Dramatic Struggle for Our Planet and for Humanity in Henoko, Okinawa
(Joseph Essertier / World BEYOND War)

The US military has had bases in Okinawa for most of the last century and Okinawans have constantly struggled against making their islands into battlefields. Ever since the Battle of Okinawa, in which over 100,000 Okinawan civilians lost their lives (about one-third of the population), a large percentage of the population has opposed US bases and the vast majority of the current population now opposes the new base construction at Henoko. A crime against nature is about to be committed.

UN Warns Climate Window Is Closing: Greenhouse Gases Hit Level Not Seen for Millions of Years
(Harry Cockburn / The Independent & World Meteorological Organization)

The last time a comparable level of carbon dioxide was in the atmosphere, temperatures were over 2C warmer and sea levels 10-20m higher, UN scientists warn. The urgency and extent of the actions needed to address climate change have not sunk in. 'The science is clear. Without rapid cuts in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, climate change will have increasingly destructive and irreversible impacts on life on Earth. The window of opportunity for action is almost closed."

Gore Accuses Trump of Trying to
(Steve Franl / CBS News & Bill McKibben / The New York Review of Books)

Former VP Al Gore has blasted the White House for trying to "bury" a critical government report on climate change by releasing it the day after Thanksgiving. The National Climate Assessment directly contradicts Trump's claim that climate change is not "man-made." Bill McKibben adds: "We're running out of options, and we're running out of decades" and that means that climate change will cease to be a "problem" that can be "solved" and will become a calamity that can't be reversed.

Brazilian Amazon at Risk from "Trump of the Tropics"
(David Mack / BuzzFeed)

Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is at its worst level in a decade, Brazilian officials announced Friday, amid concerns that logging in the world's largest forest will only increase once the country's anti-environment president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, takes office. The country's new far-right president-elect has vowed to open up more of the Amazon to logging. His campaign was backed by illegal loggers and miners who want to open the Amazon for more business.

Bolton to Meet with Brazil's New Far-right Leader. Mission: To Target Cuba and Venezuela
(Franco Ordonez / McClatchy)

President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton will meet next week with Brazil's President-elect Jair Bolsonaro to discuss a regional strategy in confronting Cuba and Venezuela. Bolsonaro, a far-right former army captain, who has been dubbed the "Trump of the Tropics," has called the leaders of those countries, along with Nicaragua, "clowns." Bolsonaro has also stated that the United States "looks forward to watching" these governments fall.

Alarming White House Report: US Scientists Rebuke Trump on Climate Change
(Seth Borenstein / The Associated Press & Axios.com)

White House Report Warns of Human-caused Climate Change As California's catastrophic wildfires recede and people rebuild after two hurricanes, a massive new federal report warns that these types of disasters are worsening in the US because of global warming. The National Climate Assessment directly contradicts the anti-environmental, pro-coal-and-carbon policies of Donald Trump.

Green New Deal: Young Progressives Are Forcing Democrats to Actually Do Something About Climate Change
(Matt Laslo / VICE)

Some of the Democratic Party's newly elected progressives are pushing leaders to embrace a Green New Deal that would, among other things, respond to climate change by ending US reliance on fossil fuels. Within days after the midterms, 10 House Democrats had already signed on to the call to put the nation on the path to a 100 percent renewable energy economy, build a national "smart" energy grid, and boost domestic manufacturing and exporting of emerging "green" technologies.

Trump's Response to Deadly Wildfires: Log the Trees
(Timothy Cama / The Hill)

The Trump administration is pointing to the deadly California wildfires to renew its call for Congress to boost the administration's ability to remove more brush and trees from federal forests. Ignoring the evidence that increasingly deadly wildfires are linked to climate change, Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke claimed the fires were caused by "radical environmentalists . . . [who] would rather burn down the entire forest than cut a single tree."

Climate Change Action Would Kill Imperialism
(Manuel Garcia, Jr. / CounterPunch & Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War I)

Climate change action would kill imperialism, and that is why we can't have it in America. American political power is based on fossil fuels and the US military is the engine that consumes those fuels to produce that power. So long as there is an American political elite that craves lucrative personal prestige and the ability to dominate internationally, the US economy will be fossil-fueled capitalism that maintains the military colossus that enables and protects those elite ambitions.

Trump Calls for Use of "Lethal Force" against Migrants Seeking Refuge at US Border
(The Daily Beast & The Military Times & Tara Copp / Military Times)

The White House has authorized US military troops deployed at the Mexican border to use lethal force and conduct law-enforcement operations. The memo, signed by Chief of Staff John Kelly, gives Department of Defense personnel the freedom to conduct "a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary), crowd control, temporary detention, and cursory search" in order to protect border agents from the migrant families crossing the border to seek a better life.

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